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  1. Fate / Stay Night (Episode 6)
  2. <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="385"></embed></object> Is anyone else excited about this? Based on George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series. Has great actors (Boromir from LOTR), Sarah Connor from Chronicles, etc. Has great writers (people from Firefly, Dexter, etc.)
  3. One of the trends that people should consider, is the emergence of "Normal Summon" monsters that let you play through Hand Traps and established fields. Case in point, in CIBR, we got: I'm not sure if you guys realize this, but both these cards counter Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, on your key Spells. So beyond the Gamma engine, you have a Normal Summon engine to make sure you plays go through. The Fire King Avatar is searchable via Tenki so it forces them to Ash Tenki, or you bring it out, letting you activate your Spells. Amano-Iwato is strong as well, as you can destroy it with Metalfoes, or Rank 4 with it, after your plays go through. That brings me to Gendo: I'm surprised more people aren't playing it, as you can Spellbook of Knowledge it, nowadays. ---------------- On the note of Evenly Matched, in decks like Infernoids and Invoked, I've found that, like Evenly Matched, : This can give you a second wind, especially for the sort of decks that treat the grave like a second hand. If you opponent can gain huge advantage with Machine Duplication and Master Plan, you need stuff like this compete. ------------------ There's also an interesting aspect to consider with: Since we're in a Tier 0 format, and we have 3 Master Peace still, Cloak and Dagger and Prohibition have a lot more value TCG side. ------------ If you'll notice, the best decks versus SPYRAL are the ones who can go all out and stop Special Summoning like Darklords with Vanity's Fiend, or stuff like Infernoids or Invoked or Pendulum Magicians who can play with a second hand, from grave, or the Pendulum Zone. Most other decks aren't going to cut it. That brings me to: Dragon's Bind is the closest thing to Vanity's Emptiness we have left, and Odd-Eyes Arc Pendulum Dragon lets you bring out OEPD for it, more consistently. In many cases, they can't even Kaiju since Gameciel is weaker than 2500 ATK. If you're not playing SPYRAL, these are the avenues to consider, to beat them. Thoughts?
  4. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    This deck got 1st place at a 115 person regional last weekend, "playing against 3 Spyral 2 Trickstars and 2 Pendulum Magicians only drawing with Spyrals."
  5. Darklord - Discussion

    So for what it's worth, against all odds, this deck got 2nd place in a 100 man OCG tournament, in SPYRAL format!: Vanity's Fiend Turbo, not to mention Darklord S/T doesn't target. It works because Eater of Millions can be made into Linkuriboh to Tribute for. Keep in the same applies to (in the TCG) our 3 Gofu and its Tokens being made into Link Spiders -> woah, you have 3 Tributes for Morningstar now...
  6. Darklords (abbreviated as DL) are a theme of Dark Fairy monsters in the Destiny Soldiers set. Several Darklords were also YCS Prize cards and later released in Phantom Darkness. Overview: In a nutshell, in the ABC-Metalfoes-BEWD-Paleozoic format of Winter 2016, Darklords are a theme that follows the BEWD mold of big monsters, heavy drawpower, and anti-meta floodgates. They are graveyard-based and during either player's turn, for 1000 LP, the new Darklords have the ability to recycle and reuse the effects of an in-theme ROTA (Banishment) and Monster Reborn (Contact), not to mention non-targeting removal Traps, in-theme Raigeki Break (Rebellion) and Brain Control (Enchantment). With 3 Allure, 3 Trade In, 3 Pot of Desires, 3 Ixchel, and 3 Banishment, and Upstart, plus the copy effects, you play 15+ draw cards, which is this deck's most significant strength. Also, prior to getting Ukoback in PP19 in the OCG, the deck's Normal Summon (abbreviated NS) is generally available, letting you play power cards like Vanity's Fiend and Denko Sekka. Monsters: Darklord Asmodeus One of the original Darklords, it is now often omitted due to its Summoning restrictions, although this card checks a lot of boxes, LV 8, Fairy, Darklord name, DARK attribute, 3000 ATK floater. It's a Foolish Burial effect for Superbia, you should play Hecatrice + Valhalla if you want to use this card. It's worth noting the more Darklord names you play, the more likely Zerato becomes 1 Trib. Darklord Superbia Historically, this card was known for the Dark Creator + Superbia + Zerato OTK that put exactly 8K on the board. It continues to be the center of the Darklord deck - LV 8 for Trade In, makes Rank 8s, can revive Kristya, it gives you 2 Tribs without a NS, etc. This card also opens a boatload of