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  1. and i'm not kidding either jazz has pissed me off sooooooo much i'm not playing, outing another read, posting another word, unless he is dead kill me if you have a problem with that unvote vote jazz just to be sure
  2. yes, please kill me attn town: i am a dead slot, a floater, a nobody, until me or jazz is dead, by lynch or night kill goodnight
  3. yeah get fucked i'm going to place my vote on you every day until one of us is dead
  4. i didn't ask you to have perfect info i asked you to stop hedging like an uber mega pussy and say whether you think i am town or scum in a binary manner it's fucking annoying
  5. i disagree
  6. stop saying possibly yes you are hedging you have argued with me for an hour you posted a case that you thought "decimated me" yet i'm "possibly" scum and you "can't read me at all"? What the fuck is this bullshit? you say yes or no i'm not pushing anyone else until you stop being a fucking pussy and "policy lynching" me while saying i am "possibly" scum so you can have deniability later meta =/= "ogi" it's perfectly fine to do that
  7. yes or no?
  8. probably the former though
  9. god, cringe, i verbally pushed all four of those people and actively garnered interest towards them you're either lying about past games that everyone can go and read right now or your confirmation bias is so bad that you're rewriting history in your own head
  10. OK. Do you think I'm scum?
  11. lol, maybe from d3-d4 onwards. that isn't exactly 99% of the game. i pushed on slick, markus, crei, malcolm.
  12. like i said, your push on me is extremely fucking weird. why don't you just come out and say that you scumread me? it looks like you're just setting up for a town flip by saying "he deserved this as either alignment", because i'm pretty sure every decent player knows that policy lynching is fucking stupid
  13. you can't read me so you want to kill me? and you expect me to believe that you're town?
  14. i'm just saying why i thought nelrick's push on bb made sense from his POV maybe he didn't understand that tyranno was claiming a post restriction
  15. ebwop: no scumreads whasoever*