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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so, Patrick Hoban actually took first, but in a lot of ways, this tournament was a first for me. It was my first WCQ ever, it was the first event where I truly felt like I was really that far ahead of the competition, and it was an event in which I took first place in swiss after going [spoiler]undefeated.[/spoiler]   If nothing else, the people I was talking to in testing for this event inspired me with confidence to the point where I felt like I could not do badly this weekend. So I went into the event brimming with boldness and high hopes for doing well. Everyone around me was really curious as to how I was so confident, but I just was, I can't explain it.   So, on that note, before I begin my report, in no particular order, I would like to extend my thanks to the following people:   Alex Juneja, (A Loli) for basically buying my hotel/flight accommodations and piloting my build with me, and being an excellent friend, roomm8, and testing partner. And cat shirts. Fucking cat shirts. Tony Russell, for inspiring me to be the Best In The World. Jeremy Thibeau, for being one of the best teammates a guy could ask for, and one of the many who gave me the confidence to keep going each and every round without fail. Gilles Gibeualt, for lending me his spellgrounds mat, and later giving it to me as a gift for my performance. All the cards he has lent and is lending me, and again, for being such a friendly and excellent teammate, pushing me to be my best. Brady Brink, for being #1 team mom. Brady, I truly love you c: I'd like to think when you hugged me you had chosen me as your new favorite of the bunch heheheh. But if it weren't for you, I would've never joined Starless which drastically shot up my level of play and was necessary to get to where I am. I enjoyed meeting everyone from the Brady Bunch and I love all of you. Scott Pulera, Chris Hentz, Jon Weigle, John Hubbard, Mike Steinman, Chancy Wigglestove, Brandon Ball, Luke Feeney, Marcus Wheeler, even Jamie, and Tedmund (yes, even Envious) Richard Clarke, for being infinitely supportive of the coming of the Rapture, to the point where he used a favor with a judge to get me a feature in my very last match of the tournament, even though that shit got frayed by my opponent not being able to wait to play up at the feature table due to the possibility of him missing his flight (fuck) and for his gift of Scapegoat poker chips. Patrick Hoban, for being the deserving player of his Nationals win, and for being super friendly with me, and for taking the win not for DGz, but for himself, which he absolutely truly deserved. Wouldn't have minded the championship myself, but I do congratulate you, Patrick. Best of luck at worlds. Jono Ritzau, for being Jono. 'go jono' Shane, for being a bro and betting on me for cash matches hehe BJ Wilson, for showing me this deck initially, and just being a really cool friend. ygo dueling boden because 'ok' Josh Graham, for being really fucking annoying wanting to test all the time and forcing me to practice like crazy for this event as well as just being a good mentor. Christian Centeno, for being the first person I truly thought of as a reason to aspire to get better at the game back when I was just starting out. Absolutely everyone I met from DGz, as well as those I didn't meet, for being super cool, giving me tylenol, and for lending me your energy to power up the ultimate Spirit Bomb to destroy ygo. All of my opponents. Fortunately, every single one of my opponents that I played throughout all 11 rounds of swiss were super nice, never sharked me on a thing, knew all their rulings, and were extremely courteous. I think across all my matches all weekend, I called a judge for a ruling one time, and that was because I was unaware Spellbook of the Crescent didn't reveal the card it added randomly. Truly, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend in terms of sportsmanship.   