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  1. you'd think they'd spring at the chance to kill me though
  2. so lets get nelrick or tyranno today i'm more in love with lynching tyranno because nelrick took me off of l-1
  3. yeah that makes sense to me
  4. it'd have been really easy for, say, francis to hammer me and say that it was because he thought my role seemed too powerful to be town if he was maf there
  5. 9 minutes without a hammer on that makes me feel like both vote possible scum were on the wagon already is this a retarded idea or not?
  6. looks like 9 minutes to me
  7. @Sophocles how many minutes between me being put to l-1 and nelrick unvoting
  8. last say on this role business. i want to move on im not blaming you but i just wish that you said soph and crei were on you sooner lol
  9. yeah i chose winter n2 i'm starting to wish i never claimed at all jesus christ
  10. yep im just saying "kill" seems like an action to me it doesn't say anything specific about being unable to deflect a kill
  11. winter has soph and crei on him last night so it's most likely scum tried to kill winter ergo the shot has to be from vig?
  12. okay. maybe i misinterpreted the role. i'm not sure. to me, killing is a factional night action, so i just assumed i would kill someone else if i got knocked off
  13. i guess this makes you town
  14. Each night, you may target one other player that you haven't targeted before and redirect all night actions that would target you onto that player.
  15. thinking i had 4 votes on me i was l-1 from hammer nobody took it that either means scum wasn't reading the thread/couldnt post fast enough to hammer me or both alive scum were already on the wagon