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Found 9 results

  1. 2014 Ban List - This format will only include the format up until the end of North American Nationals Format In this format, we are left with the remnants of mermail-firefist format but toward the end of the format, the diversity of decks will include H.A.T, Mermail, Bujin, Sylvan, Dragon Rulers, Geargia, Infernity, Lightsworn, and Zombie FTK, . Although the format was very diluted at first with such limits and Mermail Abyssgunde and Coach Soldier Wolfbark, the format was given advancments in both creativity of diversity when the set Dragons of Legend was set to be released with defining cards such as Kuribandit, Fire and Ice Hand, Mathematician, Wiretap and the most iconic and one thetranscendant cards in the history of YGO, Soul Charge. Post Dragons of Legend, The first event was ARG Richmond (decklists here), where top the top 16 included Fire Fist, Bujin, Mermail, Geargia, Ghostrick and at last, Patrick Hoban's Dragon Rulers had won over A Loli's Dragon Rulers. Match's G1 and G2-G5. However, the meta had continued to evolve past these decks as we get a new set, Primal Origin, with such key cards being released for future meta defining decks that include Traptrix, Madolche, Sylvan and Artifact cards. However, the following event, YCS Philadelphia (Decklist's Here), the expected decks of Madolche, Dragon Ruler and Infernity would top, however would have unexpected decks making it into top 32 such as Inzektors, the newly discovered H.A.T, and even Evilswarm. A giant clusterfuck of decks and such a diverse wide array of strategies (with the top 3 decks not even playing Soul Charge). The format had only began to evolve. By the end of the format, the diversity decks at this point had began to define the format, with every deck having good and bad match-ups, and with nationals 2014 rolling around, no deck had really stuck out as the best deck. Decks like Mermail with Sehabi Kerradine and Bujins with Jeff Jones had some success in ARG's, Lightsworns being a popular deck in europe (Best Video on Youtube), but no clear deck had defined the format. So it was all up the in air as to what deck was really the best deck. Nationals 2014 was one of the diverse tournaments in the history of YGO. In stark contrast to the year before where Dragon Rulers, Spellbooks and ONE Madolche deck covered the entire 2013 Top 64, up to TEN DECKS had topped 64th the event (decklist here), however not all decklists here but I did what I could find). Decks most well known during this tournament consisted of Infernity, Sylvan, Dragon Ruler (Top 16 Duel), Lightsworn Ruler, Spellbook, Geargia (If you guys have Brandon's decklist, that would be great too), Bujin, The G.O.A.T Deck (AKA Reckless Frog OTK (video profile), Jeff Jones Koa'ki Meiru (Round 10 Duel), Fire Fist Artifact Traptrix (Semi-Final Duel), and eventual winner H.A.T (Deon and McDuffie Decklist) (Final Duel Here). In all, the format had a little of everything for every duelist and play style, from control, aggro, and stun. In my opinion, decks were still in their infancy as far as solving the format, with the format being a smaller, decks still had room to evolve and strategies to combat cards were still being discovered. Shoutout to Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game http://www.yugioh-card.com/ TCGplayer.com Youtube.com TheCardGuyz Alter Reality Games Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia TeamShockWaves MegaCapitalG TheDuelRock Vexacus4666 Timothy Bailey TheAronsChannel lfcpotter
  2. Cyber Artifact Galaxy

    Yes, I'm serious.   Cyber Artifact Galaxy     3 Galaxy Soldier 3 Galaxy Wizard 1 Artifact Moralltach 1 Artifact Beagalltach 1 Artifact Scythe 1 Artifact Lancea 3 Cyber Dragon Core 3 Cyber Dragon 1 Cyber Eltanin   3 Instant Fusion 3 Machine Duplication 3 Fusion Conscription 3 Cyber Repair Plant 3 Accellight 3 Artifact Ignition 1 Soul Charge 1 Galaxy Expedition   3 Artifact Sanctum   2 Chimeratech Fortress Dragon 1 Elder Entity Norden 1 Panzer Dragon 1 Tellarknight Ptolemus 1 Constellar Satellarknight Diamond 1 Cyber Dragon Nova 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Volcasaurus  1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Tiras Keeper of Genesis 1 Castel the Skyblade Musketeer  1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Artifact Durendal   Side Deck I've yet to create or think about much.   