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  1. Hiya

    Welcome. Read the pinned topics and rules and such and lurk before posting. Enjoy your stay.
  2. next regional/european nationals playmat

    Pretty dank
  3. the ygo subreddit is so bad

    We made a sub whose purpose was to circle jerk with no holds barred. So yeah like the main sub but we didn't have any illusions about what we were doing. (I think illusions is the right word, I'm not really functioning correctly at the moment.)
  4. the ygo subreddit is so bad

    You've been posting there for a while lol
  5. I will tell you how I feel about your posts

    Feeling self-harmful so commenting here!
  6. It got removed for being spam.
  7. Iirc he posted this on the yugireddit, right?
  8. I learned not to be a dumbass. I also learned to not say anything if I didn't have something to contribute. Still working on that one though...
  9. Hi

    Welcome to DGz, we support each other and stuff!
  10. the ygo subreddit is so bad

    What was your username?
  11. if you click on this topic you must post

    Ap chem homework is boring. I also slipped on some ice today; :(. The struggle is real.
  12. Hello DGZ

    You got downvoted because you don't know what satire is. Welcome to DGz, lurk, don't post stupid shit.
  13. Post Pics of your Mat

    Idk why this is selling for so much.  Shit has a bunch of teletubbies in thongs all over the damn thing. I think it's because of an inverse relationship between how good a deck is and how attached the owner is to the deck. I remember when I was trying to build Gadgets and I was dead-set on trying to acquire the old Hobby League Gadget mat. It wasn't a good deck but I just *needed* that mat. That's the case here; the "my t4 Ojamas are my fave!!!!11" people all creamed their pants over their little deck finally having its own playmat.
  14. if you click on this topic you must post

    I have a bad cold and it sucks. :(