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Found 2 results

  1. Nutellaknights

    3 Altair 3 Deneb 2 Unuk 2 Vega 2 Honest 1 Rigel   3 Reinforcement 3 MST 1 Book 1 Snatch 1 Raigeki 1 Soul Charge   3 Nova Alpha 3 Call 2 Oasis 2 Dust Tornado 2 Emptiness 2 Breakthrough 1 Warning 1 Compuls 1 Bottomless   2 Castel 1 Triverr 1 Delteros 1 Dweller 1 Cairngorgon 1 Tsukuyomi 1 Omega 1 Emeral 1 Exciton 1 Cowboy 1 Ragnazero/Excaliber 1 Giant Hand/Excaliber 1 Blackship/Excaliber 1 Rhapsody   So yeah, this is what Im testing for the new format. Tsukuyomi is dumb. So dumb to the point where I want to play 3rd Vega to have consistent access to it. When I play TCG, Rigel comes out for 3rd Unuk/Vega. As you can see from my extra, I want to fit in Excaliber. In theory, coupled with double Honest, Excaliber has the potential to otk as a standalone card, Im just unsure as to what to cut. I've seen double Triverr in some lists but don't see the merit. Also, I have a side but it's not set in stone; I'm just not sure how seriously I should take Water atm. Any criticism or feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading.  
  2. Baby Raccoons Post SECE

    This is my first complete deck I've decided to make IRL so here's what I've done with it so far.   I've chosen this deck since it was in my budget range and I had acquired most of the cards already through trading. I don't regret picking this up at all as I had put a month of playtesting various builds and deciding on this build alone. I'll explain tech choices as I go along.   Monsters It was tough finding out the ratios for a lot of monsters. I've come up with this for the lineup. All of these guys can be brought out whenever they need to be via Obedience Schooled or Valeryfawn. I can get away with running 1 ofs of many utility monsters but with some I want to see them more often.   Tree Otter Well, he can boost himself up. Good pair along with Sea Koala. 2200 can crash into winda so I can do coon things. 1 of is amazing.   Fabled Cerburrel Lv2 tuner, Unicore access whenever, and even first turn off of Schooled   3x Nimble Momonga I have Soul Charge and Solemn and others that consume life points like a gas guzzling Cadillac. These guys make my Lifepoints grow.   2x Wind-up Kitten Bounces a monster to get out of the way. I usually photocopy a monster and then bounce with kitten to get some damage on board. Really loving him, 2 of is going to stay. I like seeing him in hand as I don't need another beast monster on the board to do effects with. That's a plus.   3x Baby Racoon Ponpoko Great opening hand but easily becomes School fodder afterward. Usually bring out Nimble or Tantan first turn depending on what I need to do. He is a body and bad late game unless I have another beast on board to XYZ with. Don't usually want to see him later on.   3x Valeryfawn Bambi here makes a lot of plays for synchro-ing and making use of monsters in my graveyard. My multi tool. Love seeing her often as I can do much with her to set up.   Kalentosa I run 3 space typhoons. Still good to have this though, it's a body for schooled after all. Utilize her with Valeryfawn to pop and do combos.   Sea Koala Along with Valeryfawn, he can just make a window to a poor suckers LP's then go Sandayu or even more. Extremely useful. You want him when going over big beaters.   3x. Baby Raccoon Tantan Must run 3. Dumb at any other number. Tags in some monsters from the main face-down. Provides defense and combos.   Spells   3x Ayers Rock Sunrise 3 of automatically. Better for this fast paced format. Fun things you want to do with this is revive Leo for free, bring back Unicore, or even just Kitten to slap away a monster to the hand.   1x Soul Charge   2x Upstart Goblin.   3x Obedience Schooled.   3x MST I go three because I need three. I don't want to see backrow.   Traps   2x Trap Stun Friend suggested this. I don't want my plays interupted as the combos can be fragile. Has helped out a lot. Can shut down vanity's for a turn so it turns against them.   2x Dimensional Prison Only battle traps. They're good at this number.   2x. Breakthrough Skill   1x Compulse   2x Mistake. This deck never searches. Stuns a few decks for a while as I do Coon things.   1x Solemn Warning.   Extra Deck   Leo, Keeper of the Sacred Tree Since he's a beast, I can go into him turn 1 provided I get a good hand. Non targeting removal isn't seen much so I can sit on him as Burning Abyss decks out to him. Can bring him back like nothing with Ayers Rock again. One of the reasons I picked up the deck.   Thought Ruler Archfiend I can negate backrow targeting on him. Gaining life points is something great too if I want to keep negating targets.   Black Rose Dragon Mass removal. I only ever bring it out against rogue decks as it's a very big minus to set it up in the first place. I like to have the option.   Naturia Barkion Usually for final pushes.   Vulcan the Divine. Great tech. Allows me to recycle back a dead Sandayu and bounce some other card they have. Decent beater too.   Armades   Naturia Beast Win condition against Shaddolls when I set up. No fusing.   Fabled Unicore I can force mass negation with him but that's late game. 2300 is great too.   Herald of the Arc Light Amazing late game. Banishes monsters discarded and milled from deck. Can negate anything as well just for tributing himself.   2x Divine Knight Saintaurea I'll run 2 of him next format.   2 Level 2 monsters While this card has Xyz Material, it cannot be destroyed by battle. If this card batles an opponent's monster, and your opponent still controls that monster at the end of the Damage Step: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; return that monster to the hand.   So he bounces monsters that stick to the board. Can get rid of Dracossack, Dante, Winda, and other strong monsters. 2000 attack is good as well. I wish he could be protected from destruction effects, that'd be great. But he's good as he is.   3x Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu Photocopy stronkest monster. 2 broke.   Side Deck Still messing around. Suggestions are welcome. Decks I have trouble against are the top 3. Mainly Shads and BAs. I won't bother with Qlips as they just win anyway.   2x Vanity's Fiend Luckily friends have pulled 2 of them so I decided to use them. 2400 attack along with Special Summon stunning is good when I set up. Alt win condition.   3x Puppet Plant Buddy suggested this. I don't like it, and I'd rather use De-fusion. His advice has yet to fail me.   2x System Down Sided in for Qlips. Eh, I can at least attempt to steal a game.   Dark Hole Option I want to have if I face other decks than the top 3 atm.   Bottomless Trap Hole See Dark Hole   2x Ojama Trio This seems fun against BA as they can't tribute the tokens and their monsters blow up when something different is on board.   2x Light and Shadow Mirrors I have the luxury to run these. Makes it easier for me to go up against Satells and Shaddolls.         Notes: I want to side-in 2-3 Night Beams or main 2-3 Night Beams. I don't want my opponent chaining with their backrow right after. MST's can go easily but putting them in the side deck somehow would be better.   Mist Bird Clausolas was once used in the deck but I found that the new rank 2 does a better job and does more such as bouncing a Dante to the extra.   Do I bump Upstart to 3? I can do so much damage on board easily, and I need the draw power but I don't know what to get rid of yet. Eh, not my biggest concern at the moment.