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  1. ABC - Discussion

    Are you assuming that Z metal tank isnt an "appropriate target" as the text in union hangar reads? Z metal tank says that he can equip himself to an X or Y when he's on field, but he doesnt state that these are the only cards he can be equipped to. I guess this would beg the wuestion, what exactly would constitute an "appropriate target" in this instance?
  2. ABC - Discussion

    Not sure if this would ever be the correct decision to side...but just a friendly reminder that siding Z Metal Tank lets you out vanity's fiend with a single Union Hangar. Relevant for post-Darklord release perhaps?
  3. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    I feel like in order to determine whether or not this deck should play desires we first need to determine how important Cir is for us to win the game, since that is ultimately the most common detriment to running desires. Beatrice is at one, so its not like you're making huge advantage off of cir reviving a dante. Cir reviving a key one-of BA however, can be pretty crucial. Virgil, for example, is fantastic vs blue eyes right now, so milling the one rubic (depending on your build) and needing to make virgil can prove problematic without Cir. Libic, similarly, can be necessary to getting out of certain situations as well. So in order to play desires (which we obviously ideally want to do) I feel the build must play two rubics and two libics, and just play over 40 (which will ultimately make it less likely to banish Cir in the first place, as well as go along with the few above posts about decking out becoming a very real concern with too few cards in deck). Also for what its worth, Karma Cut has been testing amazingly well. Hitting an on field blue eyes and banishing all alternatives/blue eyes from grave can be game ending, not to mention the obvious uses of the card in the mirror. In summary, I would advocate going slightly over 40 to flow better with desires, and consider using Karma Cut as a supplemental trap to Fog Blade.
  4. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Mike, I always enjoy reading your posts and hearing your reasoning behind playing certain cards/ratios. Always well thought out and analyzed well. Props. Have you read the Average Prize Model article posted in the article section? Essentially it provides a model for determining what the best deck to play is, based on criteria that you set for yourself. In most cases this would be average wins or average cash (which are not always directly proportional as the article points out). In order to use the model you must assign a win rate percentage for x deck against y deck.. I tried applying some of the logic used in that article to quantify what the best deck was...and to be honest I had some trouble determining what I thought would qualify as accurate win-rate estimates. Ive seen people say that monarchs have a good PK BA matchup...but if they open Beatrice with a fog blade, without a twin twister they can just win off of this by playing around stormforth and sending a farfa to banish their beatrice..similarly, if monarchs go first and setup stormforth ehther, BA can have a hard time winning. These are just examples. The fact that every single deck in the format can open decently well and lock the opponent out of the game makes it, in my mind, very difficult to try and determine accurate enough win-ratios. I guess my question would be, how would you estimate the win-rate for monarchs vs each of the top decks? I know youve spoke about how monarchs have the most inherently powerful engine, but in modern day yugioh, sometimes your opponent's less powerful engine is simply "good enough" to counter your more inherently powerful engine. I plan on playing at ycs columbus this weekend and this has been something that has been bothering me heavily when trying to determine the best deck for this format.
  5. The YGOrganization - [V Jump June 2016] Structure Decks

    This is bonkers. A broken fusion you summon just by banishing 3 guys from ur grave? Magnet warriors that get effs when summoned and summon other copies from deck during opps turn? Crazy card design, but...magnet warriors..
  6. Agent 007

    Ok so if we're going the seraph route, I think adding Transmodify is a must. Can swap earth/shineball for venus, venus for a seraph, or if you want to run ancient sacred wyvern, you can transmodify it for kristyia. Which I think is awesome.  Also, I agree with victor about playing lazuli over garnett.  Also considering herald of green. 
  7. The YGOrganization - [OCG] VJump Spoilers

    Theres gotta be some crazy play with paladin of felgrand and Ladd
  8. yugioh's rise and fall, timelines and significant events

    While you're right that topping an event no longer means quite as much as it used to, I wouldn't say that its lost its luster to the point that ur still only "randy mcgee" for topping. Topping one event and never topping again is grounds for this statement, sure. But imagine if youre randy mcgee. You top an event and suddenly all your friends who play with you realize that maybe they can too. Which makes them try harder or tell other people about your friend. Which makes more people play. So topping once makes good for marketing more or less. As far as prestige goes, I would say that even though its a larger top cut and we cant say that one top is necessarilly quality, I will say that topping multiple events, especially consistently, should still be seen as an accomplishment. Maybe that goes without saying, but I just didnt want ur point, while mostly correct, to completely take away from those who top consistently.
  9. Kozmo - Discussion

    With the reveal of tincan, How about call of the haunted? I feel like tincan plus call would give us a legitimate turn one play which is something the deck is sorely missing. By doing this you essentially get two dark destroyer pops on your opponents turn, which can potentially be huge. Not to mention destroyer can obviously just pop itself to get slip to destroy scales. So essentially tincan + call becomes either two monster destruction effs or two s/t effs or any other kozmo eff. Call outside of tincan, however, could be problematic, though you could argue that dweller+big beater would no longer be a threat if we have a call set. Call also helps with the one normal summon per turn issue..though the other downside is its slow as its a trap. This is all theory-oh rn but i feel like call could be a relevant edition to the deck with tincan in the mix.
  10. The YGOrganization - [SPWR] Super Quantum Noun Noun Noun

    Holy crap this deck has a suuuper good start. Also, why do they keep making e tele so damn splashable?? Neither that guy, nor any kozmo monsters look like they should be psychic imo. Excited for this deck for sure
  11. Painful Escape

    The bit about Hunders just makes me want to make that deck again. Not only can u search t king, but reusing it is amazing. Denko too? Icing on the cake. Good finds!
  12. Painful Escape

    Dance/Sorc have to be tributed for a card effect, pretty sure this trap tributes as cost :< Aaaand the dream dies. Tbh, never noticed the "by card effect" clause on them cus it literally has never come up lol. Thanks for catching that.
  13. Painful Escape

    This was honestly the first thing i thought of when i read this card
  14. Painful Escape

    Tribute one ju for another. Or better yet if u open mathman plus this, you can make herald, then search a ju with this plus any ritual piece from the herald. You can also trib dance princess/great sorc for unicore (or vice versa), and get their effects. Obviously this probably wont be played in nekroz, but it has interesting interactions for sure..
  15. Kozmo - Discussion

    So after having played several mirrors with this deck, it almost reminds me a little bit of druler 2013 format..dont kill me for saying this. I only mean that in the sense that in druler 2013 if you drew a rejuv and your opponent didnt...you were in a HUGE advantage, simply because you drew the power card of the deck. I feel like the same could be said here for destroyer, and maxx c (which is insane with all the ship ramming). So i think the best way to treat this deck going forward, at least for the mirror, is trying to maximize our chances of seeing these cards. Ive toyed around with playing seven star swords again and allure. Also, msts or galaxy cyclone to pop town have been pretty vital for putting ur combos together. Have you guys played many mirrors yet? What are your thoughts going forward?