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  1. It wouldn't be too hard to do, it's just a pain in the ass to implement. Very tedious.
  2. Basically, people who meet these requirements and aren't hated by the community.
  3. Silver (with Thunder Dragon Chaos) beat ACP (with Gravekeepers)
  4. Current format rating, wins, losses, player name 4.964 2 0 SQUIDS~ 2.5173 1 0 ACP 2.4828 1 0 wrinklywinkie 2.4649 1 0 Silver -0.1069 2 2 Carter Wix -2.482 0 1 Soul -2.5 0 1 Synergy_DabKing -7.3402 1 4 muh 100 godzillion Goat format rating, wins, losses, player name 9.7154 5 1 ACP 0.1772 1 1 mark 0.0005 1 1 MMF -2.4464 0 1 Goins -2.4642 0 1 SageRhapsody -2.4825 1 2 Silver -2.5 0 1 Satchmo
  5. Damn, it's been awhile.
  6. Images of the errata'd cards should be fixed now. If they're not popping up, you'll need to delete all of your images in LackeyCCG > plugins > DGZyugioh > sets > setimages and then update the plugin.
  7. Our monthly costs are higher than they used to be.
  8. I told TGA about the problem. They'd like to know what your email address that you're trying to use is. Post here or PM me.
  9. Infernoid Onunca is LV10. You may have to drag the level column out farther to display both digits of the level. Their text is updated, but for some reason the program is having trouble picking up their new images. I've have to figure out why later.
  10. Added the recent structure decks, fixed some images. Update using the same URL as usual.
  11. Only the first 2 sets count. Remember it's a max of 2 matches per format per week.
  12. With hindsight, the deck to beat is cyber stein variants and it's not even close. Just look what happened next format.
  13. I for once I agree with Jazz. I would also want to try Graceful as the sole piece of Trinity if we were to do a goats minus thing. It's the only one of the three that requires you to use your brain.
  14. which decks were you fags using?