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  1. Just applied to a job in London. So there's a small chance I might get to meet some DGZ mates in the UK.

    1. NB96


      U need 2 learn british slang if u get the job

  2. For any of your PC players, I would be happy to group up with you regularly and talk over strategy with you. Seems like the few people that I have added from DGz are only on once in a blue moon though.
  3. >No explanation of how complexity of a game can even be measured >Throws out random win rate statistics with no basis to support them Ok, I guess.
  4. Mascis is trolling the shit out of the right-wingers on DGz and apparently I'm the only one who is capable of recognizing that. No, him and his wife do not get 30 abortions a year.
  5. It's just a dick joke man. Obviously you didn't appreciate it. We get it that you work hard, but DGz is DGz, and yes it is likely that there will be a dick joke or two thrown your way on occasion. It's not personal.
  6. And I had approximately 40,000 yugioh cards and 2 YCS tops when I abandoned Yugioh. It saved me a lot of grief in the long run though.
  7. You can also just 6 stack with the same group of people, that way you have complete control over the teammate factors. I'd do it myself, but that would require me to have friends.
  8. Tbh Grimey some of your posts just make me think that a lot of your problems are exclusive to console Overwatch. Like the comment about more than half not joining team chat. Like on PC I'd say 75% of the people join team chat at the level that I play at (platinum) and at any level higher than that it's basically 100%.
  9. Even with proper use, condoms are not 100% effective. In fact, after 10 years of using condoms with perfect use, there is a 18% chance that you will have gotten someone pregnant. Notice that none of these methods are 100% effective. Even sterilization sometimes doesn't work as its supposed to.
  10. Not getting pregnant isn't an option. There are no methods of birth control that are 100% effective, and until there are, abortion needs to be an option. I personally use some form of birth control every time that I have sex, but if for some reason that fails, I don't want the response of the government to be "LOL sucks to be you, sick beat. Enjoy wasting 18 years of your life and being down $200K+ from taking care of some kid you didn't want." As a man, abortion is a very important issue to me.
  11. I went from 2550 to roughly 2300 back to 2550 again over the span of 2 days. I'll have these ridiculous swings where I'll go 2-7 followed by 7-2. Realize that teammate variance is just part of the game. If you're solo queuing it's basically impossible to have over a 70% winrate. The issue is that if the other team is infinitely better than yours or vice-versa, how well you play doesn't really matter. You only have the chance to affect the results of matches in which the teams are otherwise pretty evenly matched; thus you become the determining factor in whether or not your team gets the win or the loss. That's just the nature of the game.
  12. I have some sort of HyperX headset because it was good value at the time. I don't think your audio tech matters that much unless you're trying to stream yourself recording music or something. Anything decent should be fine.
  13. It's pretty easy. You just make them in photoshop and then throw them into OBS.
  14. I can teach you how to use OBS including creating overlays if that is something that you desire. Can't tell you about any 3DS-specific stuff though.
  15. Could you be more specific about what makes YGO Percy a better platform than YGO Salvation?