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  1. police shooting

    I'm not arguing that being black in America doesn't suck. I'm just arguing that your definition of racism sucks. Listing examples of prejudice+power=racism does not mean that all forms of racism follow that formula. Regardless of how much power an individual may feel that he has, that does not mean that his attitude does not contribute to the way that our society handles race relations. No one is born racist; it has to be taught to them. Ordinary citizens without much tangible power make up virtually all of our people. They aren't off the hook just because they aren't powerful. Everytime a cop shoots a black man, or realtor decides not to show houses to a black person, or a jury gives a black man a draconian sentence for a nonviolent crime, you have to ask yourself, who taught them that that was ok? By framing racism as purely an issue of power, you're ignoring half of the problem. My dad didn't want me to go to a magnet high school because there were too many black people there. He's part of the problem. Recently, a homeless man called one of my black friends a nigger because he didn't give him any money. That homeless man is part of the problem too! He might have friends or family. He might be a voter. People don't exist in isolation. You never know how much power people will have later. What if that homeless man decides to run for office? It might seem unlikely, but Hitler used to be a poor racist person with no power, until he wasn't. Racism is a battle of numbers. If each generation ends up less racist than the last, that is true progress. Cops will stop being racist when our society decides that we will no longer tolerate their racism. In order to that, you have to win over ordinary people.
  2. police shooting

    No, that's not the widely accepted definition of racism. What you're referring to is what academics call "institutionalized racism." The study of racism in academia is a very wide umbrella covering a lot of different contexts, whereas defining racism as prejudice + power is much more narrow in comparison. See: Racism by Noel Merino, Racisms: An Introduction by Steve Garner, Development of Classes of Racism Measures for Frequency and Stress Reactions: Relationships to Race-Based Traumatic Symptoms, etc.
  3. police shooting

    Yeah, saying that racism is prejudice + power is bullshit. Power is not at all required to be racist; it just allows you to act on it. Someone who wants to gas the Jews is just as racist as Hitler, even though unlike Hitler they don't actually have the power to do so.
  4. Your timeline is slightly off. The windup/inzektor/rabbit/dark world meta was almost 4 and a half years ago. An explanation of some terms: Helmet: If you ever hear someone use this term, they're a total scrub and have no chance of ever being good at Yugioh. Example: "Wow, I just lost to the biggest helmet deck" means, "I suck and should probably quit Yugioh." Making a board: Means winning the game. Example: "Did you win your match?" "Yeah, I made a board both games, easy 2-0." Stun: A terrible unplayable deck that tries to stop its opponent from making a board, but is usually unsuccessful at doing so. Example: "I played stun this round. He wouldn't let me make a board until turn 3, but after that it was smooth sailing."
  5. I'm not sure how many viable paths there are for success in life as a person with absolutely zero social awareness, but I'm sure you'll think of something.
  6. I made a whole fucking thread almost specifically for you. Jesus fuck.
  7. No, it's not the role that you are forced to take. It's the role that you actively chose to take. Don't try to push the blame on us. Plenty of our newer members fit in fine. We don't just pick random members to accept into our community and others to bully. There is a science to this, and you've chosen to ignore it.
  8. Dust Tornado + Morphing Jar is the nuts. Do that.
  9. Ok, at this point it's just completely obvious that you don't at all care about improving yourself. Enjoy being our token universally-hated member.
  10. How exactly do you think, "I want a government that represents the will of the workers" is an authoritarian view? It sounds like you have a problem with the political compass test because what you view as "authoritarian" is not at all along the same lines as what virtually every philosopher/political scientist views as authoritarian. You haven't been particularly specific about your views, but it sounds like you're advocating some form of a socialist democracy, which is clearly along the lines of left-libertarianism.
  11. Ideally, backing up our insults with reasoning is what keeps it from degrading into a standard internet flame war.
  12. I mean he kind of makes a good point. For people who claim to be actual full-blown authoritarians, I'd love to know what reasoning you have for advocating a government with the power to repress speech, religion, etc. What about unchecked unlimited power is so appealing to you?
  13. I'm not sure what qualifies as a "successful GK" deck, but even against a GK deck that runs 2 Tsukuyomi, Mystic Swordsman LV2 still feels too narrow to me. Like if they open the nut hand of Necrovalley + Spy + Tsukuyomi, and I don't have a Crossout, Torrential, LV1+Meta, or something like Heavy into Graceful+BLS, I'm fine with just losing that game most of the time.
  14. Mystic Swordsman LV2 is terrible against GKs. Set Spy isn't important enough that we need to side in cards that counter that but do nothing against the entire rest of the deck. GK sets less monsters than a standard goat control deck does, and we usually wouldn't consider siding in Mystic Swordsman LV2 against a standard goat control deck.
  15. Their deck basically doesn't do anything without Necrovalley in play. If it's in your sidedeck and it kills a Necrovalley, bring it in. If you happen to have Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell in your side and you're going first, I would bring that in too. If you have Messenger of Peace or your own Spy/Guard package, bring those in too. Both of these are really good at slowing down an aggro deck, and Gravekeeper's are no exception to that rule. Their outs are typically going to be pretty limited. I would side out Pre/Call, since those cards are dead with Necrovalley in play, and then side out your Airknights too. There's nothing to really trample over, and without Pre/Call in your deck, Airknight becomes an easy cut.