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Found 2 results

  1. Sorry for this post being so late, a few days back I attempted to write my report and my computer crashed halfway through so I decided to put it off and I finally got around to doing it, my apologies.    Now this past weekend in Toronto I was able to take BA all the way to the top 16 to get my first premier top, I previously attended YCS toronto in 2013 but did not do well so getting my first top at my second YCS is a pretty good feeling.    Coming into the tournament I knew nekroz was more than likely going to be the most represented deck, so I felt that in order for me to do well I needed something that can deal with that deck consistantly, this is where BA came in, I've been playing BA since the beginning except for a little while here and there and it was what I was most comfortable with. The decks abilitiy to run mistake/skilldrain/etc. plus other good traps vs nekroz is what really made me feel BA was the best choice for the tournament.   Also with BA it also didn't matter as much going 1st vs going 2nd as the deck can function well either way, compared to satellars where going second essentially means you're going fourth, and the deck doesn't float like BA does. Overall BA was the choice I felt that would give me the best chance to win the event. Now lets get into the decklist   decklist -    monsters: 19 3x cir 3x graff 3x scarm 2x farfa 1x rubic 1x libic 1x cagna 1x barbar 1x tourguide 1x mathematician 2x maxx "c"   spells: 4 1x foolish burial 1x raigeki 1x dark hole 1x good and evil   traps: 17 3x karma cut 2x fiend griefing 2x breakthrough skill 2x mind crush 1x mistake 1x skill drain 1x vanity's emptiness 1x fire lake 1x the traveler and the BA 1x torrential tribute 1x solemn warning 1x bottomless trap hole   extra: 15 3x dante 3x downered magician 1x virgil 2x nightmare shark 1x angineer 1x ghostrick alucard 1x acid golem 1x zenmaines 1x giga brilliant 1x utopic future   side: 15 1x spell canceler 1x vanity's fiend 2x flying "c" 2x de-fusion 2x galaxy cyclone 3x mystical space typhoon 2x chaos trap hole 1x fire lake 1x mistake   as for explanations for thing's I feel need explaining   2x maxx c maindeck - I always went second blind and this card was decent in all matchups across the board except for qli, getting a plus 1 off a satellar play from altair if they xyz, it also slows the mirror down and same with nekroz, shaddolls you'll usually get  a plus 1 from it so it's not bad either. Card was great the entire weekend.   bottomless trap hole - this card hasn't seen as much play lately but it was a last minute addition but I would drop it as I barely used it, it helped me in one situation banish a valk that's about it. The logic behind the card was that it's another summon stopped but I realized shortly after this card really wasn't needed.   no wingblast/raigeki break - Karma cut was the straight up better choice of the discard outlets, wingblast and raigeki break weren't very good cards vs nekroz, break wasn't good vs mirror and shaddoll, and wing blast was mediocre vs mirror and shaddoll, 3 discard outlets isn't very many as I would probably add a 4th, but the 3 karmas worked all day and I never missed the other discard traps.   2 farfa - I wanted to have the extra farfa as it actually put in a lot of work vs nekroz banishing a monster, swinging for damage then returning it so they can't banish their spells from grave. The second copy was also another copy to clear winda. But 2 never came up as much and did clog once or twice so I would probably drop this to 1.   1 spell canceler/ vanity's fiend - these never came up so I would either add more copies to see them often or cut them all together, vanity's fiend had more uses vs rogue like kozmo, ritual beast, infernoid, so I would probably add more copies of it.    after the tournament I would probably add more travelers, the third fiend griefing, and possibly switch good and evil for soul charge asI drew good and evil quite often.      Swiss: 8-2 14th after day 2 standings.   Round 1: 2-0 vs hero record: 1-0   game 1 - I open warning tourguide and he doesn't get anything going when his only monster was thunderking    game 2 - I open tourguide warning again...I warning goblindbergh and his whole hand was monsters..so I win rather quickly     Round 2: 2-1 vs kozmo record: 2-0   game 1: he bricks and I win by turn 3, I get to see a farmgirl so I know what he's playing going into siding.   game 2: I opened good and evil and a less than optimal hand, he manages to do kozmo things and eventually win a grind game with a forerunner I couldn't out.    game 3: I maxx "c" his e-teleport and he stops I manage to kill him by turn 4 as he had no protection like honest/juragedo/etc.      Round 3: 2-0 vs infernoid record: 3-0   game 1: he activates reasoning I call 1, he mills like 1 monster before hitting decatron, his hand was really slow so I otk him on my first turn as I opened a bunch of different BA monsters and made 2 dante and acidgolem for exactly 8000.   game 2: he opens set shadow mirror and passes, I galaxy cyclone it and was able to put a dante on board and gather enough resources to kill him as he couldn't get anything going.      Round 4: 2-1 vs nekroz record: 4-0   game 1: I manage to take game 1 in a grind game as he goes through all 6 mirrors by turn 3 or 4, I got trishula'd and still managed to come back, I drew skill drain mid game and he couldn't deal with it, so I take it shortly after.   game 2: he goes second I open dante and a few backrows, the game proceeds to grind again but he sticks a decisive armor late in the game that I cannot deal with so I scoop.   game 3: he goes first opens a unicore, I'm able to clear it with dark hole and set up a board of dante and scarm with 2 backrows one being emptiness, I had no hand so he couldn't trish me, I vanity a mirror and he chains mst, he drops valk and I bottomless and he had really nothing much after that as he had a weird hand.      Round 5: 1-2 (vs patrick james) nekroz record: 4-1   game 1: game 1 he manages to make decisive armor and brionac on board and I can't deal with them as I make a pretty bad misplay and mind crush shurit when he searches it, really hated myself for this play after ward cause had I saved the mind crush I might've been able to hold the game off longer.   game 2: he bricks I win by turn 2 simple as that.   game 3: game 3 was really grindy and I don't remember much of it but he had dweller raigeki at one point and he summoned a second dweller which caught me off guard and I'm pretty sure he resolved trish late in the game and took it shortly after.     Round 6: 2-1 vs igknight record: 5-1   game 1: He goes turn 1 rhongo with 4 materials so I wait until I can out it with karma cut, I then make a matheman libic play to make dantes and win shortly after he has no follow up.   game 2: He dweller raigekis my board of double downered each with 2 materials under it, he also opened magic library, guess I lose   game 3: he really couldn't get anything going as I kill him by turn 2.     Round 7:  vs infernoid 2-1 record: 6-1   game 1: he wins with seitsemas and attondel as I brick and open 5 traps and good and evil:/   game 2: we get deck checked and he gets a match loss for marked cards.     Round 8: 2-0 (vs Bo Tang) nekroz record: 7-1 making Day 2    game 1: I manage to breakthrough his dweller play, and kept bouncing the dweller with farfa swinging for damage and returning it so he can't banish, I also drew good traps so I win a little bit later.   game 2: he summons denko when I have mistake skill drain set, I have no cards in hand to trish and I manage to kill the denko and stick a virgil plus skill drain and mistake late in the game and he couldn't out them. He had decree and I had the virgil. He also looped valked a couple of times with unicore as he didn't have much else and I just eventually pushed through. This was by far the best match of yugioh I played in a long time, I wish I could remember more but Bo complimented my playing after the match and it made my day.      Day 2:   Round 9: 2-0 vs nekroz record: 8-1    game 1: I open 5 traps 3 of which were mistake/skill drain/warning. I'm able to draw mathematician and graff and make a play and he couldn't out my floodgates.   game 2: he summons assault halberd and trish and I skill drain, I later banish the senju with farfa over and over again so he can't banish the spells from his grave and I later win by sticking acid golem on the board and kept swinging.      Round 10: 0-2 vs shaddoll record: 8-2   game 1: he bricks with beast, dragon, 2 chairs, and something else, he later top decks a stick and goes off and kills me as he drew fusion spells off the chairs.   