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Found 1 result

  1. Previous thread: [url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=140509"]http://duelistground...howtopic=140509[/url]. [b]What system is DGz using to rank players and teams?[/b] We are using the Elo system to rate players and teams. You can read all about it (including how the math works out) here: [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_ratings"]http://en.wikipedia....iki/Elo_ratings[/url]. Each player starts with a 1500 rating, and his rating is adjusted up (for wins) or down (for losses) as he plays matches against other players. The important thing to note here is that you get more points for beating better players/teams. [b]Why even bother having a ratings system?[/b] The benefits of this kind of system are twofold. First, it gives us an accurate and fair way to track who the best duelists are. Instead of posting your (fabricated) war record in your sig, you can just check your rating instead. Second, it's a way to encourage competition. Promoting activity isn't easy, but we feel like this will be a good way to do so. [b]How do I sign up to be rated?[/b] You don't need to "sign up". After the first time that you play a rated match you will automatically be in the system. [b]So what matches will count for rating then?[/b] All team vs team wars will count for rating. These wars will affect both individual ratings and team ratings. In addition, whenever there is a DuelistGroundz Championship Series, these results will affect individual ratings as well. Last but not least, the DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoff will affect rating, but more on that later. There are three different types of events that affect rating: wars, DCS, and DSP. There are currently no plans for any other events that will affect rating, but this is subject to change. [b]How do ratings work for individuals and teams?[/b] Individual ratings are pretty straightforward. The only thing that's ever going to affect them is your win/loss record. You win lots of matches; you have a high rating. No outside factors are going to impact your rating as a player. Team ratings area little different. You win wars; your rating goes up. You sweep a war 5-0? Your rating goes up even more. This is an important thing to understand: The greater margin of victory, the more points that are gained/lost. There also is a mild interaction between individual and team ratings. See the next section for more details. [b]Alright, what's the DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoff?[/b] Each year is broken up into four seasons that are three months long. At the end of each season there is a month long seasonal playoff that will determine which teams and individuals are the champions of that season. Here are the dates that you need to know. January 1st 2012: Start of the winter season March 1st 2012: Winter season ends. Seeds for the playoff are determined, and the playoff begins. Spring season begins. April 1st 2012: A team is crowned the winter season champions. June 1st 2012: Spring season ends. Seeds for the playoff are determined, and the playoff begins. Summer season begins. July 1st 2012: A team is crowned the spring season champions. September 1st 2012: Summer season ends. Seeds for the playoff are determined, and the playoff begins. Autumn season begins. October 1st 2012: A team is crowned the summer season champions. December 1st 2012: Autumn season ends. Seeds for the playoff are determined, and the playoff begins. Winter season begins. January 1st 2013: A team is crowned the autumn season champions. March 1st 2013: Winter season ends. Seeds for the playoff are determined, and the playoff begins. Spring season begins. (The pattern continues like this) To determine who qualifies for the [i]Individual[/i] Seasonal Championship: On that date, we look at the ratings. Every individual with a 1550 or higher rating qualifies. Every individual with a 1600 or higher rating receives a round 1 bye. As far as tournament structure goes, there will be X rounds of swiss followed by cut to top8. 4 days per round, no decklists. Activity decisions will be made by war council; draws will be given out if both players are equally active. Any war council members involved in the activity decisions or pairings are not allowed to participate in the tournament. To determine who qualifies for the [i]Team[/i] Seasonal Championship: We look at the team ratings, and then give each team ONE bonus point for every member on the team that also qualified for the Individual Seasonal Championship. The top6 teams with the highest overall rating qualify. In addition, the top2 teams get a first round bye. The DSP is a single elimination 5v5 crossfire (with substitutions) tournament that uses these brackets: [img]http://img571.imageshack.us/img571/5589/dspbrackets.png[/img] [b]What's a K-value?[/b] Think of a K-value as a measure of importance. The higher the K-value, the more rating points are at stake for the match that you are playing. Regular wars will use a K-value of 12, while premiere tournaments will use a k-value of 24. Currently, the only premiere tournaments are the DuelistGroundz Championship Series and the DuelistGroundz Seasonal Playoff. [b]What is this thread used for?[/b] The purpose of this thread is to track everyone's ratings and rankings. However, I can't do it alone, so I'm going to explain how a few minutes of your time can help keep this system nice and accurate. [u]Team captains, listen up[/u]. You are the main people who are going to help me stay on top of things. After you win a war, [i]please[/i] post in this thread with the war results so I can update the ratings. It is the considered the responsibility of the team captain of the winning team to report the results. I understand that this will be hard to get used to at first, so I'm not going to punish people who forget to report results. Just keep in mind that you will be doing me and DGz a great service by quickly reporting your war results so everyone will be on the same page. However, the program that calculates ratings uses a very specific formatting to update the ratings. If you don't report your results with the correct formatting, the program may cause bodily damage to anyone that was involved in the war. Just kidding. Here's the formatting though... [quote]duelistgroundz.com/this_is_a_link_to_the_war_thread.php 1 MatchOne Winner 0 MatchOne Loser 1 MatchTwo Winner 0 MatchTwo Loser[/quote] Here's another example, using an actual war this time. [quote][url="http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=140315"]http://duelistground...howtopic=140315[/url] 1 Seerus 0 Allenpennington 1 Seerus 0 Gaia 1 Seerus 0 Ryan 1 Seerus 0 Naus 1 Seerus 0 Prez[/quote] [u]People who like to change their usernames a lot, listen up[/u]. Anytime you change your username, I would appreciate it if you post here and let us know. Something as simple as "My old name was ___, my new name is ___" would suffice. If you change names and we don't catch it, it will result in you having two ratings that are both inaccurate. Rest assured, if this mistake happens, I can go back and correct it, but it would make it much easier if I don't have to deal with fixing errors all of the time. I plan on updating ratings every Wednesday. Note that the frequency of updates does not actually affect any of the numbers, so it's not a big deal if I update a day later because I forgot. If you notice any errors in the ratings, either an inaccurate record, split names, or something that just doesn't look right, please post here and let me know. The sooner I'm informed of an error, the less time it will take me to go back and correct everything. [b]You will be using this thread to:[/b] [b]1. View ratings/rankings[/b] [b]2. Report results[/b] [b]3. Report name changes[/b] [b]4. Report errors[/b]