On to the report, however. A short list of what happened in the interim of the rounds I play in: -Unfortunately, just about everyone from the Brady Bunch gets cheesed out of the rounds early on, and End of the Line is pushed to the line by like round 4/5 at x-2, so they had to play with the pressure of the bubble. A number of them played in side events and saw success in those. Jeremy took a Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon defeating Jeff Jones and Billy Brake in Attack of the Giant Card, and Garon Williams won a Win-A-Mat with a 60-card deck that his friend paid for his nats vacation to pilot (LOL) -Alex buys an authentic spellgrounds only to find out that it has a noticeable brown stain on it, which Gilles refers to as the 'poop mat'. Alex experiences immense buyer's remorse. -Gilles asks Julien Lafon if he had any foreign Maestrokes tehe -Brady shows me this sexy fucking penguin mood ring that told us he was 'happy' at a yugioh convention. 'oh' -Alex manages to sell the cursed poop mat for $250 to someone who believed it was Billy Brake's mat previously ROFL -Our limo driver informs us that Essex means 'making sex to the ass' -painkillers -bathroom trips -painkillers -snacking -painkillers -Shane gets cheated by some faggot in a match where he goes for game with Blaster + Draco + Tidal, and the guy lies and convinced the Judge + Head Judge that the Blaster was summoned visa vi Burner and not by its own effect :|... -holy shit I was sore, more painkillers? -Tony holds up his CM Punk "Best in the World" shirt behind me when I play in my top cut. -Alex plays heroes with no miracle fusion at a side event and beats someone with it. -Alex and Tony get a picture of a dude with fake tits 'okay'   AND NOW   THE EXCITING YUGIOH DUEL MATCH GAMES   R1: Aaron Riker vs Evilswarm Dice Roll: Win G1: I open rather nicely but he has Maxx, so I give him a +1 to Rejuvenate for 4, and pass. He sets three and passes. I Storm, force Judgment, and then Blaster a Compulsory. I play into a Maxx again, and make a Draco only to get it TT'd, but since he's at 4k, I summon Redox and Tidal for game. He scoops. G2: I figured it was either Swarm or just Books with mained Maxxes. The latter seemed less likely, so I sided just blockers and Typhoons. He summons a Rabbit and makes an Ophion, setting 3. I Sarc a Redox, Card Destruction + Rejuv, and draw into my outs next turn. La Tormenta Fuerte gets it in next turn after I take menial damage, and Blaster does its thing.   1-0   R2: Aaron Riker vs Herald of Perfection Agent Dice Roll: Win G1: I go for a Lightning > Tempest play and he maxxes. I have a veiler and just decide to freeze. He summons Venus (hah) and makes a Gachi and passes back, giving my tempest back. I think he Maxxes again, but can't get past Tempest's meager 2200 defense (lol) and I just pass back until I can make a Big Eye that gets heralded, and another that doesn't. He summons a Hyperion and I Veiler and he scoops it up. G2: He opens Rescue Rabbit into Lavalval Chain, dumping Advanced Ritual Art and then plays Preparation of Rites, giving him a t1 Herald which I can't pass. The only time this entire weekend I missed Red Dragon Archfiend ( : ( ) I basically play baby beat as long as I can without making any real plays until he otks me with Reborn + a vanilla + Herald + electric virus for like 7000. Grody. G3: I open double dracossack backed by a veiler, and Electric Virus just doesn't really get him there. He just plays defensively, and Draco punishes him pretty quickly.   2-0   R3: Aaron Riker vs Chain Burn Dice Roll: Loss I haven't played really anything truly real yet, Evilswarm being the closest thing to it, but it's whatever. Even at nats, I guess the variation with rogue is pretty huge. G1: He sets 2 and passes, and I Storm, intending to otk, but he flips Jar of Greed and Threatening Roar, so I'm like 'oh'. I make Scrap and Draco and continue popping things for the entire game for free essentially, but he keeps chaining most of it, getting me down to 700 LP with him still at 8000. I know he has a Scarecrow and he gets under Reckless multiple times throughout the duel, so he's forced to topdeck the burn card for game. Trying to play around Just Desserts, I make a Dracossack in defense, tributing both my Scrap and my previous Draco to summon Redox and summoning Blaster, intending to never make tokens with it. He sets one, passes, I shoot Sack off immediately, with 2 Secret Barrel gone, and basically that and and Chain Strike being the only things that can just outright kill me, and it's Desserts. I Card Destruction his single Scarecrow away and he draws a trap so he scoops. G2: Eradicated. Devastated. Crushed.   