possibilities like reviving Norden (who is a Fairy!) or Star Seraphs (you have enough drawpower to assemble the combo). It unfortunately misses timing, so you can't get its revival effect off a copied Contact in grave, since the last thing to happen is the shuffle. COTH while it misses timing if you chain it to removal, is something to consider, as you can revive the new DL to use their effs as well. Darklord Zerato Zerato is LV 8 for Trade In, it has a Raigeki effect for OTKs, and makes Rank 8s. Since Superbia can't revive itself and Asmodeus can't be SSed, Zerato is your Rank 8 material. Darklord Morningstar The boss monster of the theme. It cannot be Special Summoned so it is often omitted, or played as a 1-of (searchable via Banishment so you play 4(+) copies technically). Beyond it's Darklord name, Fairy Type, and DARK attribute, it is frequently setup via Darklord Contact -> Superbia -> Fairy, that gives you 2 Tribs without using your NS. Stuff like the Speedroid engine also provides 2 Tribs. You can also lean into Monarch support, but that requires you to build around it. Welp, what do you get for so much investment? You put 8K+ on the board if your opponent controls 2 Effect monsters, one of them could be Zerato and his Raigeki effect. Even if your opponent has 1 monster, you put 5800 + Raigeki on the board. The other nuance that Morningstar offers in in conjunction with Gameciel (LV 8 for Trade In) vs ABC, one of the top decks of the format. If your opponent tags out, and leaves their Bujintei Tsukiyomi and A+B+C out, you spam them. It also mills S/T so your DL swarm can gain further card advantage through their effects. Darklord Ixchel One of the best Darklords, it has the copy effect, lets you draw cards, and because of Banishment -> this, you can unbrick most hands. With 3 Allure, 3 Trade In, 3 Pot of Desires, 3 Ixchel, and 3 Banishment, plus the copy effects, you play 15+ draw cards, which is this deck's most significant strength. It's also LV 10, for Tarantula - one of the win cons of this deck. It's the card that makes you consider Tragoedia, Exodius, or even Trains (like the OCG did). Darklord Amdusc This card lets you retrieve S/T to hand, without paying LP for them. This is relevant because adding Contact to hand with Superbia in grave matters because copying/recycling Contact to revive Superbia makes it miss timing. Contact + Superbia is what lets you do the Superbia, revive new DL (Ixchel in grave is the easy candidate), copy Contact, revive Superbia/Zerato for 8K on the board, or make a Rank 8 + DL board (and that doesn't use your NS so you can end Hope Harbinger + Vanity's Fiend). Retrieving Ixchel to dig deeper and LV 8 Darklords for Trade In is also a thing. LV 6 also makes it 1 Trib for Enchantment, and it's a nice level for Synchros/XYZ (e.g. Mali, PSZ Dark Synchro). Darklord Nasten One of the consistency cards that start the DL engine, it's a discard outlet for Traps to activate on your turn (and get around Twin Twister), and it Summons itself to copy one of the cards you dumped. The fact that it Summons itself lets you play around Spell Fragrance, that would otherwise hurt Deep Draw decks like this one. It's a LV 7 so with cards like Chaos Hunter (another Allure target), you can make Rank 7s. Darklord Tezcatlipoca This is the strongest of the new Darklords, with the copy effect, ATK-wise. A protection DL, it protects vs Raigeki and Dark Hole, Bottomless, and also battle vs 3000 ATK. Unfortunately there is a lot of non-destruction cards nowadays. Note, you can chain a DL copy effect to Banishment of Darklords to search for Tezcatlipoca as needed, so gives the deck some resiliency. Spells Banishment of Darklords A ROTA for both Darklord monsters and S/T. It essentially means you play 3(+) more copies of a "tech" DL like Morningstar or Amdusc. It's pretty self-explanatory, but you use it to search Superbia for Trade-In, search Ixchel to unbrick hands and dig deeper, and also works SS2 to search Tezca. Darklord Contact A Monster Reborn in DEF mode for Superbia and making XYZ. A power play is Contact + Superbia to revive new DL (Ixchel in grave is the easy candidate), copy Contact, revive Superbia/Zerato for 8K on the board, or make a Rank 8 + DL board (and that doesn't use your NS so you can end Hope Harbinger + Vanity's Fiend). It also gives you Tribute fodder to help Tribute Summon Morningstar. Traps Darklord Rebellion Non-targeting Raigeki Break to destroy any card on the field during either player's turn. When you copy it with the new Darklords, you don't need to pay the cost. Darklord Enchantment Non-targeting Brain Control during either player's turn. While not as versatile as Rebellion, beyond damage, it lets you do things like stealing XYZ and stacking Downerd, Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger, etc. You can also Lava Golem or