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Found 2 results

  1. Feeling Shitty

    I know this has probably been overdone a lot, but this week has been really hard and writing about this is kind of cooling the edge. I was fine last week up until Friday where I felt a weird feeling in my lower right jaw. I looked in the mirror and before you know it, I see my wisdom tooth creeping out in the corner. I instantly start stressing pretty hard since this is such a busy time (work, uni, and internship) and my head starts feeling weird (I'm guessing its due to because wisdom tooth creeping out, and stress and anxiety just made it worse. It's not really pain but just weirdness, I felt like I was having an out of body experience and kind of like drunk but I'm able to walk fine, and talk normally). So I rough it out Saturday and Sunday and I already had an appointment scheduled at the school health clinic on Monday for sinuses. So I go there, and the lady prescribed me an inhaler and a steroid nasal spray. I also called the dentist and have an appointment this upcoming Tuesday. I go home, and before I go to sleep I use the nasal spray and holy shit it made me feel pretty damn high. I slept pretty ok that night but I felt really on edge the next day and my anxiety has drastically increased. Moving around and talking to people helped so I went through the school day pretty fine, just worried about the shitty feeling in my head. Then I was feeling really good before bed so I decide to use the nasal spray again and I just lost it that night. My mind wouldnt stop running I was super anxious about what was going on with me, everything felt watery and I was breaking sweats everywhere. The whole next day at school I was on edge all day, I was feeling really unfocused and kind of dizzy, the feeling in my head didn't help, so I went back to the health clinic to see whats up. The lady that attended me on Monday told me stop using the nasal spray since I probably had a terrible reaction to it and gave me a neti pot. She also recommended I talk to a school therapist the next day. I go home, did some yoga and drank some sleepytime tea to kind of help relax me before bed, and it worked but I had to be up early tomorrow so I probably didn't get the sleep I wanted. So we get to yesterday where I was pretty ok all day up until night time where I felt my body sort of went into some shock-like mode (probably because adrenaline and anxiety has been in my system all week and its finally cooling down, but I'm not sure). So I worried about getting anxious which in hindsight is counterproductive since it made me anxious. I sleep for 5 hours and wake up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. There are moments where I feel ok but the uneasiness creeps back up. Its mainly when I'm still and not moving around, I noticed that walking to the bus stop I felt ok and just walking outside and talking to people make me feel better. So I'm kind of worried about going home and just tripping out hard because of my anxiety. The pressure in my head (not really pain, but my forehead and top of my head feel weird and kind of tight) isn't helping and I'm almost sure that is what has got me really anxious. Does anyone know any good "calming down" techniques or has experience anything similar to what I'm feeling right now? I won't be able to see a dentist until Tuesday, and I'm sure my sinuses kind flared harder with the nasal spray and is making me feel bad, on top of the anxiety. Thanks to anyone in advance.
  2. Don't know where to post it but since it's about health might just post it here. You can read more about this in here. [url="http://lifestyle.inquirer.net/61213/good-genes-for-beauty-more-its-gene-expression"]http://lifestyle.inq...gene-expression[/url] You can also view this for more information and testimonials. [url="http://www.viewdocsonline.com/document/2qwbct"]http://www.viewdocso...document/2qwbct[/url] If you got interested, you can pm here.