3-0   R4: Aaron Riker vs Tinplate Gadget Dice Roll: Loss Still nothing 'real' yet, lol. Have to give this guy credit, he was brimming with courtesy. Absolutely one of the nicest opponents I met all weekend. Even when he lost, he had a smile on his face and congratulated me, and that's just a little thing that I appreciate a whole lot. G1: I don't remember all -too- much about this game, but all I see is an Offering when I Draco it, so I flop between it being Madolche and Gadget. I boarded out my Maxxes when I won and just boarded in Typhoons. G2: He goes Red Gadget, I Veiler, he Kagetokages on summon, and makes King Feral, searching another one. I open kind of poor, and he searches a second on his turn. He Shock Master's me, hits me for 4600, I hole, and he re-establishes with a Kycoo almost immediately. I can't do all too much, so I scoop it up. G3: I Deck Devastate pretty early, hitting a lone gadget, but I get a ton of information (Emptiness, Gearframe, Fortress, Compulse, and Torrential) I veiler Gearframe, he hits for 1800. I play into Vanity's and Blaster something else, leaving him with just the compulsory, and set Book and Pass, feeling pretty safe. He tops Reborn to get back his Gadget, normals the 2nd one, and searches the third. He makes Shock Master, and I book on summon. He drops his hand to make Fortress, and hits me for 2500. I 141 Storm Compulse, empty my hand to Big Eye his Fortress, and synch it with a Veiler for Scrap Dragon. He draws Kagetokage, loses it to DDV, and concedes.   4-0   R5: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Win G1: I think I recall Rejuvenating for a bunch here and getting pretty far ahead. His Spellbook nuts are pretty strong, but Card Destruction ravages him a few turns later, trading his nuts hand for a hand of a bunch of dead cards and 2 Upstarts, which net him 2 Crescents. lol G2: He Solemns my Eradicator, but I just continue banishing all my Dragons away just to hit for damage and he's at like <2000 when I drop Blaster + Psi Blocker on him through his Kycoo for game. This guy was Nicky Reardon's older brother, so in a way, I got my revenge for losing to a 13-year-old at YCS Miami by beating his kin. Felt so liberating.   5-0   R6: Aaron Riker vs Constellar BACK TO NOT DRAGONS/BOOKS WE GO G1: He makes a Pleades and I Storm + Book? I don't recall too much, but I savaged pretty hard. G2: He makes a Pleades again and shotguns Vanity's in the Draw Phase, which is weird, but w/e. I lightning vortex his guy, he bounces Emptiness, hit him for a few with my guys. I think he clears my shit with hole, and then sets 2. Again, shotguns Vanity's in the DP, but this time with Iron Wall as well. I look at my set MST and I'm like 'well'. I think I gamed him with a Blaster, a 1200 Paladynamo, and a Reactan. Really odd, honestly.   6-0   R7: Aaron Riker vs Constellar Dice Roll: Loss 2 Constellar? Even weirder. This guy was AJDaBoneless on DMG/DN, who I'd constantly berated online, but once he introduced himself, not knowing who I was, for lack of reading the back of my shirt (this is all after the match, btw) he got pretty mad at me for being such a dick to him so I told him I'd hug it out and promise not to be such a faggot online to him and he forgave me since we actually had a pretty cool match and enjoyed each other's company in person. G1: Storm? that's about all I recall. He beat with Kaus some and that was more or less it. I hate writing about Storm but with the build I ran, I really focused on digging for my best cards as quick as possible, and saw it in about half my matches, honestly. G2: I'm in a weird position where I kill a Mind Drain and he has Sombre floating (and ready to become a Pleades), an actual Pleades, and a TKRO. When I kill Mind Drain and start doing things, I get Maxxed and am at 1050, so ew. Nonetheless, I gun it, and clear his Rai-oh, Big Eye his Pleades after forcing it, and leave him with the Sombre. He makes a Paladynamo, which gets Pleades'd instantly. He sets a new monster, sets 3, and activates Zombie World. I used Storm to kill Mind Drain because I had to, but Rejuvs had given me three MSTs, so that was kind of nice leol.   7-0   R8: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss G1: He plays around Droll well and has a pretty good hand. I have hole but no real push, so I decide to hold it, which backfires on me when he just gets Wisdom the next turn. I don't really do all too much and he wins out. G2: Eradicator steals the game in about 5 minutes. G3: I clear everything he has with Secrets Eternity and Tower in his hand, and I set DNA Surgery, which I shotgun in the Draw Phase, and he rips MST for. However, he didn't have enough shit to do with those 3 cards and lost out in the advantage race and conceded.   8-0   So the round ended for the day, and I was undefeated, Jeremy, Gilles, BJ, and most of their hotel group had dropped, and Alex was at X-2-1, having lost to scrub winston who went Monk > Monk > Kycoo into Shock against him. Alex day 2s but loses out R9/10 I believe to a retard running 3 Priestess, Gold Sarc, and Herald of Green/Purple Light in his sideboard (well ok)   R9: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss How have I not played a mirror yet? Is this Miami again? G1: I actually don't remember a ton about this game, but I recall not being able to deal the last bit of damage I needed to do to cinch it, and he wins. G2: He has Tower and I have Eradicator, and he acknowledges it, but admits he can't play around Eradicator, so he attempts to activate Tower, and hopes it's a bluff. It's not, and he scoops. G3: Storm + Vortex + Reactan clears everything he has, leaving him with a meager amount of cards left to play with, and I just play baby beat and take it. He was siding Imperial Iron Wall, which is a thing in the OCG iirc but it never really presented me with much of an issue.   9-0   R10: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Win MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL G1: I think I just Rejuvenate for some here and get ahead and he doesn't really catch up. G2: I Deck Devastate him and Crimson Blader free of fear, and lock it up next turn, despite him clearing Blader with Blaster+Blaster. He sarcs a Scarecrow so he can get protection once DDV is in order, but he never gets to see it hehehe   10-0   R11: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Loss G1: He opens kind of funky, and goes for Burner into Blaster, Rejuv for 2, pass. I open a hand where it's like I can't really do anything other than punch for game, so he maxxes, and I make Colossal, Blaster, and Tidal. I don't get fucked by a Scarecrow and we move to G2. G2: I think I get DDV'd and lose out. G3: He locks me with Vanity's rather early, as well as TRA, and beats me down, and I feed him LP by setting babies, which is gay. Eventually I draw the Blaster that I need, and I make Big Eye after bringing him to 7200. My life is only 5300, with my 2 sets, Book and DDV. I hold them for as long as I can; at some point he thinks they're both bluffs as he makes Crimson and swings, which I respond to with DDV + Book on his Crimson, leaving me with 2600 and him with nothing really relevant. He rejuvs for some, but doesn't draw into anything that can save him due to Virus. I Blader him myself next turn, clearing his whole board, then just game him next turn.     11-0   They announce the Swiss standings with me in 1st place, so I get to shout 'THE RAPTURE IS COMING' when they yell my name and the crowd applauds me. I'm on the top of my fucking game right now, and I have 0 intention of stopping here. We finally go to the top cut, and I'm looking forward to going as hard as I can.   