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  1. I mean truthfully idk, but in all of my extra decks I play 1 Giltia 1 Darkfire, and there have been a couple of occasions (over hundreds of games, mind you) where I've needed the Giltia to set up some sort of BLS play, but I've never needed the 2nd Darkfire.
  2. Giltia the D. Knight is pretty important as well for situations that you want to Snatch a LV5 into double Meta to give you a light to play your BLS.
  3. Because he's a meanie.
  4. Just for the record, when I last dueled KrisP in irl goats, I showed up with a 30-something card fusion deck, and he made me cut it down to 15
  5. Hindsight vision is 20/20. The 4 stages of the community's reaction to an ACP innovation: 1. Disbelief: "This ACP guy sucks, his ideas sucks, and they will never reach the mainstream." 2. Dissemination: "Ok, so maybe this idea is starting to catch on, but there's no way it's actually any good." 3. Disappointment: "What, ACP actually won something? He must have gotten lucky." 4. Disillusion: "No, ACP never even came up with that to begin with. We knew it all along." See: Gadgets, Frogs, Six Samurai, and Gishki for further references
  6. Yeah, Jill Stein is actually literally nuts. I can't vote for a candidate who thinks that broadband internet is making kids sick and that vaccines are bad because of "big pharma." She's basically a living parody of an ultra-hippy liberal. The main reason that she scored so high for me is because that she's the only candidate that happens to agree with me on healthcare issues.
  7. My iSideWith is 89% Jill Stein, 87% Gary Johnson, 52% Hillary Clinton, 49% Darren Castle 18% Donald Trump. I think there's a way that you can compare your answers with your facebook friends, but I'm not sure how that works.
  8. What do you guys think about D.D. Trainer vs Zoo? It's a dark LV1 monster with 2000 defense. Broken!
  9. Libertarians don't want to get rid of the EPA. You're thinking of Republicans. Gary Johnson has, on multiple occasions, referred to the EPA as an example of "good government." The libertarian party platform makes no mention of wanting to abolish the EPA or environmental regulations in general. I don't know how many times I have to say it, but libertarianism =/= anarchism. It's fine if you're not a libertarian, but if you could not blatantly mislead people on what the party stands for, that would be great.
  10. Is DGZ actually at the point where we don't even care about YCSs anymore? I hope Calvin loses.
  11. The bigger scandal with Bannon isn't the fact that his ex-wife doesn't like him. It's the fact that he's currently registered to vote in a state that he doesn't live in:
  12. I mean, I'd point out that citing someone's ex as the only credible source of an accusation is about on par with tabloids in terms of journalism ethics, but I'm sure that you're already aware of that.
  13. Idk if anyone agrees with me or cares, but in recent years my attitude towards the F/L lists as a whole has changed a lot. I used to have the perspective that the game was easily fixable, and that Konami just needed to hit these few decks in these specific ways and Yugioh would be good again. And then I'd get upset after every time that they didn't do that. But at this point, even the 10th best deck in any given format is way too unfair imo, and obviously Konami isn't going to ban 20 cards, and even if they did, they would just print 20 even more broken cards anyways. At some point I kinda realized that Konami isn't trying to create a balanced game at all, so being upset about it is like being upset at McDonalds for not making computer parts. That's not what their business has ever done or intends to do. Once I got over that, it was pretty much impossible to be upset at any ban list unless it made no real changes at all whatsoever to an already pretty shitty format. My attitude shifted from, "Wow, what were these idiots thinking? This list is so far from balanced" to "Hm, this list replaced these old overpowered decks with some new overpowered decks. I wonder how that'll turn out?" which I think is a much more reasonable way of looking at it.
  14. Which of his positions are you referring to? @rei
  15. Very relevant to these last couple of pages: