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  1. If nobody has one I'd be willing to do it
  2. Anyone got a card pool file for every card available in Goats?
  3. Yeah goats only til August when links come out
  4. dgz un: 2k** Discord: 2k** Format: goat, will learn current eventually. prob August Activity: I'm home a very decent amount Creds:
  5. turn 1 duo can be hard to come back from, but i don't understand why people are complaining about pot and graceful
  6. dick treadwell
  7. oh was LLAB semi limited? my bad. lmao. I thought duelingbook would stop me from running too many of something so I didn't even check. SORL can easily replace 1 thanks for the suggestions. I'll try them out next time I come on. I was on the fence about a few of the cards so that may play better. do you think torrential is fine in that slot?
  8. i think you have access to this because you're a mod or i'm just locked from doing it, i don't have a button to click for it:
  9. i played around with these but they were kind of unnecessary. i'm not having trouble closing out games at all when i play with this thing, it's just an early scrap for game control really. i'd rather have something that helps with the situation than those things that do nothing but clock - LLAB also draws removal while cock blocking monsters and stealth bird does the burn thing but it also defends against everything that can attack under LLAB, for instance, and you can search it with sangan and just go (recycles with COTH too). but I have never seen the need for WMC, the longer the game goes on the more inevitability i seem to get also, is pacman really that gay? i don't think it's that powerful or annoying...
  10. throwback to 2 years ago!! is there a way to update/change your name on this new software? i can't find it at all
  11. yea sure
  12. [yt]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCg1-aaNIcA[/yt]
  13. Monsters [17]: *** Des Lacooda *** Thunder Dragon *** Swarm of Scarabs ** Stealth Bird * Morphing Jar * Sangan * Sinister Serpent * Spirit Reaper * Swarm of Locusts * Tribe-Infecting Virus Spells [12]: *** Book of Moon *** Level Limit - Area B ** Upstart Goblin * Graceful Charity * Pot of Greed * Mystical Space Typhoon * Snatch Steal Traps [11]: *** Raigeki Break *** Solemn Judgment * Call of the Haunted * Mirror Force * Ring of Destruction * Spell Shield Type-8 * Torrential Tribute i'm looking for some feedback on this deck i've been working on for the past couple of days; i'm not the best deckbuilder or player so if you feel like giving some suggestions i'm open to all of them. some explanations below: 3x Des Lacooda, 3x Swarm of Scarabs, 3x Level Limit - Area B main w/c of the deck, i wanted to make something control-oriented like Mask of Tsuky but i didn't want to rely on flipping things up and down with tsukuyomi and getting blown out by torrential. i also think that Swarm of Scarabs is better than a lot of flip cards for putting pressure on the opponent and making the field hard to break. LLAB is hard for aggressive decks to handle and draws most s/t destruction 3x Thunder Dragon, 2x Upstart Goblin, 1x Pot of Greed, 1x Graceful Charity self-explanatory, thin the deck for powerful cards like lacooda and solemn while giving discard food for raigeki break at the same time. i'm not convinced that Thunder Dragon is completely necessary but it's one of my favorite cards and it seemed good 3x Book of Moon, 3x Solemn Judgment, 3x Raigeki Break. great versatile protection for a variety of situations. BoM helps a lot against stuff like TER and combos great with Swarm of Scarabs' effect. Raigeki Break can be used on fresh backrow or set monsters in addition to protecting your flip floppers. Solemn is self-explanatory, stops blowouts from power cards that punish backrow heavy decks, and negates anything you want No Delinquent Duo? it was in here, but it was constantly dead lategame, didn't give me gas, and just sucked in general because it doesn't contribute to the main goal of the deck. this is one of the cuts i made that i'm definitely not going to add back to the deck. i generally think skipping out on any part of the trinity is pretty stupid, but playtesting doesn't lie. i'd rather dig for things like solemn and raigeki break that answer specific cards than discard random cards with Duo. Sangan, 2x Stealth Bird, Swarm of Locusts, Spirit Reaper sangan can grab these and they're good in specific situations. stealth bird can clock if you can't break through a monster or scapegoats, locusts is good for a full-field grind game, spirit reaper can turtle and draw backrow out by threatening to discard Tribe-Infecting Virus just something proactive that i can use to deal with chaos monsters that sit on their ass and banish shit, OK synergy with sinister, thunder dragon, and end phase call of the haunted. considering replacing it, but it's been OK so far Call of the Haunted end phase Call is gas as fuck, super useful for pulling out situations where you have nothing on the field by letting you flip flop instantly Torrential Tribute not sure if this card is worth including. it's been super weak, but it can help you stabilize off of a crappy opening. the way i see it, if using torrential is bad because you have a lot of monsters of the field, you're usually in a commanding position, so it isn't that terrible. Side Deck haven't finished it yet, considering gk's spy, kycoo, dancing fairy, stuff like that let me know some opinions on the deck, thanks for reading
  14. for turbo decks you instantly pull 3 cards out of your deck when you draw it which increases your odds to draw gas that's going to speed you up in the long run, the main allure to it is thinning the deck and the interactions with various power cards is a plus that just makes it super good. free lights too. card destruction on thunder dragons + sinister or assailant is just bonkers for slower decks, stabilization is pretty easy in this format so if i see thunder dragon i'm almost always going to have a positive use for it in the duel. if they have a great zoo start or open airknight or bls and i'm sitting there dead, it sucks to have it, yeah. i don't play raigeki break in chaos turbo or chaos control for the reasons you mentioned, i find it awkward a lot of the time, i definitely only play it in super control decks where you have to protect one card to win or stop prems/calls on powerful monsters at all costs. i don't think raigeki break is a staple next to thunder dragon at all
  15. guilty of this in every game