Kaiju them, and steal it back for a Rank 8. It might be worth it to play Paleozoic Marrella or Kuribandit so you can dump it, Breakthrough Skill, Spiritual SORL - cards that let you go off. Vanity’s Fiend 1 Trib Monster floodgate that works with Allure of Darkness. Your Normal Summon is generally available, not to mention you have the drawpower to dig for this card. Unfortunately, it conflicts with Reasoning which is a good card for dumping S/T, given the different levels the deck has. Archlord Kristya LV 8 for Trade-In, works with Superbia, and COTH. It's worth noting that you can bring it out with Valhalla, works with Reasoning, etc. Gameciel / Lava Golem LV 8s for Trade-In. Lava Golem, you don't care about the NS, and you often need to out 2 monsters, Dark Law + Toadally Awesome, Bahamut Shark, ABC + Tsukiyomi, even Metalfoes, Yang Zing fields. Gameciel works with Slumber and Radian who is Allure-able or other LV 8 Kaiju, and you can Slumber search for Trade In, Allure targets as well. Once you clean the floodgates, you can blow these away with Darklord Traps, paving the way for damage. Metaion LV 10 Fairy to get rid of established fields, this card is a blowout. You can SS it with Superbia, make Rank 10s with Ixchel, etc. Herald of Orange Light / Herald of Green Light Heralds solve for a problem that Darklords have, Vanity and Kristya are not good if your opponent has already gone off, so you need to get them to halt (Maxx C and DD Crow help). You also need another layer of protection beyond Tezca, and these fit the bill. You can setup Contact, COTH, etc. Orange Light doubles up as a LV 2 Tuner, revivable by Superbia into Leo. Green Light has enormous surprise factor as most players don't know it exists. Hecatrice / Valhalla Valhalla is a very interesting card because you can SS Kristya or Asmodeus (who is searchable via Banishment) from hand, who dumps Superbia. It's also very significant because Hecatrice is a LV 4 that you can dump in grave easily for Norden, who is revivable via Superbia. Summoning a new DL also gets you going, and having empty fields is possible with Kuribandit, etc. Norden / Star Seraphs With all of the drawpower this deck has, you can leverage it to assemble the StickChair combo. Illuminiknight fits nicely with Darklords and Utopia Prime into Lightning is something new, beyond the usual Delteros. The LP costs of the Darklords could play into Prime. Number 35: Ravenous Tarantula One of the win conditions of this deck, it's an upgrade over Ancient Sacred Wyvern in that it doesn't matter if your LP is lower or higher. It also buffs ALL your monsters, and has a Raigeki effect, so if another monster deals damage first, this and other monsters become even stronger. Phantom of Chaos This card is notable for being a Allurable Normal Summon who can copy Darklord effects, not to mention cards like Dark Creator, DAD, etc. It becomes a beatstick, and works around some of the restrictions this deck has. Moreover, together with cards like Allure of Darkness, Gold Sarcophagus, Tribute Burial, and Dark Creator, you could play DDR, Miraculous Descent, and Escape from the Dark Dimension. Note that Asmodeus can be revived from RFG. Galaxy Wizard + Galaxy Queen's Light This card doubles as Normal Summonable LV 8, but it also tutors Galaxy Queen's Light, leading to Rank 8 and 10 XYZ Summons. This is a win condition because you can't really abuse Darklords who have different levels - the copy effect for Contact is free, and offsets the -1, if you care about that. But given that BEWD plays Ancient Rules, we can play this. Competitive Success Steven Silverman - Top 32 YCS Anaheim http://yugioh.tcgplayer.com/db/deck.asp?deck_id=106970
  7. I'm not usually this harsh, but this is such a garbage analogy, bordering on false equivalency. Here's why: For TV, (JK)Drama, movie, anime streaming sites, you go to get content that is either region-locked or paywall-locked, you can binge the entire season, or because those sites don't have minute-long ads every 10 minutes. There's value you don't get elsewhere (I mean people would watch on Fox/NBC/CBS OnDemand or equivalent site, if the content was there). See Netflix. In our site's case, as a forum, we are being asked to be on this site to generate content or value ourselves - there's not (no longer) any inherent benefit or value add in coming here (since people aren't even posting about modern Link Format Yugioh much here). As such, to endure unrelated spammy ads to use the site, just to make it live again, strikes me as a bit rich. I mean if you had a paid forum or paywall articles when Hoban was active (see ARG trying to monetize Twitch streams), Jeff Jones was willing to do exclusive content, etc. , then you might have a case for pay to play. The old timers might persist (and many want it to persist), but good luck with anybody new.
