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Found 1 result

  1.   So I was thinking back to the time when Joe Giorlando first popularized siding this card when going first in Dino Rabbit, and I feel that many of same reasons why he ran it then are still applicable today.    Tthe first deck that comes to mind is Evilswarm. If you have only one monster out, you opponent can't play Rescue Rabbit, Tour Guide, Deep Sea Diva, and cannot XYZ or Synchro Summon over it. With all the other protection you run for Ophion, it is pretty difficult to defeat. Without Tentempo, Bahamut, Pearl, Maestroke (for Ophion), or Big Eye, Dracossack (in general) your opponent's options are pretty limited.   Obviously Master Key Beetle + Vanity's Emptiness does something similar, but we aren't getting that till JotL in August.   Even something like Tour Guide -> Leviathan Dragon or Windup Zenmaines can be very hard to deal with, if you can't play Tentempo or Blackship of Corn. Also 1950 ATK/DEF as in the case of Heliotrope or Azzathoth is sizeable as well.   If you play Windup Rabbit, the fact that you can Banish it in Standby Phase, plus the fact that is so hard to kill, makes it really good with Kaiser.   Also Neo Spacian Grand Mole has a pretty dirty soft lock with Kaiser. It lets you eliminate their one monster, without increasing the number of monsters that you control, so they are still restricted to one monster. It lets you make pushes while locking them down.    Thoughts?