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  1. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    I know. The game is crazy. I say the same.
  2. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    My lunch is over so I can't post any more today. Good luck.
  3. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    It can be fair that he'd think it but it doesn't make it right so please stand up for yourself. Also, him reading chev as town isn't justifiable and u know it so plz try harder to stay alive.
  4. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    PSK, I'm not going to grace your reply with an argument because that post was weak a fuck. There's been no responsibility removal on my end, either, lol. Ive owned the chev vote since I cast it. Please stop trying to keep a paper thin case stuck together with duct tape. Your confirmation bias this game reminds me of Zapp's tunnel on malcolm a few games ago.
  5. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    I think you shouldn't go for this today.
  6. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    I echo you on this completely.
  7. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    This is fencesitting on par with what walla did last game, fwiw.
  8. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Oh my fucking god, please stop. You're triggering my biggest mafia pet peeve. I've been consistent and I'll walk you through it. You've, at this point, stopped reading my posts in earnest and are now analyzing them having already come to the conclusion that I'm scum. This is poor reading, which is either scum motivated or poor play. There's been no backpedaling. Nothing has fallen through. 1) He's an acceptable loss in conjunction with his bad day. The primary motivatir for the vote is to save nelrick. This doesn't mean his day doesn't suck. I obviously think he has a better chance of being scum than others like solst/walla that people are ready to vote. I can see no convincing town motivation behind any post and his reading has been, imo, quite poor. Thus he's scum or I dont really care if he dies. Nelrick is much better alive than he is in any case. 2) Wagon info is not a thing? Why? For someone who's so obsessed with finding Malcolm's alignment I'm surprised you think the flip wouldn't be beneficial for you. 3) You imply me bringing up wagon info = me setting up follow up plays for d2. Scum does not even have to set up for d2, first of all, due to a large quantity of players alive. Second, I haven't outed anything that is relevant to his flip yet. The most Ive said is that is could help you with malcolm because you're clearly so fascinated with busting him. If I were setting up I'd have said "x flip makes y scum." You seem to extremely hung up on my intentions, since this is the third thing you've projected on to me that has nothing to do with any content I've posted at all. This is an extremely aggressive chainsaw away from chev's lynch for someone who does not have a read on him at all. You're being illogical. Now shut the fuck up. If you're town. I'm not speaking with you again on this.
  9. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Havent played with jc as town but im going to reread with this in mind tonight
  10. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    It's about counter wagoning off nelrick first and chev being scum second. Chev is a much more acceptable loss than nelrick and if he's town we have a lot of wagon information anyway.
  11. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    Also, fwiw, Markus is coaching chev and I don't see an ounce of Markus' town game in him.
  12. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    I'm dodging nothing about Malcolm. I've never outed a read on him day 1. I don't plan on doing it. He's good enough to remain null every d1 while still pushing an agenda. That's your answer. Chev's flip would illuminate a lot about him if you're curious. I don't find anything redeeming about chev's day at all. Solstice and walla have posts that I believe are at least defensible, even though Solstice's townread on me strikes me as queer. Simply b/c there's a nelrick wagon, which I vehemently disagree with right now, and a chev wagon, who I don't find towny at all compared to others that are being talked about today. I'd quote train if I were at home. I don't know how busy it will be or if I can change my vote at the deadline. Make sense? I don't get why you're so opposed to the chev lynch.
  13. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    OK, I feel like you're misrepresenting me. And gish galloping. I haven't dodged a single question you've asked me. I'm at work and I'm on a time crunch so I'm not going to elaborate much. Why'd I vote chev? To protect Nelrick, of course. Said it in the post. Not sure why you're pinning intentions on me. I think the lynch has a decent chance of flipping scum due to his god awful day as oposed to Nelrick.
  14. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    You didnt do this in the post. You said "I am wary of the chev wagon because x voted for him." You're assuming Im attacking you for things i aint. Calm down. You look really CFTWR right now.
  15. Cat Mafia - Night 1 - The Knight of Salt

    If you have no reason to townread him I dont get why youd chainsaw him like that. Also, I never outed a reason for my vote, lol. Are you a mind reader? That isn't even why I did it. Now you are, for aome reason, misrepresenting votes on chev. Can you see how this is chainsawing?