T64: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks (Jard; tsgreen) He introduces myself and all my teammates are heckling him saying like "REVENGE FOR TOC" and shit but I try not to give him any shit as he seems pressured, lol. He has no confidence in playing me and I tell him he absolutely should, as he's made it this far; even 64th is still something. Dice Roll: Loss G1: He gets the Spellbook stuff goin' and I get the Dragon stuff going. Card Destruction gets me limited cards and that's pretty sick. G2: He gets the book stuff going pretty well, locking me with Mind + Difi, but Card Destruction is once again a true nigga, and gives me some sick pulls, I double rejuvenate for 2 apiece, and lock him with Surgery (plus he has 2 difi drain and star hall, so he's clogging his backfield a bit) He Jdays for 1 and loses all his blue boys to difi and I just beat with reactan and stream for a while for 7000. Sorry Card Destruction was a card, Jard, but you did play well, and I appreciated meeting you.   12-0   T32: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Rulers I may be getting these two games mixed up, all I perfectly recall is that it was 2-0. Dice Roll: Win G1: I start pretty far ahead with a Rejuvenation, and have hand traps aplenty. Doesn't last too long. G2: He has Gaios and hits me for a lot, bringing me to 1800, and attempts to game me through Maxx, but some crucial veilers keep me in there. He has a Scrap that becomes immensely useful. I pop my Scrap and his Gaios, which he Veilers, but I have the book. I then steal his Scrap with Big Eye, use it to pop Eye + his last guy, and I put over 10k on the board.   13-0   T16: Aaron Riker vs Dragon Rulers Dice Roll: Loss G1: I go for a game shot and get scarecrow'd, which is saddening, but I grind it out for a while, rejuvenating several times, but I pop a bluff Card Des early so I don't really fear decking out. Eventually, he has just a sack on the board after I hole, then I get everything out of my hand, Card Des his 6 card hand away with 9 in his deck, and he loses 2 veiler with 1 in grave. I make a Blader with a Redox'd Veiler and a Tempest and win out after I resolve it. G2: Colossal + Vanity just goes really hard for a looooong while, to the point where he's at 800. He eventually Blasters my Colossal, but goes for Blader with my stream on board, and I veiler, and game him next turn.   14-0   ONE   MORE   FUCKING   WIN   T8: Aaron Riker vs Spellbooks Dice Roll: Loss G1: I tell him 'I'm thinking' about after every search. He reads that I really don't have Droll, but does decide to go for a Jday for 3 that plays around Droll with Hall/Tower/Fate. I Card Destruction 5 dragons away, and double rejuv off my draws, and end up having storm and other shit to really establish my shit. I storm, he starlight roads. :|   :|   :|   :|   I was on tilt, but I knew it wasn't that far out there, but I get blown out even though he can't get the SDD out due to Jowgen. G2: I Tempest ditch Blocker and search Blaster, Redox my Blocker back, call Magician, and set typhoon. He has Kycoo (:/) and kills my blocker. I big eye his kycoo next turn but I don't have the eradicator to really get in there, and end up getting my field blown to shit by Priestess and a 2nd Kycoo (ugh) I Blaster away Jowgen, clear Kycoo with a Tidal, Dracossack his Priestess while he has Secrets, Hall, Hall, Life in hand, Tower on field, no backs, and no monsters. I have Surgery active, and he draws Storm off Tower. I was super super upset, but it's whatever. He had life for priestess anyway, and I probably was losing honestly with no shit in hand, but storm allows him to kill that turn as I'm at about 4600 life.   14-1   So I'm informed I still have a shot at worlds, I just have to win out in my loser's bracket, which has 4 Dragons in it, with the top 4 being 2 Books and 2 Dragons. Rich Clarke (Draigun) talks to me and asks a judge a favor and gets me a feature basically pushing the appeal of a "player who went undefeated in swiss, and just suffered his first loss in top 8, and is now on the bubble for the world's qualifier". The judge totally goes for it, and Rich tells me that I got the feature and I'm fucking ecstatic because I've been wanting one for the whole fucking nats, and the feature writer has covered the goddamn Madolche player FIVE FUCKING TIMES and me a grand total of zero, because apparently going undefeated in swiss isn't "unique" or "special" if I'm not running a suboptimal tier 2 pile. Unfortunately, this feature gets fucked because my opponent just so happens to have a flight to catch pretty soon, and we had to wait for the Dragon Duelist ceremony to finish before we could start our feature, so our feature gets canned so we can play during the ceremony. I was super bummed about that, and also on tilt because of road and storm in the respective games of my top 8 match, so I wasn't extremely happy at that moment, losing a lot of the steam that I had built up over the weekend.   