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  1. Could someone list out of the t1 combos of the plant deck? I'm somewhat interested just because I think that's fun. I've come up with some myself, but they are probably super suboptimal because I don't know any of the cards that have been released in the last 3 years.
  2. Well, it sounds like the people who designed the game should've taken the fact that you can only neg 100 times per day into account when designing the roles. Maybe other players in the game will help you with your endeavor.
  3. No idea how this game of mafia works. Why do you need to neg-rep the entire thread? Isn't modifying the rules about rep to help you win a game a little unfair?
  4. Go play MTG where there is a comprehensive rulebook and every card has oracle text, which makes it impossible for any decent judge to fuck up a ruling.
  5. Until ronintoadin gets PSCT, there is no proof that it's not inherent. We know that the OCG rules it that way, and that most TCG events have agreed with the OCG ruling, but that is it. This is why you kids should appreciate your PSCT.
  6. This is black-and-white advertising. He's clearly fishing for social media follows. Both @tcgbroker and @mark should know this. 10. No advertising your website or fishing for social media follows. It's fine to talk about upcoming tournaments or link to articles. But no, "Hey guys check out my website," or, "Subscribe to me on youtube." You may place one text link to a non-monetized social media account of yours in your signature if you would like, but that is the only exception to this rule.
  7. I've always been a medium in every brand. That's just me though. These do happen to be 100% cotton. Originally they were going to do some sort of polyester blend, but they changed their mind and went with the 100% cotton.
  8. The shirt sizes are just standard American sizes. Go into your closet, see what size shirt you are, and order that. You should be able to do a return though if you pay return shipping cost.
  9. If you're not loyalist or above, you can't change your usernames at all.
  10. Wait, you mean to tell me that Wells Fargo let a black person work at their bank?
  11. I used to think that tygo was black because tygo sounded like a black person's name. Sort of like tyrone.
  12. Funny story, in the admin control panel, we can view username history, but there's no way to allow normal members to do so. If you want to know someone's previous usernames, just ask me.
  13. Yeah I don't really know anything. I haven't shipped something internationally in a few years.
  14. Frankly, I'm not sure how their shipping is supposed to be calculated. 4 shirts will probably cost more than 1 since they will weigh more. I am glad that you guys are interested in buying shirts, but hold off on any international shirt orders until we get this shipping thing straightened out.