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  1. running a game since im retired for now

    fuck JC. He should have posted this in Smash'd so we could all enjoy it. Pure selfishness
  2. if you click on this topic you must post E

    Stop trying to make e happen, gretchen
  3. Favorite Anime

    First point, idk if the storybis so whatever as bake is remembered for its characters more than anything else second point, id wager thats the exception not the norm
  4. Favorite Anime

    I dont disagree with this but again we place weight on different things. Animation is often a budget issue. Thats not to say technique doesnt play a big role, and it does in madoka, but im just of the opinion that absent something truly stunning, a show’s story vastly outweighs the visuals. I agree the story is overrated but madoka magica literally flipped the genre on its head by putting legitimate consequences into a genre that otherwise didnt have them, which then becomes comically irrelevant for obv reasons. The obv reasons ruined the show for myself Google leveon bell and jewelery and youll get the reference (id link it but im on mobile)
  5. Favorite Anime

    itt rei claims LeVeon Bell Made in Abyss and Madoka are the same type of show. Both are severely overrated
  6. Favorite Anime

    You and me are gonna fight about this. Banana Fish andRe; Creators not even being on here is criminal to me. yeah me too I'll keep saying it. Made in the Abyss is the most overhyped anime ever. While Madoka was good, idt it was that good. Glad to see Shinseki on there tho
  7. Aqua crying for 395 seconds straight

    Megumin is the same joke over and over again Aqua is literally the most annoying bitch ever Eris pads her chest No contest here.
  8. Aqua crying for 395 seconds straight

    You're the type of person that searches personality/plot on hentaihaven aren't you?
  9. Aqua crying for 395 seconds straight

    Who cares?
  10. Aqua crying for 395 seconds straight

    so wrong its unreal.
  11. Aqua crying for 395 seconds straight

    Im sorry i dont see how this is any different #darknessisbestgirl
  12. running a game since im retired for now

    @hd LSD Druglord is that you?
  13. if you click on this topic you must post

    Black clover will cure it. Its the new wave dont’cha know