  8. Now that Wavering Eyes is back at 3, one of the things I've thought about recently is how people have written Qliphorts off entirely, when in fact they have some power cards that distinguish them from the rest of the meta. Namely, they have a searchable Double Summon, that works with Set Rotation, and they get to downgrade LV 7/8 with Domain. So even if they only get one monster back from the Pendulum Zone into the EMZ zone, there are ways for you to bring out the bigger Qliphorts. The Double Summon itself is crazy for being to drop Fiends, etc. or even as a LV 4 EARTH, to Tune with (or potentially you can Missus Radiant and such, if you tech it into Rescue Foes) They are also the only deck that can abuse: Other Pendulum decks want to Link up, Synchro or XYZ after Pendulum Summoning, while this deck doesn't, and what's more, you get the greatness of Monarch support! As for you'd go through the effort of playing Qliphort, they're still the best deck at bringing out Naturia Beast, as well as the backrow hate they're known for, etc. Not going to lie, immunity to Chaos Trap Hole, is pretty appealing.
  9. Teched out Blue Eyes

    I too have given thought to decks that can play Magical Spring recently. I think Infernoids will be better in this regard because, in addition to the Gamma engine, they can play Fire King Avatar Arvata as well to stop Ash on their Starter Spells. With Tenki, you literally have a lot of ways to bait or stop Ash on Grass, Left Arm Offering, Reasoning, etc. ------ That being said, you need to diversify the deck more in order to beat or bait Ash. Dark Contract with the Gate seems promising because you can search Lamia and even if they negate, you have it around to search next turn, so it's not a minus, and at least 1 for 1 exchange, unlike Ash on Trade In or Desires. And that opens up more plays like Vermillion Dragon Mech to recycle it, Cloudcastle, in addition to the regular Blue Eyes Synchros. Foolish Burial or Dragon Shrine that bait as 1 for 1, are also cards I'd take another look at. Something like Arkbrave Dragon who can threaten with Banishing (e.g. dump it and Dragon Spirit of White, whose a Normal in grave, to Banish an S/T), especially since the deck has 3 COTH, 3 Back to the Front, 3 Oasis. Mathematician who can dump GUB or Master or Stones, even if they negate it, still walls for battle. Keep in mind that Math can dump Time Maiden, who can tutor Metaion to bounce Math to hand for reuse, as well, as the fact that Light of Redemption can recycle both Time Maiden and White Stone of Ancients, so the deck has a grind game. Time Maiden is another "Ash Bait" that doesn't use your Normal Summon. ^ I think that's the basis of how the deck should be built until we get Link Kuriboh.
  10. Lightsworn

    Here's the decklist that topped ARG Raleigh this format on Sept 23rd, for reference.
  11. Lightsworn

    Lightsworn have always been one of my favorite decks to play, because there's so many ways to build them, so many engines and tech cards they work with, not to mention the core mechanic of milling, CotLB and Solar Recharge, have always been relevant regardless of format. If you're going to play with JD today, Ties of the Brethren and Left Arm Offering are the cards you want. But do note Fairy Tail Snow (vs JD) is indicative of how LS is played today, because she gives LS an element of disruption and let you play on the opponent's turn, so you're not the one dimensional deck of years past. Gold Sarc is at 3 now, so you can play Giant Rex or Shiranui Spiritmaster to further take advantage of the RFG mechanic. If you're playing today, one of the cool things you can do to play 3 Rescue Cat and 3 Peropero Cerperus . That seems better than Necro Gardna when you don't play BLS. Another modern interaction is Dawn Knight because you can Link with it and mill any LIGHT as needed. ^ That has a lot of potential considering Lightsworn are getting a Link monster soon.
