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  1. Warn Removal Thread

    Yeah, we don't use this thread anymore. The number of warnings that you have doesn't matter.
  2. New rule, but it should be common sense.
  3. Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge has been added to Lackey. Please update using the usual URL.
  4. It is exceptionally rare that I lose a game of goat format because my opponent opened some or all of the trinity. Sure, I might lose to something like Pot of Greed+Saku+Tsuku+Faith (if I didn't open Crossout), but Pot of Greed and Duo themselves are incredibly tame. Some people have good intentions I'm sure, but 99% of the people who want these cards banned would just rather complain than actually learn how to play back from these kinds of openings.
  5. Silver

  6. It would require most skills to be successful, but talking about winning a sub-game of MTG to draw a card is kind of a silly argument.
  7. No, you have not made it more skillful, you have just made the made more luck-intensive (assuming that RPS is almost entirely a game of luck). Note that games can both very skill-intensive and very luck-intensive at the same time. Poker is a great example of that.
  8. Because they all require the same skills. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who excels at one TCG that's terrible at another. You'd just need to get used to the new rules and metagame.
  9. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Fyi, for the free agents posting here I have some suggestions. 1. You can play individual ranked matches by using the #findyugiohgames channel on our discord, even if you're not on a team. This is a good way to showcase your skill and make other teams want you. 2. Actually post on the forums/discord and get to know people. If you have like 5 posts, no one is going to have a clue who you are, and thus they aren't going to just add a random to their team. 3. You can also contact the other free agents in this thread and just start a team with them.
  10. All TCGs require an equal amount of skill, roughly speaking. I think modern-Yugioh has lost a large skill componenent compared to the past though. Mascis hit the nail on the head when he said, "Yu-gi-oh has evolved into a game where it's you make a board and you win if your opponent cannot break your board and vice versa."
  11. Pokemon video games are by far more skill-intensive than the Yugioh TCG. The game is basically chess with a small RNG component. The metagame is also a lot more deep whereas Yugioh metagames are typically almost trivial. Tbh I think there's a decent chance that this is a troll thread though.
  12. Any DGZers that wanna meet up? Any of you guys know what's fun around here?
  13. "Honor bans" shouldn't be a thing. Royal Oppressions was a part of TeleDAD format (and wasn't even very good, mind you) so we should be allowed to play with it.
  14. DGz Live: The Return?

    The main issue with this idea is the fact that interest in any one particular format is pretty narrow, and getting all of the people who like a particular format to be online at the same time will be a challenge. For example, for awhile I was running online drafts, and there were probably a good 10 or so people that were interested in drafting, but it would quite difficult to get them all online at the same time.