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  1. Also it's probably just the best way you could prepare for January. We don't know what surprises konami will throw up by definition, so it boils down to 'what else can I do to be ahead?'
  2. well done lad   Most of these are impossible to guess tho
  3. 2. Vertigo 3. Taxi Driver   It's an older film :^)
  4. Anti Magic Arrows

    I think he's saying it means you get an uninterrupted bp and mp2, but it's well designed cos that bp will be the result of an unprotected mp1 and so you still have to extend conservatively to begin with
  5. I think one difference between some mirrors is sort how in chess you either have sharp, tactical games, or you have more strategic games.   In a sharp game, making ANY mistake usually results in a loss, and there are often specific moves/plays/ideas that must be seen in order to win (Like a 10 move checkmate. Chess engines are good at these). These types of game seem to me most similar to mirrors like D ruler, Tele-DaD, combo decks.   In a more strategic game, moves are less clearly defined, and advantage only becomes apparent over many turns, slowly implementing an idea (setting up a series of exchanges to put a knight on a certain square safely). These seem more similar to goats, HAT,  maybe magic?    I suppose my point is most people seem to define hard as the first one where you are punished extremely hard for any mistake, but that's not necessarily harder as often there is a strictly 'best' play to make, whereas the  other often maximises player interaction more.   Just some thoughts 
  6. Shaddoll - Discussion

    Why are you comparing seraphs to lancea as if they're somehow mutually exclusive?
  7. Shaddoll - Discussion

    it's clear he was looking for advice on how to drop to 40. Like "here's my build, the upstart is there to show I clearly want to play 37, what do I cut?"   I'd say maybe beast and squamata/falco but I'm not sure. Also perhaps lancea if nekroz aren't so well-represented as they were previously.
  8. El Shaddoll Anomalilith

    And I guess to add to that I just have no reason/space to add another engine to this, where are you guys fitting in undine and econs?
  9. El Shaddoll Anomalilith

    While I agree with your ideas. I'm finding it quite hard to hit 40 (let alone 37) playing scoldings, equip fusion, seraphs, board wipes, Veiler etc. There's just so many good cards to choose from that all of them feel so essential. I guess the challenge is just not adding more power and just making the thing consistent
  10. Shaddoll - Discussion

    that doesn't mean it's not the best way of building the deck tho. What the ocg had does affect what is good now at all. Maybe I've been playing literally ass players, but I find that a few of them (admittedly before scolding was a thing) would try to push for damage after realising they were playing dolls, then the seraphs popped them and gave draws for the powerful one-of/unsearchables that win us the game. 
  11. Pure Mask Hero

    It actually comes out Wednesday/Thursday/friday I believe, depending on location.
  12. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    Ye this was possibly the biggest swing in thread quality I've seen in a while. On topic, I was going to ask about the lack of mathematician used by Matthew and his reasoning there, as (especially with libic already Mained) it seems like an easy choice to make plays while maintaining advantage (as well as outing djinn from deck).
  13. Nekroz - Discussion

    The biggest problem with that idea is that you can't really use them before they mind crush or the deception has been revealed so to speak. So they basically have to have this and they have to mind crush you before you use any of these.
  14. Dueling Network

    They're all out today warning'd my cir