  12. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I think this thinking is outdated because: is back. This lets you tutor Exodius from deck. The vulnerability to disruption going second, could be addressed because Drident is banned and you have MBAAS and Pianissimo for GOSR, while Ash can't stop Phantom Skyblaster. Keep in mind, Book of Eclipse, is pretty one-sided since our Links are immune and we can even push with a Link Monster field. Also, worth noting, you can turn off Kristya, and continue Link Summoning if that comes up. Just wanted to point out with all those DARKs and LIGHTs, we have 2 BLS now, and that ends games easily with 3 Honest. ---------- It seems the OCG has caught onto the Herald of Orange Light interaction, and how Lee is infinite Fairy fodder, and moreso because EBE is a Herald tutor. See this 2nd place deck in a 71 person tournament, just this week:
  13. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    There's also Brilliant Fusion + Trick Clown in the decks that can play it. Not saying you would play Brilliant Fusion + Trick Clown in here, but you do have Master Peace and Archfiend Eccentrick as LIGHTs to dump as well. There's also: It's pretty searchable, and gets your LP lower first turn. Not saying, you'd play it here, but just pointing out a card that grave's a DARK first turn, works with Allure, and Crane Crane.
  14. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I think as far as Link decks go, the XYZ Remora field spam interaction is superior to a lot of what this deck can do, as the conventional build is currently constructed and conceived of. So that's where the need to take advantages this deck has, comes in. I'm not sure why people are sleeping on this card, because it and Gofu are pretty much the only proactive mass Token generators we have. The fact that Dark Eruption can retrieve Phantom Skyblaster, Gofu, World Legacy, and Exodius means it's the most amazing toolbox card, so you'll never run out plays, and playing 12+ DARKs, means you can play Allure of Darkness. It's much more impactful than Draconnet (another DARK monster who fits that niche) because you don't need to play Crowned, it doesn't affect the Main Deck like Predaplants (immune to ABJS), and doesn't cost life, so you can play Soul Charge, and MBAAS for GOSR. It spits out LV 4 Tokens so that opens up Trishula access, note that there are a lot of good Tuners, Contract + Lamia is a Special Summon GUB, Re-Cover, etc.
  15. Pendulum & Magician - Deck Discussion

    I'm kind of surprised people aren't giving Dinomists another look as well, because it's the Pendulum deck that can make both Mistar Boy and Missus Radiant (courtesy of Deskbot 003 and 001, can play 005 as well), while being able to play both Moray of Greed, and Igknight Reload, which are Effects that 1 for 1 vs ABJS, unlike Desires. And Dinomist Howling is Scales from Deck, so it gets around it as well. We also have Math at 2 to dump Deskbot 001, and Zephyros to bounce Dinomist Charge. The deck gets better as ABC will be big with Destrudo and Dragon Ravine at 3, and the deck can Geargigant X for AOJ Cycle Reader to banish LIGHTs. That deck is able to Abyss Dweller with WATER material, Ragnazero (+ Plesios, also Mistar Boy and Missus Radiant), and even Synchros like Metaphys Horus (can steal their Link), Trishula, etc. I'm not sure if people have caught onto this, but this is a better Unexpected Dai, as it also gives you a search, and a Token, all the while giving you an EARTH LV 4 Machine, and destroys your Scales for you. And it searches any Deskbot, among other things. I know people think Ancient Gears, Deskbots, and Dinomists, are casual, that's probably why people have been sleeping on Catapult + Wyvern... There's also: Which gets you a Double Summon (for Rescue Hamster/Ferret, perhaps?) and LV 5 Machine for Cyber Dragon Infinity, so that's another strong engine.
  16. Fixed the bad spacing/quotes from before. What's more, the deck now has White Aura Whale, which is a walking Raigeki, attacks monsters twice, has Piercing, and if it dies, comes back in the Main Monster Zone, how cool is that?
