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  1. JC. is making a joke about Peter Cheng, infamous for using Gadgets to cheat in 2010 to use search cards that weren't gadgets, most commonly Future Fusion. In most of the formats that I played gadgets in (2007-2010) I would argue that Gadgets were much more of an aggro deck than anything else. Aggro is definitely a strategy that has not existed in Yugioh for some time, and probably will never exist again. There is still some hope for control, though.
  2. @Starlight Warrior the term "control" as it is applied to TCGs was first used in MTG to indicate a strategy that tries to win a long-term battle of attrition by accumulated card advantage. When you say "control" what you mean is "combo": a deck whose goal is to execute a sequence of plays that either cause the game to be won immediately or place the game into a state where it is nearly impossible for the other player to have any hope of winning (even if it may be several more turns until the game has actually ended). In modern Yugioh, nearly every top tier deck is a combo deck. True control decks have not been seen in the meta for quite some time. I haven't played too much in the past 4 years, so I can't really say when we last had a deck that would qualify as control. Some decks were combo/control hybrids. Nekroz, for example, could Djinn-lock for a victory, or it could try to grind out the opponent with its brutally efficient ritual summons.
  3. Tbh I'm kind of jealous of Starlight Warrior. I would love to play in a metagame where Link monsters make Darkness Approaches seem appealing to even a few players, where we need Giant Trunade and more boss monsters to slow the game down, where too many traps are being played, and where playing a rank 4 toolbox deck guarantees you a 50% winrate. Sounds way better than actual Yugioh that gets played here on planet Earth.
  4. No, I don't remember the last time that they unbanned Giant Trunade given that it's literally never happened.
  5. Probably tbh
  6. It's not an admin cp setting as far as I can tell, already checked.
  7. Anyone who wants to speculate should probably wait for a month until Link monsters actually get released anyways. Ground Collapse prices probably won't change much between now and then, but the advantage is that you actually know how the mechanic works.
  8. Based on the language, "main" and "extra" are adjectives that describe the noun "monster zone" and thus define subsets of the category "monster zone." That is, all extra monster zones are monster zones, but not all monster zones are extra monster zones. If Konami's intent was for Ground Collapse to not work in this way, they should have called it something like "Extra Zone" which makes it entirely clear that it is not a monster zone. Maybe I should've just majored in English.
  9. Yes, my source is the fact the extra monster zone is a zone where you place yugioh monster cards, and hence it is a monster card zone.
  10. A better question is why he thinks that this mechanic is suddenly going to make people want to discard 2 cards from their hand to flip a monster to face-down attack position.
  11. I honestly have no idea how to get it to work.
  12. Extra monster zones are certainly "monster card zones." The only way that this card doesn't work is if Konami decides to errata it to say, "Select 2 Main Monster Card Zones on the field. Neither player can use the selected zones. You cannot select a zone that is occupied by a Monster Card."
  13. Understand that your opponent wants to finish the match without drawing as well, as a draw is like a double loss at this stage of the tournament. There was definitely a point at which it was correct to concede game2, and it might have even been after just taking a look at your opening hand.
  14. Failing opponent would rather not concede just to prevent you from getting top32. Sad!
  15. I think you guys are missing the point of the card. You can either t1: grab an extra monster zone for yourself, ground collapse the other zone, and your opponent cannot access their extra deck for the rest of the game until they kill ground collapse or t1: ground collapse both extra monster zones, and neither yourself or your opponent can access their extra deck for the rest of the game (good for stun decks, etc) until they kill ground collapse Seeing as most tier decks will require the use of their extra monster zone to do most of their combos, you can easily completely lock your opponent out of the game on t1.