Worlds Playoff, Aaron Riker vs Dragon Ruler Dice Roll: Loss G1: He makes a Redox and rejuvs for 2. I open a mediocre hand where I can basically go for it or turtle and lose. I go for it, he has maxx, and I'm able to make Ancient Sacred Wyvern, Tempest, and Tidal, but he has the Veiler and lives with 900. He goes, does a lot of shit to my field, but I Veiler his Big Eye. I top a savage hole and summon Tempest + Reactan to play around Book only to lose to Scarecrow :/   Okay, this is where my confidence just took a deep drop in the shitter. I was one gameloss away from leaving with some mediocre prizes and being a world's alternate, because someone would obviously just pass up the chance to go, right? But I thought to myself and wondered if I had really come that far to just lose right at the very worst possible point. I couldn't. I fucking refused. Fucking no.   G2: My spirits are lifted a little when I get some cheers from my friends across the border, and I open rather nicely. I ditch reactan and stream for Redox, summon Veiler, make Colossal, set DDV, and Rejuvenate for 2. He reads a vanity's, so he tries to play around it. He Reactans, which I allow, and he still thinks it's a Vanity's, so he ditches double Tempest for Burner, at which point I DDV. He loses the Burner and is left with solely a Blaster, which is the only color remaining besides Redox, which he didn't want to summon due to his low dragon count. He summons Blaster and hits me for 2800, and passes. I steal both of them with Big Eyes, cutting his access to colors besides Tempest while he has 0 cards in hand, planning to kill him next turn. He draws a Corsesca and loses it and scoops to g3.   Alright.   Alright.   I can fucking do this.   G3: I can't fucking do this. My hand is Maxx, Rejuv, Rejuv, Vanity's, and Book. What the actual fucking shit. I'm going to lose my shot at worlds because I opened one of the worst hands my deck could give me? That's fucking fair. Nonetheless, NONETHELESS, I decide to see if I can so much as play it out. He goes for Burner > Blaster t1 and Rejuvs for 2 twice, ditching Blaster/Redox in EP. I draw another Vanity. Oh. That's cool. Helpful. I know there's literally only one hope. I have to get him to commit a +1 to Maxx and dig out some live cards before I just die. I set Book + Vanity and pass. Blaster Bounces, and he goes for Reactan, which I can't Maxx or he'll just freeze. I allow it, he makes Scrap, which I'm forced to Book. He thinks for a bit and decides my backrow isn't relevant. He summons Blaster, which I maxx. He Redoxes back another Blaster, and I draw. He has Tidal and Tempest remaining, so he banishes for Tempest to do exactly 8k. I look at my new Blaster + Veiler, and realize if I can top a baby, I can make something out of this. I Vanity the Tempest and eat 5600. I draw.   Burner.   Holy shit. I don't even care that it's not even another color. It's fucking time. I activate Rejuvenation right away to clear Emptiness, Burner into Blaster, make Colossal with Veiler, and kill both Blasters and Scrap. I set Vanity and activate the second Rejuvenation, drawing DDV and Heavy Storm. I am PUMPED as fuck right now. He lightnings, so I chain the new Emptiness. There's 1 Blaster banished and 2 graved. Outside of storm, he's got jack shit. He sets one and passes. I draw, poke for 2800, and set DDV. He draws again, and passes. I storm, chaining DDV to hit his Veiler/Electric Virus, and I put 5200 on board. He offers the handshake. I let out a huge sigh.   I made it.   I fucking made it.   God damn.   I walk across the stage holding a CM Punk shirt in my hands that says "Best in the World" on it, courtesy of the Thunderclap, Papa Tony, and collect all my winnings (free iPad, neat) I sign a lot of things like DDVs and Colossals (lol) and I watch Hoban 2-1 the Spellbook player in the finals. Congrats to Hoban, excellent work, sir.   