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  1. Yes, 5 minutes into the discussion you asked for a vote before we could even agree on some basic facts, and then you threw a fit when we decided that it was best to actually discuss the issue first.
  2. You act like we kicked you out for no reason. Not backing up your arguments and just saying that anyone who disagrees with you is retarded is not how you are supposed to conduct yourself. Not just as a member of War Council, but on DGZ period. Tr!stan was reasonable throughout the entire discussion. You were not at all. It's ironic that you would criticize me for how I handled the issue seeing as you literally handled the entire thing about as horribly as humanly possible.
  3. Was that 2 seperate matches or 1 match?
  4. Team Beer has acquired @Kewl`Kat and paid 0 DRP.
  5. Update: Several cards have been named specifically by Julia as not working on extra monster zones. These cards are Ground Collapse, Zany Zebra, and "zone moving" cards like Senet Switch. For all other cards that specify "monster zone", play as written. Supposedly, eventually, there will be 14 cards in total that will be errata'd, but we have no way to confirm the identity of these cards until Konami does that for us. Also, on a side note, the massive amount of disrespect by people on War Council is shocking to me. People threatening to quit, calling a dictator, saying that they were going to refuse to follow my ruling, etc. is not ok. Prior to today, the War Captains (myself, Satchmo, MMF) were in unanimous agreement that everything should be ruled play as written. It was not some decision that I made by myself just to make people angry. Realize that with new mechanics, Konami provides us with very little info and expects us to try to figure shit out for ourselves. We had a similar debacle when Xyz cards were released in 2011.
  6. Regarding cards that say "monster zone" (as well as Darkness Approaches, Magical Hats, etc), play as they read. The TCG has not received any erratas regarding these cards, and the phrase "monster zone", if it does not specify, means both the main monster zone and extra monster zone. We have received word that in the future, it is likely that 14 of these cards will receive errata in the TCG, but there is no way to know precisely which cards are receiving errata and when, so the only reasonable solution is to play as they read right now. Examples: - Meteor Black Comet Dragon and D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon do trigger if they are sent from the extra monster zone to the graveyard. - Ground Collapse can select extra monster zones for its effect. - Magical Hats can be used on a monster in an extra deck zone. Note however that Ojama King cannot select extra monster zones for its effect, as it must target an opponent's monster zone, and extra monster zones are not considered to be owned by either player.
  7. Detox has acquired @heartoftheunderdog and paid 1 DRP.
  8. Note that Paraliel and themadgician are now on our team.
  9. Actual Literal Nuts acquired @Paraliel for 4 DRP and @themadgician for 76 DRP.
  10. I believe that Santy Klaus also beat Human Tetherball in goats. Not 100% sure what they were playing. Could you guys actually post here when you finish a match? Edit: Apparently it was recruiter vs goat control
  11. Update again, I realized that I made a slight error with the new background.
  12. Please update again. The newest update has a new background and a settings update that makes the cards slightly smaller. AutoUpdatedURL: