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Found 9 results

  1. Nice to meet you where you been, I can show you incredible things. Anyway, nats/wcq was in melbourne this year which is pretty cool cause I get to travel out of Sydney which had the last 2 YCS's. But apart from this, I've been spending a lot of time doing uni work and working as well so I didn't get much time to test. Although I had played Nekroz for 2 regionals, I was pretty sure I was gonna end up putting on a helmet and play qlips for the event because i could sit there and think about plays and interaction or i could just flip up Lose 1 Turn and call it a day. But after a few test games where I either destroyed with double scout, I got a new ass hole torn open so I was like, guess I'm playing Nekroz. After landing on Thursday, we go locals and bum around and then eat and whatever. Later on I go to the casino and even though I'm a croupier, I go against my better judgement and go gamble. I go 0-4 against squeeze baccarat and am now down $500, however we fuck around on blackjack for a while and I manage to salvage back $150. A mate also got 2 features on the pokies and cashes in $2600 and buys us all drinks. Bodan gets savaged in Poker   Friday is just more testing and theory crafting. At night I decide to stay over at the NZ peoples place who flew over for OCE and one of them was playing our nats. We end up playing the same main with a side variation of like 2-4 cards.   Nationals: Nationals is irrelevant cause its just a glorified regionals. I am not prepared at all and I'm sorta glad it's a top 64 cut as that increases my chances of not scrubbing. There are like 297 players which is more than what we've ever had.   r1: vs Ben Bell (Victoria) - Geargia g1 He dualities, sets nekroz of geargiarmor. I summon nekroz of trishula and some other cards and he is top decking on turn 2. g2 He dualities and summosn geargiauger. I cbf reading the card, summon a Ju, attack over it and win like 2 turns later. 1-0 also this round, a guy from my locals pulled a patty hobes on his opponent with the djinn thing and his opponent is like 'we can either go to game 3 or i can't guarantee you'll get home safely'. so he scooped and won g3 anyway.   r2: vs Josh (Tasmania) - Satellarknights Didn't know people actually exist in Tasmania. g1: I don't really remembers what happens but he doesn't have much backrow so I just win g2: Something something decree and I win 2-0   r3: vs Liam (tasmania) - Nekroz g1: he djinn locks me, I out it, he djinn locks me again and I scoop g2: I open Secret Village and he plays out 2 turns and scoops g3: Don't really remember what happens here but I get in attacks with Valk and a Gungnir and then kill him soon. 3-0   r4: vs Dennis 'best mermail' Ling(sydney) - Nekroz friend of mine from locals who still salty at me that I top decked a raigeki for a win at a regionals. g1: his 5 card opening was like scout, vanity's, reqliate, fiendish chain and x so I'm just like I concede dennis, you too good for me. g2:  I open village and he has traps but he can't play spells or scouts so he loses g3: he invests everything into a turn 1 majesty's but I out that eventually and win. 4-0   r5 vs Thomas 'chairbreak' Harrison (brisbane) - satellarknights g1: He eventually trivver locks and kills me g2: It was a real struggle but I manage to eventually stick a Unicore on the field and run him out of cards. Unfortunately this took too long and finished it time. I guess I'll take a draw over a loss 4-0-1   r6 vs Troy (sydney) - satellar this guy is also a friend from locals. really nice guy g1: he starts and plays cards, I trish him straight away and just slowly win from there g2: After a while I lock him under Clausolas + unicore + decree and he eventually runs out of cards 5-0-1   r7 vs Piers (Melbourne) - nekroz he's a really nice guy that i met at last years wcq. g1: we get a deck check and 25 minutes later they come back and tell me my list is fucked. My ratios and everything was right but I forgot to write Trish on my list. I remembered it was cause it was the last card I wrote due to deciding how many I wanted to play and then went to sleep before writing it on. so I lose g1 cause game loss g2: He does a play which swings me with a DA while trying to play around a Mind Crush forgetting that we haven't sided yet because of the game loss. So I come back and manage to over come him. g3: I lock him under Village but he searches Princess and Im like fml. He trish's me. I draw into another village so i summon a princess and set 2 cards and pass. When he declares an attack, i go to activate an eclipse, but I see that i accidently put village in my backrow because who the fuck plays field spells. I tell him, he doesn't care, and I tell him I'm gonna scoop cause I can't win but I call a judge anyway for integrity and I get a game loss anyway. 5-1-1 This was my first loss and I wish I didn't lose cause if I won, I'd be in the clear to top.   r8 vs Ken Swindail (sydney) - qlips g1: he opens monsters and has veiler for my senju. I blank the next few turns and he pokes me down. When I can play, he has chalice to attack over my guys and a skill drain for game shot on the last turn. g2: He goes turn 1 scout monolith, pendulum then summon majesty fiend. I look at my hand of 2 ice hand and 3 other creatures and im like well fuck. I blank a few more draws and just lose. 5-2-1 This was very disheartening cause it means I'd have to win out my last round of swiss or face elimination. I go to sleep that night determiend to top   r9. vs Ryan (victoria) - seraph shaddolls Its been a while since I've been playing on the bubble and I'm nervous as hell but he seems really nice. g1: he veilers my senju, has chairs and sticks and kills me g2: ice hand and fire hand are craaaaaaaaazy g3: we play out a long game, but I eventually get to stick a clausolas + Diamond + trish on field to win 6-2-1 I'm in !!!!! Finished 22nd in swiss so my score wasn't awful and I would have topped on a top 32. A lot of my friends also topped the event which was cool.   t64: vs Dom (brisbane) - satellarknights g1: he draws nothing so i just kill him g2: he doesn't do much and I just kill him.   t32: vs Jack clarke (victoria) - nekroz. g1: I poke him down but he eventually just locks me that I can't out and I lose. g2: Mid-late game I use village. He has a veiler and then summons a unicorn. he trades his unicorn to mine but I have the gung. When I go to attack, he has valk to protect the veiler. at this point all the blue cards are in his gy or banish so i assume i win, but he draws a shurit and had a cycle in hand and trishes me and that was it. He was a really nice guy so I wasn't mad at all about losing and wanted him to go the whole way but he loses the next round. A few friends do make it further at nationals but I decided it was the wcq  that mattered. the guy that patty hobed a guy in r1 also does cheeses his opponent in t32 by asking to keep vanity's out and then when his opponent wasn't looking, just sides it back in g3.   Decklist   The main was really just cookie cutter but with gung over second trish because I play village and a lot of other reasons. The way I feel about the Nekroz mirror is that there isn't much depth to it as people make it out. A lot of the times it will be a djinn lock that can't be outed or something else. So to win, you need an edge in build and just blow out the opponent. This is why I chose to play Village because people weren't relaly play Veiler as double Trish was still in and people didn't play Princess. This was proven as the NAtional champion mained 2 copies of the Village and stated village won him so many games. Through test hands at night, we did a sample space of about 30 hands which had village in it and had about 40% success rate to pull of a Gungnir lock which is a huge auto win chance for mirror. I also mained princess over 3rd c because its pretty useful and also outs enemy villages, naturia beasts or whatever. Side was just from the pool of about 30 sideabloe cards. I had mirror there as another blow out card. Village to auto win games vs Nekroz or set Qlips far behind. vanity's is just there to keep out vs nekroz. Extra deck was super standard. I chose 101 over 103/Cairngorgon because there was a chance I can 101+vanity lock. In hindsight I'd probably play a Cairngorgon as an out to Majesty Fiend.   Oceania 2015 played the same deck but changed the bull blader into dd warrior lady cause opposing gungnirs and it was the best decision of my life. also changed the side. will explain later. also the guy who did the patty hobes yday mained 2 djinn today and offered to side out djinn with his opponents and even fanned out his side deck to show them he didnt have a second djinn there. Kek   r1 vs Jordan Treacher (Adelaide) - Qlip really nice guy I met this weekend g1: i open a bunch of cards enough to clear his board AND trish him on my t1 and just sack the living shit out of him g2: I open turn 1 gungnir, he opens bad. he dualities into art, plays scout and i ask if he has pendulum impenetrable and he says no so I'm lost. he pays 800 lp, i chain gung effect and he scoops forgetting gungnirs effect. 1-0   r2 vs Adam (queensland) Nekroz g1: He does the bad djinn lock, I out it and he loses g2: I do the good djinn lock with the prep and I win. 2-0   r3 vs Jackson Spadaro (melbourne) - Qliphort g1: he opens art into scout. I have 2 mst. I set 1 and think for 2 min if I want to set the other. I think its more correct to so I do. I mst his scout search. He MST my second mst and plays a second scout that I can't out so I just concede so i do the ol' 'keep vanity's in the side aye'. He doesn't understand what I'm saying cause he ain't playing kroz and then he when he does he tells me to go fuck myself (sic [not really]) g2: he opens art into scout and im like this guys deck is craaaaaazyyy.  I have to Trish to deal with his Stealth so now i can't deal with his scout. He goes Shell and attacks, Idk why but I gung. Then I draw rota for turn and Im sitting here thinking how if I let Trish die, I'd just win this game. I summon ice hand and attack, he flips a soul drain and I pack my bag and head for the airport. 2-1   r4 vs David Daritan (melbourne) - Nekroz ofc i play 2 national champions in a row g1: I summon senjula and search brio and pass. He otk's me. There was nothing i could do. He drew the only card that could win. I played perfectly. He needed precisely those 2 cards to win. g2: He djinn locks me t1 and then trish's me a few turns down the road. I wait till he has 3 unicore in gy/banish and all 6 mirrors in gy/banish and then i out his lock and summon gungnir and poke him into oblivion g3: I open droll and lock so I just summon Ptolemaeus and pray. He uses brio, I chain ptolemaeus to summon Durandel. he searches and then I use Durandel second effect as cl1 and droll/lock as cl2. And then I win the game. 3-1   r5 vs Callum 'Mr 1min45' (melbourne) - Nekroz g1: he does the bad djinn lock and I win cause I have dd warrior lady. g2: He maxx c me, so Im like cool I win. I do the droll/durendal lock during my endphase and win. 4-1   r6 vs Ryan (melbourne) - Shaddoll The same guy I played on the bubble yday. g1: I open 2 ju's. His opening hand is like Veiler, Lancea, 2 Fusion, 1 Nephe, Chair and he scoops g2: We grind it out and I just win with Diamond + other Nekroz cards. 5-1   r7 vs Tim (queensland) - Burning Abyss at this point i realize that i just need 1 win and im locked in and just pray so hard. g1: he opens bad so I get a few attacks in with Ju. Then the grind game kicks in forever. When he summons Acid Golem, I realize that waas my win condition. He was on 3.1k life and my hand was 2 brio, 1 valk and i had 1 vlak in gy, 1 valk i ndeck and 2 unicores unused so I just valked for eternity every turn till he burnt himself to death g2: this game is super annoying cause I didn't side in hands and had to play out of 2 cancellor, vanity's fiend and Mistake. He opened cancellor but I drew dd warrior lady for turn and praised jesus. Vanity's got outed by eclipse and mistake was outed by decree. I eventually just overwhelm the board and kill him with a djinn locked gungnir AND THE DREAM WAS REALLL 6-1.   r8 vs James (Victoria) - Nekroz It's a lot easier to play when the pressure is off your shoulders and you aren't bubbling. Jackso nwas still undefeated at this point so I was confident I could still top on x-2 g1: I open a bunch of blue cards and win eventually but it takes 30 minutes because nekroz searches so much and we spent a lot of time shuffling g2. I open 2 Kaleido, 2 manju and 1 mirror. Im like fml. But like my second turn I drew trish and im like aye I can win but he did the ol' kaiba 'm8 i swear if you trish me the impact of trish will knock me off this castle' so i just look valk for days and then judge is like m8 your turns in time are over and he was on higher life. 6-1-1 I finish 6th in swiss which is the best I've done at swiss in a premier event. I get paired against the guy I drew with in the last round of swiss so now we get to play without holding back.   t16 vs above g1: I look at my hand, then at him, then at my hand, and then the crowd and then I pass. He sits there for about 10 min thinking and doing calculations and doing some shit with DA and cowboy that puts me to 200 on turn 1. I raigeki his field, djinn lock him under gungnir and eventually win with rhapsody banishing his graveyard. g2. I sacked him pretty hard because within my first 3 turns I had 2 shared ride 2 maxx c. Theres a turn I go for game but he has the lancea for 1) my trish and 2) also able to stop me from doing the Droll/Durendal combo. I pass to him, he brios and I droll so he can't trish me back. On my turn I clear his board and set up the Ptolemaeus and I pass. He has no clue whats happening. On his turn he uses a mirror search and I do the combo and he concedes.   t8 vs Wade stringer (adelaide) - nekroz This guy is a really nice guy I met this weekend. When we play all his squad are like "go Wade you can win" and my squad is like "we hope you die yaowei" With friends like those who needs enemies. We get deck checked. I had some wear/tear on my sleeves but the judge just resleeved them for me cause i left extra sleeves in my deck box. He had foreign cards but I was cool with it and I wouldn't shark on a technicality. g1/. He opens nothing so I just kill him on like turn 4 with rhapsody aand other cards. I was so far ahead being able to resolve valk every turn. He also revealed he played bull blader which was huge information for future games. g2. I open 4 combo pieces and a prep. So basically the good djinn lock. However mid djinn lock I search a brio off herald instead of cycle. I realize i fucked up and handed him the game like I did in t8 of 2013 oce and finals of 2014 nats. He punished me hard with Trish and other cards. g3. He opens djinn lock on brio and has a gung in hand. I draw  and then i rota into ddwarrior lady and he has an 'o fuck' look on his face and i banish the brio. Next turn he summons gung and a secret village. He stacks a Kycoo with his lavalval chain and things are looking grim. Im thinking if  the dream is over (again) and that this could have been avoided. I draw and it isn't a combo piece. I search into Princess and prepare for the inevitable. He draws Kycoo, I look at the Valk in my hand and offer him the hand shake. I'm really disappointed in myself for misplaying and I won't get over it for a long time. But I'm really happy for him. I do want him to go far, but oli won his t8 match and Im staying with him and hes my friend too so to avoid a conflict of interest, I don't spectate their match, I just move away for the top cut formalities and do other shit to make me not ponder over my misplay.   Deck list     So the main was same as yday but DDWL over Bull blader for the sake of playiong around gungnir (and also removes dante etc.) I cut 1 decree and 2 mind crushes for 1 lancea and 2 fairy wind but none of those cards came up so it wasn't really relevant. I cut the Villages because there was two ways you could look at it, 1) The champion and I topped with village so now everybody knows about it so its unplayable because all it takes is a dance priness to fuck you over or 2) Everybody is thinking (1) and therefore you can play it. I chose 1) while lubke had the balls to keep playing them so props to him. However I wanted soemthing more blow out than village. Overhearing a ruling made by Paul Kite about Droll being a Spell Speed 2 effect and how it doesn't have to be CL1 allowed the Durendal combo from last year to work. However Durendal isn't really easy to make outside of dedicated decks. Until now. With Ptolemaeus being played, it was easy to make (and easier to pullo ff than a gungnir). So whenever you open/draw Droll you can pull off the combo. Its even better if they drop maxx c on you turn 1 cause you can close the game before it starts. Theres a difference between djinn/vanity locking your opponent, and making them shuffle their whole hand into their deck. I thought the combo was crazy and if you didn't have the Droll you just play nekroz normally. It wasn't a terrible draw mid game as you can drop it for tempo and its also a caster if they play village on you. I feel it was the best combo especially because nobody saw it coming and it just blew people away.   Also did a deck profile, may put it in when uploaded Also ended up like +750 off the casino. After oceania I was still really upset and i just took $10 off old mate bodan and turned it into 600 and he was trying to mooch money off me.   shoutouts   team shock for having me over at theirs even though i paid for my own accom team shock for theorycrafting esp ben, oli and louis newsun my man, we scrub together we top together louis for running same list as me for both days giving me confidence in my list. (and convincing me to not play DArmor) jimmy, sean and jordan for being other people there being cool rest of Ifuckinghatemarcuswheeler group for being there Queenslanders for being cool Ashiko, Leroy and Carl for meming all weekend and being sick cunts. melbourne people for being cool perth people who are now just melbourne people adelaide people for the sick hang out at casino and on the day all my opponents I played against, they were mostly pleasant to paly against. Not a shark fest all the other sydney boys. isaac, peter mitro (gonna give me shit cause i bagged out his spicy tech for so long before using it), etc. bodan for lending me $10 and letting me work my magic. judges for doing their job.
  2. https://docs.google.com/a/alterealitygames.com/document/d/1zHSVTHTW723rOgioCQtsyqD7gN6_she9vzrCqxhKPb4/edit
  3. NAWCQ 2014

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A74MhtHtL2E     also listed here: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/events/index.html    Nats 2014 Detroit, MI stay strapped
  4. UK Nationals 2014

    UK Nationals just got confirmed: www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/national_2014.html Dates: Sat 10th May - Sun 11th May Location: Edgebaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham (same as last year) I'll defos be there, discussions have opened :)
  5. Grandsoil Psychics w/Redox

    MONSTERS 29 3 Grandsoil the Elemental Lord 3 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders 2 Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles 1 Silent Psychic Wizard 3 Serene Psychic Witch 2 Psychic Commander 2 Psychic Jumper 2 Card Trooper 1 Exploder Dragon 1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole 3 Maxx "C" 3 Effect Veiler 3 Swift Scarecrow SPELLS 10 1 Gold Sarcophagus 3 Emergency Teleport 1 Mind Control 1 Pot of Avarice 1 Heavy Storm 1 Dark Hole 1 Monster Reborn 1 Book of Moon TRAPS 2 2 Breakthrough Skill Extra Deck 15 1 Armory Arm 1 Ally of Justice Catastor 1 Naturia Beast 1 Naturia Barkion 1 Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth 1 Black Rose Dragon 1 Psychic Lifetrancer 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Crimson Blader 1 XX-Saber Gottoms 1 Wind-Up Zenmaines 1 Leviair the Sea Dragon 1 Number 11: Big Eye 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1 Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack Side Deck 15 3 Droll & Lock Bird 2 Electric Virus 1 Infestation Terminus 3 Morphing Jar #2 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Gozen Match 2 Royal Decree It has a great chance against Prophecy and Dragon Rulers, especially with the help of Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders. I just have a hard time agianst Evilswarms since Evilswarm Ophion stops a lot of my plays; any suggestions will help! I can barely find any Grandsoil Psychic players.. grr! I am taking this to Chicago Nats
  6. regional report at the nawcq

    [size=3]So on Monday night I leave southern California to drive all the way to clumbus, ohio. I have my deck ready and tested and im pretty confindent. I chose to run chaos dragon because I thought wind ups was gonna make a big appearance and its not hard for dragons to come back from getting looped. I arrive Wednesday and am very anxious for Saturday. I go to pre reg on Friday and on Saturday morning I cant be more than ready.[/size] [size=3]Round 1[/size] [size=3]Opponent’s deck: inzektors[/size] [size=3]Im able to 2-0 him by otk’ing him on my first turn twice. Didn’t even draw future fusion.[/size] [size=3]Round 2[/size] [size=3]Opponent’s deck: dino rabbit[/size] [size=3] I sit at table 4 so I go over to the feature match area and although Im not the feature match there [/size] [size=3] is a little paragraph about my duel on the konami website with the rest of the event coverage. [url="http://www.konami.com/yugioh/blog/?p=9801"]http://www.konami.co...oh/blog/?p=9801[/url][/size] [size=3] Round 3[/size] [size=3]O opponents deck: Gravekeeper’s[/size] [size=3]the worst match up I could possible get paired up against.[/size] [size=3]Game 1 is easily lost because of his necrovalley to my hand full of chaos monsters.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 is easily won because I take all 8000 of his life points with purely tour guide and sangan[/size] [size=3]Game 3 was pretty close but a surprise malefic cyber end gave him match.[/size] [size=3]Round 4[/size] [size=3]Opponents deck: wind ups[/size] [size=3]Game 1 I draw future fusion and he cant combat it.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 I draw future fusion but it doesn’t matter cuz he went first and was able to mst it. He loops me and I cant come back.[/size] [size=3]Game 3 was pretty close but he was able to take it. I was controlling the board with five headed, decree and darkflare but he was able to factory search and stall long enough for him to go tiras and I cant come back.[/size] [size=3]So after going 2-2 I can drop and try and recover through side events or I can try and win 5 rounds in a row to day 2 and decided to drop. I sold my dragon deck because I knew way before this event that I was only playing it for nats. Good thing I brought my gk deck because I was able to get some random cards I needed for it and on Sunday I decide to join the 2013 regional qualifier. I could really care less about the invite because im confident that I can get one at any given regional so I join just for the mat and deck box. It was a pretty fun regional and I was lucky enough to play meta decks because I wanted to see if gks can still compete.[/size] [size=3]Round 1[/size] [size=3]Opponents deck: inzektors[/size] [size=3]This guys build was a little abnormal for it ran main deck dfissure, snowmans, and reapers.[/size] [size=3]Game 1 my necrovalley plus mal stardust was able to stop him from making any plays.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 he sides decrees and was able to draw it turn 1. Lucky him. I was unable to draw and typhoons and I was locked down.[/size] [size=3]Game 3 was a grind game but I eventually made him waste his resources on my descendant + recruiter plays so I was able to resolve a game winning spy.[/size] [size=3]Round 2[/size] [size=3]Opponents deck: heros[/size] [size=3]The hero matchup, although is very good for me , has always scared me because for some reason Gemini spark scares the fuck out of me.[/size] [size=3]Game 1 we keep trading off traps to stop opposing monsters but my 13 monsters to his 7 is overwhelming and he runs out of resources.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 is a grind game as he has a shadow mirror and no monsters and I have traps but no monsters so at one point we both discarded an accumulated 6 cards during our end phase because we had too many cards in hand. Eventually im able to secure a thunder king on board and am able to beat him down.[/size] [size=3]Round 3[/size] [size=3]Opponents deck: dino rabbit[/size] [size=3]This was a true testament of the capability of gks in the current format because this was the scariest match up for me throughout the whole regional.[/size] [size=3]Game 1 I was able to royal tribute 2 rabbits and control the board with spy + traps.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 first turn laggia plus me drawing 4/13 monsters opening hand gives him the game.[/size] [size=3]Game 3 my first turn thunder king plus traps was able to keep him at bay and even with his successful storm for plus 2 my thunder king made him use his resources so my descendant + recruiter could get in there for game.[/size] [size=3]Round 4 final round[/size] [size=3]Opponent’s deck: chaos dragons[/size] [size=3]I couldn’t be happier for in the finals I get to play my best match up. I kept thinking to myself I got this regional in the bag.[/size] [size=3]Game 1 my necrovalley plus mal stardust was pretty devastating. At one point he had game when I had a set road, necrovalley and recruiter. He summoned lyla and destroyed my road and dropped dad but couldn’t banish to atk for game. On my turn I was able to dark hole and atk for game with searched commandant.[/size] [size=3]Game 2 he resolves a lyla and drops his hand which consisted of lightpulsar, darkflare, redmd, and dad[/size] [size=3]Game 3 I royal tribute his whole hand. Nuff said.[/size] [size=3]Funny story is before we started playing round 4 I offered to split because he kept saying how badly he wanted his invite and I just wanted the mat plus deck box and I was also somewhat scraed of getting lyla plus sacked and he just said let’s have a good game and he knew what I was playing and so after the match he said he should’ve took the split. So I offered him the win in exchange for the mat, deck box, and 12 dollars for the entrance fee and he agreed. I also pulled a rescue rabbit in my 3 entrance packs so it all turned out well.[/size] [size=3]Here’s the gk deck list:[/size] [size=3]Main deck total: 40[/size] [size=3]Monsters 13[/size] [size=3]3 spy[/size] [size=3]3 recruiters[/size] [size=3]3 descendants[/size] [size=3]3 commandants[/size] [size=3]1 malefic stardust dragon[/size] [size=3]Spells 15[/size] [size=3]3 necrovalley[/size] [size=3]3 pot of duality[/size] [size=3]3 mystical space typhoons (I really like main decking this card and I was no problem with it)[/size] [size=3]2 royal tributes[/size] [size=3]2 gk steles[/size] [size=3]1 dark hole[/size] [size=3]1 book of moon[/size] [size=3]Traps 12[/size] [size=3]2 warning[/size] [size=3]2 torrential[/size] [size=3]2 bottomless[/size] [size=3]2 prison[/size] [size=3]1 compulse[/size] [size=3]1 dark bribe (wanted to test this instead of second road)[/size] [size=3]1 road[/size] [size=3]1 judgment[/size] [size=3]Extra deck[/size] [size=3]1 catastor[/size] [size=3]1 android[/size] [size=3]1 scrap archfiend[/size] [size=3]1 black rose (couldn’t find anyone with arcanite)[/size] [size=3]1 scrap dragon[/size] [size=3]2 stardust dragon[/size] [size=3]1 zenmaines[/size] [size=3]1 leviathan[/size] [size=3]1 leviair[/size] [size=3]1 acid golem[/size] [size=3]1 utopia[/size] [size=3]1 photon butterfly assassin[/size] [size=3]1 gem knight pearl[/size] [size=3]1 maestroke[/size] [size=3]Side deck[/size] [size=3]2 thunder king[/size] [size=3]2 effect veiler[/size] [size=3]1 maxx c[/size] [size=3]1 jinzo (I saw 2 people with countdown. I would side plague+tempest but I sold my plague with the dragon deck and didn’t feel like getting another one)[/size] [size=3]2 smashing ground (haters gonna hate but I like this card over soul take in this deck)[/size] [size=3]1 heavy storm[/size] [size=3]2 fiendsih chain[/size] [size=3]3 macro cosmos (didn’t want to side this but too mant people told me the pros outweigh the cons)[/size] [size=3]1 chain whirlwind[/size]
  7. Gravekeeper's or Chaos Dragons for NAWCQ

    [size=3]since the beginning of june i have had my heart set on running dragons for nats. it just seems like the best deck out now and the best match-ups against any top-tier deck. its very explosive and can otk like crazy. however a deck that has been on the back burner of the format but is starting to regain popularity is gravekeepers. a deck which would be a scary match up if i were to use dragons. ive seen many post not only on here but other yugioh related forums and many people are posting their "gk deck for nats" postings and ive been wondering if i should make a last minute meta call and run gks. gks is a deck ive been running off and on since chaos plants was the best deck, so i would consider myself comfortable with the deck. however when the lost sanctuary sd came out in the tcg i was immedialty hooked to playing agents. whether it was the change of pace of actaully summoning if the first turn or the ability to drop hyperion and just win. ever since the banlist hit the deck ive been waiting for a deck just like it to come out. so far chaos dragons seems like that deck that has even more boss monsters. ive come to the conclusion that the us nats will prolly consist of 60% of players using dragons, 30% of the players using rabbit, and the other 10% using other decks like inzektors, wind-ups, or gravekeeper's. if this proves to be true then gks wouldnt be that bad of a meta call but if it isnt then chaos dragons seems like a good choice. so whether i play dragons or gks here are the list for both.[/size] Which do you think I should play [size=3]Gravekeepers[/size] [size=3]Main deck total 40[/size] [size=3]Monsters 13[/size] [size=3]3 descendant[/size] [size=3]3 recruiter[/size] [size=3]3 spy[/size] [size=3]3 commandant[/size] [size=3]1 malefic stardust[/size] [size=3]Spells 14[/size] [size=3]3 necrovalley[/size] [size=3]3 pot of duality[/size] [size=3]2 royal tribute[/size] [size=3]2 gravekeepers stele[/size] [size=3]2 typhoon[/size] [size=3]1 dark hole[/size] [size=3]1 book of moon[/size] [size=3]Traps 13[/size] [size=3]2 solemn warning[/size] [size=3]2 torrential[/size] [size=3]2 d prison[/size] [size=3]2 bth[/size] [size=3]2 compulse[/size] [size=3]1 solemn judgment[/size] [size=3]1 dark bribe[/size] [size=3]1 starlight road[/size] [size=3]Side deck 15[/size] [size=3]2 thunder king[/size] [size=3]2 snowman eater[/size] [size=3]3 effect veiler[/size] [size=3]1 maxx c[/size] [size=3]1 typhoon[/size] [size=3]1 heavy storm[/size] [size=3]2 smashing ground[/size] [size=3]2 chain whirlwind[/size] [size=3]1 d prison[/size] [size=3]Extra deck 15[/size] [size=3]1 catastor[/size] [size=3]1 android[/size] [size=3]1 scrap archfiend[/size] [size=3]1 arcanite[/size] [size=3]1 scrap dragon[/size] [size=3]2 stardust dragon[/size] [size=3]1 leviair[/size] [size=3]1 acid golem[/size] [size=3]1 zenmaines[/size] [size=3]1 utopia[/size] [size=3]1 roach[/size] [size=3]1 maestroke[/size] [size=3]1 photon pollioperative[/size] [size=3]1 pearl[/size] [size=3]Chaos dragons[/size] [size=3]Main deck 40[/size] [size=3]Monsters 30[/size] [size=3]3 lightpulsar dragon[/size] [size=3]2 darkflare dragon[/size] [size=3]2 eclipse wyvern[/size] [size=3]2 redmd[/size] [size=3]1 dad[/size] [size=3]3 lyla[/size] [size=3]3 ryko[/size] [size=3]3 tour guide[/size] [size=3]1 sangan[/size] [size=3]3 veiler[/size] [size=3]1 gorz[/size] [size=3]2 chaos sorc[/size] [size=3]1 bls[/size] [size=3]1 plague[/size] [size=3]2 card trooper[/size] [size=3]Spells 10[/size] [size=3]3 solar recharge[/size] [size=3]1 charge[/size] [size=3]1 allure[/size] [size=3]1 future fusion[/size] [size=3]1 dark hole[/size] [size=3]1 reborn[/size] [size=3]1 heavy[/size] [size=3]1 lance[/size] [size=3]Side deck 15[/size] [size=3]2 thunder king[/size] [size=3]1 victoria[/size] [size=3]1 electric virus[/size] [size=3]1 tempest magician[/size] [size=3]3 typhoon[/size] [size=3]2 soul taker[/size] [size=3]3 decree[/size] [size=3]2 safe zone[/size] [size=3]Extra deck 15[/size] [size=3]1 five headed[/size] [size=3]1 catastor[/size] [size=3]1 armory arm[/size] [size=3]1 brio[/size] [size=3]1 brd[/size] [size=3]1 scrap[/size] [size=3]1 leviair[/size] [size=3]1 leviathan[/size] [size=3]1 giga brilliant[/size] [size=3]1 zenmaines[/size] [size=3]1 acid golem[/size] [size=3]1 roach[/size] [size=3]1 exa beetle[/size] [size=3]1 photon stike bounzer[/size] [size=3]1 gaia thunder charger[/size]
  8. chaos dragon deck for nawcq

    [size=3]Here is my chaos dragon deck that I plan to take to nats [/size] [size=3]Any constructive criticism would be appreciated[/size] [size=3]I’m also looking for a photon strike bounzer, solar recharges, and inzektor exa beetle so if you’re in SoCal or going to nats pm me[/size] [size=3]Monsters 30[/size] [size=3]3 lightpulsar[/size] [size=3]2 redmd[/size] [size=3]2 darkflare[/size] [size=3]2 eclipse[/size] [size=3]1 dad[/size] [size=3]3 lyla[/size] [size=3]3 ryko[/size] [size=3]3 veiler[/size] [size=3]2 trooper[/size] [size=3]2 chaos sorc[/size] [size=3]1 bls[/size] [size=3]1 gorz[/size] [size=3]1 plague[/size] [size=3]3 tour guide[/size] [size=3]1 sangan[/size] [size=3]spells 10[/size] [size=3]3 recharge[/size] [size=3]1 charge[/size] [size=3]1 allure[/size] [size=3]1 lance[/size] [size=3]1 reborn[/size] [size=3]1 future fusion[/size] [size=3]1 heavy[/size] [size=3]1 dark hole[/size] [size=3]Side[/size] [size=3]1 electric virus[/size] [size=3]1 victoria[/size] [size=3]2 thunder king [/size] [size=3]1 tempest magician[/size] [size=3]2 soul taker[/size] [size=3]3 typhoon[/size] [size=3]2 safe zone[/size] [size=3]3 decree[/size] [size=3]Extra [/size] [size=3]1 five headed[/size] [size=3]1 armory[/size] [size=3]1 catastor[/size] [size=3]1 brio[/size] [size=3]1 black rose[/size] [size=3]1 scrap dragon[/size] [size=3]1 levithan[/size] [size=3]1 leviair[/size] [size=3]1 acid golem[/size] [size=3]1 roach[/size] [size=3]1 gaia dragon[/size] [size=3]1 exa beetle[/size] [size=3]1 photon strike bounzer[/size] [size=3]1 zenmaines[/size] [size=3]1 giga brilliant[/size]
  9. Gravekeepers for nats

    [size=3]I have come to the conclusion that I will be playing gravekeepers for nats instead of the other contending deck which was chaos dragons. Ive updated the decklist so I can have a better match up against dino rabbit. So lets get started anything I forgot to add or any suggestions are welcomed.[/size] [size=3]Main deck total 40[/size] [size=3]Monsters 13[/size] [size=3]3 descendant[/size] [size=3]3 recruiter[/size] [size=3]3 commandant[/size] [size=3]3 spy[/size] [size=3]1 malefic stardust dragon[/size] [size=3]Spells 14[/size] [size=3]3 necrovalley[/size] [size=3]3 pot of duality[/size] [size=3]2 royal tribute[/size] [size=3]2 gravekeepers stele[/size] [size=3]2 typhoon[/size] [size=3]1 dark hole[/size] [size=3]1 book[/size] [size=3]Traps 13[/size] [size=3]2 solemn warning[/size] [size=3]2 bottomless[/size] [size=3]2 prison[/size] [size=3]2 torrential[/size] [size=3]2 compulse[/size] [size=3]1 road[/size] [size=3]1 bribe[/size] [size=3]1 solemn judgment[/size] [size=3]Extra deck[/size] [size=3]1 cat[/size] [size=3]1 android[/size] [size=3]1 scrap archfiend[/size] [size=3]1 arcanite[/size] [size=3]1 scrap dragon[/size] [size=3]2 stardust[/size] [size=3]1 leviair[/size] [size=3]1 acid golem[/size] [size=3]1 zenmaines[/size] [size=3]1 utopia[/size] [size=3]1 roach[/size] [size=3]1 photon butterfly assassin[/size] [size=3]1 pearl[/size] [size=3]1 maestroke[/size] [size=3]Side deck[/size] [size=3]2 thunder king[/size] [size=3]2 veiler[/size] [size=3]1 plague[/size] [size=3]1 tempest[/size] [size=3]1 maxx c[/size] [size=3]2 smashing ground[/size] [size=3]1 typhoon[/size] [size=3]1 heavy[/size] [size=3]1 chain whirlwind[/size] [size=3]1 dimensional prison[/size] [size=3]2 fiendish chain[/size]