I sell Shane my autographed t64 playmat with Paladynamo (#theraptureishere #autism(everyone)) for $140 (<3 Shane) Gilles gives me the Spellgrounds mat that I borrowed as a gift for my performance over the weekend and allows me to keep the cards I borrowed for the time being, so I can test for worlds and stuff. I think some guys asked me for a deck profile, but I never found them after they asked me right before my t8 so that isn't happening, though I think Alex may do one with me sometime later. Jeremy and Gilles and BJ and Alex and Tony and EVERYONE wishes me the best and worlds and we all go our separate ways. Love you guys. Seriously.   Last, but certainly not least, a decklist.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlgtoX-3XB8   3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos 3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Cyclones 3 Maxx "C" 3 Effect Veiler 2 Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 2 Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets 2 Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks 2 Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts 1 Dragunity - Corsesca   3 Super Rejuvenation 3 Gold Sarcophagus 3 Sacred Sword of Seven Stars 1 Card Destruction 1 Dark Hole 1 Book of Moon 1 Heavy Storm   3 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack 2 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Mermail Abyssgaios 1 Crimson Blader 1 Colossal Fighter 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Thought Ruler Archfiend 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern 1 Karakuri Shogun mdl "00" Burei 1 Armory Arm   3 Eradicator Epidemic Virus 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 DNA Surgery 2 Psi-Blocker 2 Vanity's Emptiness 1 Swift Scarecrow 1 Deck Devastation Virus 1 Lightning Vortex   Explanations, I guess. I wanted a build that emphasized consistency more than anything. Tech choices like Chalice, Breakthrough, Enemy Controller, Vanity's Emptiness, and Scarecrow mained were omitted because I simply wanted the best game 1 build I could possibly have, and this truly truly got there. Game 2 I saw side cards as much as I wanted. Chalice sucked because everyone was aware and put their sacks in defense as to not get decked out, and breakthrough sucked because holy shit people are far behind. I would play econ or vanity's in a heartbeat, but their relevance in the Prophecy matchup is just non-existent. Scarecrow was something I'd like to have mained 1 of, but there was simply no room, and 41 is bad for quite a myriad of reasons.   3 Sarco 3 Sword 1 Card Destruction was absurd for thinning power. I hit storm so many times it was unreal, and I absolutely loved that ratio. Will probably not go back on it for world's, but I've yet to see what testing yields.   Nothing in the main was really unique. Probably the best card in the deck was Card Destruction. All but one time I resolved it vs Books it flat out decimated them, and the one time I had it g1 vs the mirror was absolutely crucial. Other than that, because the choices were so standard, there's nothing really to say other than consistency is the key.   Eradicator was nuts in the side. I feel like I could've sided 2 and been fine, but it's such a blowout if you're not a retard. Not much needs to be said. Typhoon should absolutely be at 3 in the side, because cheese traps like vanity/iron wall/gozen and difi are real and you need to be able to fuck that shit up. I would absolutely not side 2. Surgery was meh. I was super hyped for it, then ARG went and posted two fucking articles about the card causing it to sell for $10-15 at the venue and the vendors were all sold out of them. Book players were all aware and had Typhoons boarded in every time and it sucked unless it could go uninterrupted. That, and Priestess being a card left me generally unsatisfied. Vanity's was Oppression. Literally fucking insane. Blocker was also insane. I would not cut that card at all. Lightning Vortex was so-so. I had to concede that Wisdom was really huge, but when it got there, it got there. It was also pretty decent vs rogue. Definitely better than Last Day by miles. DDV was the stone cold Steve Austin's. Swift Scarecrow was a card I wish I sided 2 of so I could've seen it more consistently, because gameshots are scary as fuck and Scarecrow is such an excellent punisher.   And with that, I think that's my full report.   Thanks for fostering the player that I am, DGz, and all you've taught me. Wish me the best at world's. : *