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  1. Bye everyone, good luck with the site.
  2. Technically we're got another 12ish hours until the season is over. Other people could still qualify.
  3. Shit People Say In Discord

    We're currently teaching the bot how to shitpost
  4. Well, you're in plat right now so maybe not lol.
  5. Shit People Say In Discord

    ACP-Today at 7:01 PM mmf vapes, no need to listen to him Silver-Today at 7:01 PM word mmf-Today at 7:01 PM i only vape ironically ACP-Today at 7:01 PM no such thing ACP-Today at 7:02 PM do you also suck dicks ironically? mmf-Today at 7:02 PM i have before ACP-Today at 7:02 PM "haha wouldn't it be funny if I sucked your dick right now" "yeah lol it would be hilarious" mmf-Today at 7:03 PM yeah that was kinda the conversation Silver-Today at 7:03 PM ahh id be tempted too
  6. Goat Duel Review Thread

    I did a review of one of the matches between @BuildTheWalia and @LunarDarkGaia two of our lower ranked players. There are definitely lots of mistakes that people new to the format can learn from.
  7. You joined over a year ago, so I'd consider that established, but thanks.
  8. Troop Dup Format - March 2007

    Tactical Evolution was not legal for the last SJC of the format.
  9. Yeah, I mean mark more or less covered it. With the massive amount of idiocy and cheating in the past few months, saying, "lol can't we just trust everyone?" is just not at all realistic at this point.
  10. If the winners were allowed to report for ranking, people could just lie about having won matches that they never won. There is no incentive to lie about having lost matches. This was explained months ago. The loser should be reporting both to the WarBot and in this thread. It's not hard.
  11. You guys need to be reporting your matches to the WarBot, as stated in this thread's OP. Two people that Gojira beat just never reported their matches for no particular reason. There are probably several other people who never reported as well, but I can't be fucked to figure it all out. In the future, when you're reporting your match in this thread, please make sure that the loser reported to the WarBot as well, and when they haven't state such.
  12. Penisfag at his best!

    Well no, I'm not getting laid.