game 2: by turn 3 or 4 he stick chairs me again and draws another chair off a chair draw so he gets a massive amount of advantage and my hand was too slow, he also sticks a winda on board after I milled both de-fusions off my dante.     So I made top 32 and I could not be happier I literally had about 55 people message me after hearing I topped and the support was awesome.      top 32 match: 2-0 vs infernoid    game 1: I don't remember much about this game at all sadly but this game was really grindy as he got a full grave fast and I had a hard time dealing with seitsemas, but late in the game I deal with deyveyty and take the game from there.    game 2: he reasonings I call 4 cause I had maxx "c" and seen he played raiden game 1, I had 2 dantes on board with relevant materials underneath so if he were to break my board I would get a plus 2 or 3 from maxx "c". Unfortunately for him the first card off the top of his deck with reasoning was raiden... I win shortly after.    top 16 match: 1-2 (vs Jonathan Gomez (Ycs Chicago champion I believe?)) nekroz    game 1: this game was very passive as I open all traps, he doesn't make any plays and keeps discarding cards at endphase showing me he's playing nekroz I manage to draw a monster and he couldn't deal with my backrows as I had skill drain, mind crush, among other things.    game 2: He chooses to go first and that plays with my head a little bit as I sided all cards for going first, he opens the valk/sorcerer combo and ends his turn with valk and decree, I couldn't come out of it once he flips decree.   game 3: I opened pretty solid after he ends his turn with just a valk, I dark hole it, tourguide into graff, make dante, get cir from graff, set mistake, mind crush, and pass with a graff in hand, he goes denko, unicore, trishs my graff in hand, graff in grave, and my dante with tourguide as material, my cir no longer has a target and my backrows are locked, so I lose.... now looking back at the situation had I flipped mistake manually it wouldn't have mattered as he had mst, I guess my only real way of winning that game would have been blind mind crushing denko, even if I guessed wrong it got the card out of my hand so he couldn't trish, but then again he had mst for mistake and probably could've made dweller against my board or something, the mindcrush play was extreme and risky so I think I would've just lost that game either way sadly. So this is where my run ended up.     The tournament was a great experience and great success, my deck worked perfectly the majority of the day, my only 3 total loses ended up being to the players who got 2nd, 3rd, and 4th after swiss on day 2 so I'm not complaining.    Shout outs to Jeremy Thibeau and the duel squad for supporting me!  Shout out  to Brad Mclean who got top 8 with Tellars as we are the 2 players from Atlantic Canada to represent the top cut!  Shout outs to all the players of Atlantic Canada for supporting me!  Shout outs to Chris James(CJ), Alex Bradshaw, and Uzoukwu for letting me spend the weekend with them.   pros: first YCS top meeting and talking to new players vacation before I go off to college other stuff I'm missing selling the minerva mat for a good price paying for my trip  stuff I know I'm missing   cons:  not enough time to trade but oh well!  running on 6 hours of sleep over 3 days not going further in the top driving 15 hours being stuck in ottawa for 5 hours  etc   To conclude I hope to see players at future events as I will try and travel more often! Thanks for the read and if there's any questions or anything you feel I've left out PLEASE let me know as I'm always looking to improve my game/my reports, etc.    Thank you all for taking your time to read, I really appreciate it, let me know feedback below thanks guys!                        
  2. Okay so I'm showing my lack of understanding of mechanics here, but this came up in a duel and I couldn't find anything online to help resolve it.    Player A has a non burning abyss monster on the field and normal summons Scarm. Player B responds with Chain Disappearance.   My question is when/how does scarm's self destruction effect apply? I know chain dis is a legal activation, but as a continuous effect shouldn't scarm apply immediately on the summon and not be face up on the field when Chain Dis resolves? Or would the destruction effect only apply after the 'summon response window'.   Thanks in advance.