  17. I saw that other troll post which probably should have been moved to Deck Garage but wasn't, but anyways, I figured this is a good place as any to post this. The way to build a competitive Fish or WATER deck nowadays is: In case you guys don't see why this is really strong in Link Format, consider having 1 Rank 4 WATER XYZ in the Extra Deck Monster Zone, e.g.: So you XYZ Remora that WATER Rank 4, to end up with 3 WATER monsters in your monster zones: That lets you make: And Shark has 3100 ATK and Toad has 2700 ATK, all for little to no effort. The LV 3 Sharks have a nice niche because you can revive a LV 3 Tuner, and have Level Modulation: Note the second effect, if you Link with Rebarian Shark for Mistar Boy, you can stack RUM 7th One. Shark Stickers being LV 3 is better now that you can Link irrespective of Levels andMermaid Shark's Stratos body finally has a use Silent Angler and Beatunaful Princess are great as always, and Rare Fish gives you a LV 4 WATER Fish Special Summon. Keep in mind, So Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is just a 1 for 1, not a -3. ABJS also can't affect Salvage as it is from the grave to the hand, so the deck isn't hit as hard as say Trade In, Cards of Consonance, Pot of Desires, etc. And that's only the tip of the iceberg, because you have: Now that Rescue Rabbit is at 3, we have 7 Colored Fish and Space Mambo as our 6 targets, and you could even go the SDKC route. Enchanting Mermaid and Root Water are garbage LV 3s for Lebarian Shark but they are salvaged by Shark Stickers and Hammer Shark, if that matters. Thoughts?
  18. World Chalice Deck Discussion

    I think the way to build the deck now is to focus on Dandylion, since we now have more Mathematician to dump it, to get the deck going. The Debris Dragon interaction with Dandylion is a 1 card Firewall Dragon, by way of 2 Proxy Dragons, so that gives the deck something new. The focus on Beckoned can drop without Daigusto Emeral, and that let's you play Chosen or Crowned instead (Crowned can be revived by Debris as well, just saying). If you are to play Beckoned, I think you'd want to play Re-Cover for Naturia Beast since Wavering Eyes, Dragon Ravine, too many good Spells came back, and are around nowadays. With Links, you're going to burn through the ED anyway, and the LP loss could help fuel Rescute. ------------ I think Swing of Memories is the notable card interaction this deck has because it's 1 card that is an Imduk + WC Summon without using your Normal Summon, and it's live irrespective of your field, so the deck should be building around that, I feel.
  19. One of the recent finds that is trending up in the OCG is the discovery of Red-Eyes as a competitive theme. And at it's center is this interaction: Think about what this means, we finally have a way of dumping Warriors to grave. 1) What seems to be the most popular is REPK, or Red Eyes Phantom Knights, where you dump Phantom Knights which are Warriors to grab the PK S/T. So you can back it with Fog Blade or Wing, and get a solid field off 1 card. And nowadays, the "Cannot NS or SS other monsters" restriction is solved by Settings Graydles (e.g. Eagle), which is a great Master Peace out. The other thing of note is how Radian and Supreme King Gates are also DARK LV 7s, so you get the ability to play Allure of Darkness and Sword of Seven Stars, in the same deck, and popping cards to Summon "Link" material is a thing now. And Darkwurm is the Effect Dragon to go with REBD for Dragon Shrine. Note that we pretty much need to play the Gamma Engine to make Omega to recycle your PKs, and stop Ash on your Starter Spells. The deck has some resiliency because you have Red Eyes Retro Dragon, Keeper of the Shrine, Return of Dragon Lords, and even Astrograph Sorceror to get you more plays. You also can dump LV 6 Dragons like Prime Material Dragon (walking MBAAS), Amorphage Sloth (ED lockdown), and Lightpulsar Dragon for revival, so COTH let's you do more, and we have Back to the Front now. The OCG has figured out that they can recycle and reset Destiny Hero Dasher with Slash, there's probably a lot of other cool Warrior tricks out there. E.g. Together with Brilliant Fusion you have 6+ ways to dump it in grave, so can trigger Flip Effects on your first turn. It's worth noting that Setting a monster, and changes its Battle Position via effect, is not a Normal Summon, so you can use it on the same turn as Red-Eyes Fusion. 2) Another approach that people look into is Red Eyes Heroes, because EHero Prisma is REBD, and you have combos involving Shadow Mist and Vyon. The OCG has 3 BLS, but they're also looking into Chaos variants right now. Last but not least, This card is essentially a Metalfoes Alkahest. I've already seen 4-5 decklists using Red Eyes cards in the OCG, so it's seems worthy of discussion. Thoughts?
