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Found 1 result

  1. This all happened yesterday at a regional. My score was 5-2, with one more match left still with a chance to top 16 if I won. First game I won, now I am quite happy as I only need to win one more and I will top. Both of us has sided cards in and about to begin the next game, then a judge stopped us and takes our deck for a deck check. I think everyone get nervous when getting deck check and I'm no exception. Before this event I have resleeved my deck, so my sleeves should be good, only thing i worry about if any card was bent. After they carry out the deck check, I can see one judge returning only with my opponent deck box, this is not a good sign for me. The judge ask me to go judges desk. As I got there, three different judges were waiting for me. As I sit down, one judge ask me to shuffle my deck and draw a hand. I did what I been told, then the judge say to play out the hand. I followed as instructed, I was playing monarch and I tribute summon kuraz with return on board, I search either from return and destroy return & edios with kuraz effect then draw two. After that the judges reshuffled cards in the deck, hand the deck to me and ask if I can found something wrong. First thing I do is check sleeves is any was marked, I could not see any problems. Then I look at the top of the deck checking if any card was bent, I picked out two card that look slightly bent. The judges ask why I pick these out and I said that they look bent. One of judge put them back in the deck, then picked out 7 card out my deck from looking at top of the deck. They were three pantheism, ether, kuraz, tanicity and another monarch spell which I can't exactly remember. The judge say these cards was sticking out of their sleeves, at this point I did not know what to say as the three judges stare at me. At this moment I thought back during the day, I did notice a lot card was sticking out and start pushing them back in individually, but someone told me to tap the deck on the table to push them in as this would be quicker, I did as what he told me and they look like they are back in. Now I know I not in a good position as three of cards are the same, three of judges left discuss about this between themselves and Im just sitting there scared thinking that they think I'm cheating and wondering why does it have to be three pantheism that was in the seven card that are sticking out. As the three judges return they told me that I'm disqualified from this tournament and I would have to write a statement on what happened to konami and judges also have to write a statement, which decide if I will get suspended or not. I'm here completely shock on what happened, so I wrote the statement as did the other three judges. After what happened I was really frustrated and thinking I could handle the situation better but I was way too nervous. I'm not sure what do now, as I did not cheat or intentionally stick any cards out their sleeve. I feeling really depress on the whole incident.