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  1. Round 8: ALL THE OUTS vs The Gentleman's Club

    OVO (Draco Zoo) > Mistleteinn (Pure Zoo) 2-1
  2. Round 8: ALL THE OUTS vs The Gentleman's Club

    OVO (Paleo) > Ronsas (Pure Zoo) 2-1
  3. Round 8: ALL THE OUTS vs The Gentleman's Club

    OVO (Draco Zoo) > Ronsas (Pure Zoo) 2-0
  4. Week 7 The Gentleman's Club vs. Detox

    OVO (Pure Zoo) > Oh_The_Irony (Pure Zoo), 2-0. GGs

    Won vs Tristan in Current (Paleo v. Zoo)

    Lost 2-1 to Tristan in Current (zoo mirror) Won 2-1 against Laza in Current (Paleo v. Zoo)
  7. Week 2 - The Gentleman's Club vs. Mostly Harmless

    Wiz Khalifta aka OVO (True Draco) > Kiritosinon (True King Dino) 2-1 Ggs
  8. DuelistGroundz username: Wiz Khalifta Discord username: OVO Formats: Only current Expected level of activity: 3-5 Nights a week Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): none (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: I play a lot
  9. Current only. Wiz Khalifta/OVO
  10. "DN is back"

    EDIT: Took bait hard. going through withdrawals. Fake. Digbick: dis shit is fake, dont fall for this.
  11. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Fair. I just feel like outside of the chance of opening eccentrick + Combination to invest into another scale (not saying it's not probable) when you already have stuff like 2-3 Decision, 3 Desires, etc. I just feel as though Combination's benefits diminish in regards to a cost vs. benefit scenario. Drawing combination just makes me feel terrible, and outside of hard drawing combination + eccentrick/some way to pop it like mst, it takes an extra turn to set up. Outside of that scenario, it becomes a t1 blank. At least with something like counter, you are able to activate it on their turn to prevent yourself from dying and rack up advantage by gaining scales the following turn.
  12. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I understand that, but you also have to go second for that to be somewhat feasible. I just think there are 4 better cards you can play to fill in where the Speedroids might have some synergy. If going first, it makes it worse because it makes it so you have to make a subpar rank 3 to pop a combination to essentially get a scale when you have many cards that do that standalone (painful). So in order to play something like combination you restrict yourself to 1 slot that's very subpar and the worst card in your deck to draw and have to play even more meh cards to tutor it. We've already agreed that there's some number between 30-33 cards that are staple within this deck, and the best route is t figure what cards best fill the void to accomplish what we want the deck to do. Something I want to bring up is that every time I want to try new teched out things within the deck, due to the lack of free space I end up just building a very standardized metalfoe deck that is maybe 4-6 cards off of Furman's list.
  13. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    Combination is essentially just an inferior counter because although you still will have trouble opening the correct scales a small percentage of the time, things like desires, painful, etc. will essentially get you the same result without having to play a subpar card like combination. Then you can just play a good standalone card like eccentrick is and use it as a backrow clearer rather than questioning whether or not to get a completed scale or potentially pop an unknown. You could then say that if you wanted to play combination, you could play cards like terrortop that also flow well with combination, but I've come to the realization that until everyone starts maining anti-spell again, terror top becomes subpar because that's essentially all it can do other than maybe baiting a strike. The worst feeling sometimes is just opening terrortop and gofu in your opening hand, and gofu is arguably the best card in your dek
  14. Metalfoes - Deck Discussion

    I ended up 11th at the UDS after losing to Kozmo Demise after a kozmotown into demise into the absolute nuts happened. Mained Jowgen. Played Terrortop. 1 Counter/1 Combination. In the future I'm probably going to bump up counter to multiples and not sure what I'm going to do about combination, but after seeing and playing Furman's list, the pure foes list is just super solid and is similar to what Blacklisted said in that our win condition (if we don't auto-flood the opponent) is that we just outshine our opponent in the grind game since they can almost never kill us. Then we just pendulum out everything and overwhelm the opponent. I think this deck is complicated to play after playing with it for the past week, but I also think that this deck is the best deck pre and post INOV.