  20. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    ^ I think if you are playing Metalfoes now, the Instant Fusion combo for Panzer Dragon + Metalfoe to pop it, to get the search off Combination is pretty neat. That makes Instant Fusion a Metalfoe search. Scapegoat is also pretty significant as you can pop it and use it for Missus Radiant and Alkahest right?
  21. True King Dinosaur Discussion

    The non-spell Diagram MP is solvable because we have 2 Dark Hole, Raigeki, even Forbidden Chalice makes Titano bigger. (Because of UCT, you used to see some people topping with sided Book of Eclipse or SoCL, so moreso than other decks, MP has more Spells to worry about - although Magic Deflector is great against those). Double Pill can also grab Dogoran, to create Kaiju proof fields.
  22. So in case, you guys are unaware, there is now once again what is essentially a win condition in the form of hand destruction, in the rich tradition of Hieratic Gishki Gustkraken, XX-Saber Gottoms, Windup Hunter, Royal Tribute, list goes on. The key cards are: In case you guys don't get it, if the opponent adds a card(s) from their Deck to their hand outside of the Draw Phase, you play these 2 cards and your opponent is Handless. The Trap is pretty easy to search out. And so is Droll & Lock Bird: This is where things get really interesting because you can pop Star Hall to search out Droll & Lock Bird. So you have an engine of Spellbooks where you can easily play any other Spellbook to have enough counters for Droll & Lock Bird. And as for how to pop Star Hall, it's a Continuous Spell, which fits nicely themewise with True Dracos and Dragonic Diagram. Keep in mind that The Grand Spellbook Tower is a Field Spell, as is Secret Village of the Spellcasters for Set Rotation. You can even go the Metalfoes route with Painful Decision, etc. And if really want to stay in theme, you can play High Priestess of Prophecy and pop your own Star Hall. There's a whole lot of Spellcaster engines, many of whom can benefit from the Master + Power combo of ages past to beat over Master Peace for instance, Fate, etc. are all still pretty good... Oh, and then there's: There's a lot of good LV 1 Spellcasters to build around, see: https://www.db.yugioh-card.com/yugiohdb/card_search.action?request_locale=en What if the opponent decides not to play any searching cards, well, you can: This is reminiscent of the Dark Law deck back in the day, since them drawing is offset by the banish. And here's another Continuous Spell: Who cares if they draw? --------------- Last but not least, just wanted to point out a deck that doesn't use the Normal Summon, and has it open and available for Candina, that deck being Darklords, who also benefit from the S/T removal of Light Stage and gain from Lights being played alongside DARKs -> Chaos, all the while having the drawpower to dig for combo cards. Thoughts?
  23. True King Dinosaur Discussion

    What do you guys think about Jurrac Titano, especially now that we have a "Miracle Fusion" for it (banishing fodder like Baobaboon or Vortex/Card Trooper, used Hand Trap, True King, and Dino in grave, to drop a monster immune to quick effect targeting and True Draco targeting Traps is strong, especially when it's bigger than Master Peace). It's the long awaited searchable Obelisk the Tormentor, by way of Fossil Dig and Souleating Oviraptor, and it's LV 9 to make True King of All Calamities (unlike LV 10 Ultimate Conductor Tyranno). And in today's format, you can beat Solemn Strike, Dimensional Barrier, when Summoning it. In True King Dinos, it gets more interesting because you can Terraforming or Set Rotation for Mausoleum of the Emperor and just Normal Summon it, while True Dracos don't get their effects (This is not a Tribute Summon), so this really is the only big monster deck out there benefiting. Thoughts?
  24. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    So this deck finally got its: Which gives you a way of retrieving Pacifis from grave. Beyond the obvious benefits, It makes the deck more resilient in protecting Pacifis, but also floodgates (Macro Cosmos, Skill Drain), most notably, you can actually protect Mask of Restrict from being destroyed by Diagram or True Draco Apocalypse pop of a True Draco Spell. Likewise, it makes Fog King (whose original Level is 5 or higher), a Normal Summon Catastor, so you have a couple of new options in the True Draco matchup. It's worth noting Lose 1 Turn receives a boost because SSA lets you banish the Special Summoned Phantasm Spiral Token, so you can activate it in the first place, so it makes L1T a more consistent card.