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Found 6 results

  1. Thor: Ragnarok

    The third and (presumably) final installment to the Thor franchise of the MCU. Doesn't quite feel like Thor to me. Did they show too much?
  2. Legion

    Anyone watch this? I love this show. The atmosphere is great, visuals are solid, strong writing but above all I love the characters and how they're presented.
  3. Today at GenCon, UDE revealed their re-launch of a game called V.S. system,   [spoiler][/spoiler]     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ~dates and information taken from wiki~   (excuse me ahead of time if I leave out any important information, at work and have a meeting to go to soon.  just trying to at least get the thread started.)   --------------------------   V.S. system was released as a collectable card game back in 2004; It's first expansion, "Marvel Origins", mainly featuring teams from the marvel universe (X-men brotherhood and Fantastic four sentinals).  Since then, roughly 18 main booster sets were released as well as 7 or 8 special expansions for the game, as well as competitive events such as the Pro Circuit and 10K events.  For many years, this game was thriving.  Metagame.com ran most of the coverage for the VS events as well as posted articles discussing theory and strategy. The last set that came out was back in November of 2008, featuring X-Factor Exiles, X-Force Marauders, and Weapon X.  Since '08, the game has dropped off the map.  (This was around the same time as the legality issue of UDE printed YGO cards, konami sueing, lawsuits, etc...) --------------------------   6 years later (8/14/2014, GenCon), they announce that they are printing a new Preview expansion for the new VS system LCG (still run by Upper Deck Entertainment), and revealed the preview set at GenCon.   We do not know how much will have changed about the game, in terms of mechanics and potential organized play.  All the card fronts in the pictures look similar to cards of the past, but the back of cards have a new logo design.    More info will be released this weekend and within the months to come.
  4. they will be creating 4 new series each with 13 episodes a piece. the first series will be daredevil followed by luke cage, jessica jones, and finally iron fist.   http://marvel.com/news/story/21476/disneys_marvel_and_netflix_join_forces_to_develop_historic_four_series_epic_plus_a_mini-series_event         HEROES FOR HIRE BABY
  5. Avengers vs. X-Men

    Just wondering if anyone has read this series? I for one enjoyed it up until the ending, I know a lot of my friends didn't though, wanting to get some thoughts from anyone who followed it on the boards.
  6. Some chick posted this on my facebook. Enjoy! [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwfmcNnBJBc&feature=youtu.be[/media]