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  1. Is this real?   First a guy is denied entry to the states because he tried pot a thousand years ago, now this?   [quote]‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’[/quote]   If you're gonna arrest someone for saying that, you should get ready to arrest a shit-ton more, because that's mild compared to other things I've read on the internet.
  2. Hey everyone.

    Thanks, I hope I enjoy my stay, and hopefully that others enjoy it too.
  3. Dance with Dragons

    [spoiler]Yeah that's the counter-argument. He might be dead, he might be a monk, BUT he also might be sent as a champion to eradicate Robert Strong, which many suspect (and rightly so) is an abomination.   But it's only a theory. Other suspects for the champion are Loras, Jaime (really stretching it on that one) and Nymeria Sand. It could also just be some random Faith knight, but I doubt it and hope not.   I'd love it to be the Hound though, as you fulfill the valonqar prophecy, satisfy Sandor and get an amazing fight all in one.   But then again, will she win or lose? They are very hard questions to answer. I have no idea what either case would lead to.[/spoiler]
  4. Good "Didn't see that coming" movies?

    The Crying Game.
  5. Dance with Dragons

    I just finished it a few weeks ago.   [spoiler]I have to say, Cersei's two chapters were amongst the best of the books. I really loved her walk of shame. I can't wait for Robert Strong either, and I'm wondering who the champion he'll face will be.   Will it be a younger sibling (a valonqar)? There are theories suggesting that the Hound will face Robert Strong, but there are so many theories around these books.....   I'm really looking forward to the aftermath of Varys' actions. I really enjoyed that epilogue.   Overall I felt it was a great book, even though it didn't have the same emotional climaxes as Storm did.[/spoiler]
  6. Dragon Rulers - Discussion

    The cards I've heard so much about.   It's a pity they're too good. I'm not familiar with them though, do they play as if in Auto-Pilot? I've heard the mirror match takes relative skill.
  7. Fire Fist - Discussion

    Very interesting cards. I might make use of them later.   Great thread, OP.
  8. Hey everyone.

    good evening     I'm both relieved and surprised that you haven't heard of it.
  9. JonTron Leaves GameGrumps

    Steam Train was shit first, but their Castle Crashers playthrough is good.   The new Game Grumps episodes are better than the recent ones with Jon. This situation is a win-win really. We get more JonTron and better Game Grumps.
  10. Hey everyone.

    Hi guys, I left YCM about a year and a half ago but I revisited it a day or too ago and it looks really quiet. Most of the old members left and I don't feel there's anything there for me anymore. The Yu-Gi-Oh! related section is really quiet and that's all I'm looking for at the moment.   I'm interested in Yu-Gi-Oh! again, but I'm not sure I'll play until Dragon Rulers and Prophecy blow over, if they do at all.   I hope I have a great time here and that I don't cause much hassle for anyone.
  11. Let's Talk Vampires

    I just started yugioh again and it's a relief to see something other than Dragon Rulers and Prophecies. I might try these out soon.