Theory   Obviously for the new format banlist with the new set, even if the cards are technically legal before-hand. To really understand what the point of this shit is it probably makes sense to explain how it even came to fruition in the first place. It starts with me looking through random shit on Dueling Network as I do from time to time, on a lot of facets of the internet, and I'm brainstorming shit for new format. I come across a card called Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters which I think is good but due to me forgetting a technical Problem Solving Card Text thing, it ends up being awful, then I find a card called Cyber Eltanin (okay I actually found the Cyber card several days before the Sanctuary card but I just felt like shoehorning that in somehow.) It particularly caught my attention because its effect on summon of sending all other monsters on the field to the graveyard got around the Kozmo Forerunner card and the Kozmo Dark Destroyer card. It also would be able to deal with any Infernoid field barring one including Devyaty. Both of these were, from my analysis of the hype, appearing to be along with pendulum variants, what were going to be shaping the beginning of the new format. So, being that this card should give me a significant edge against both of those decks, along with the Cyber cards I had previously already had in the back of my mind from understanding that Cyber Dragon are essentially the strongest counter to Kozmo there is (Core being able to get Repair Plant which could get to Eltanin as well,) I began to make a deck.   Now, the first thing I had to figure out was how I was going to get Cyber Dragon in the graveyard to use Cyber Repair Plant. Unfortunately Construct was banned because a Shaddoll route would seem quite appealing as well. I realized quickly there were basically only three not-shitty ways, then, to get it into the Graveyard, after reading all the relating cards. The first was Machina Fortress, the other was Fusion Summoning into FTKs that date back to the second Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime, and Galaxy Soldier. Machine Fortress has been outpower-creep'd by a few years (the new Megaform card didn't do it any justice either,) the Fusion cards take too many combo pieces to be consistent especially when you consider that another combo piece against backrow decks has to be something to even deal with the backrow in the first place, so what you're left with is Galaxy Soldier, a Light, Level 5 Machine. Naturally the next move was looking through Galaxy cards. Don't bother, they all are shit except for Galaxy Soldier, Galaxy Wizard, Accellight, and Galaxy Expedition. Oh, and Galaxy Cyclone if you count that too. Anyways, Galaxy Soldier, Galaxy Wizard, and Accellight were appealing because they formed their own 9 card engine which would basically be 9 copies of Galaxy Soldier but would also land a level four in the Graveyard for Instant Fusion. Past that, let's talk about the card Galaxy Soldier. Once again, it's a Light Level 5 Machine, so naturally it works with both Cyber Dragon Nova and Constellar Pleiades, Galaxy Wizard being able to add any Galaxy "Card" means it can get to Expedition and since Soldier gets to Wizard it means it also gets to Expedition which then summons another Soldier to make for an easy 2-card Rank 5, or 1-card depending on how you look at it. The other thing I looked into were Photon cards because both Expedition and Accellight also could interact with them, they were all garbage as well, unfortunately.   So, between the Galaxy cards and the Cyber Dragon cards now, I began to complete the first rendition of the deck. What I knew that it was lacking though, was a few things. First, some actual arbitrary out to S/Ts if it's found that I do in fact need that to win (if it has a positive effect on my win rate that is.) Second, I have nothing to do going first. Third, I have no defense. The answer to the first question originally was a copy of Galaxy Cyclone. I figured via being searchable by Galaxy Wizard, that card plus the ability to push monsters into backrow would be sound theoretically. The answer to the second and third questions, originally, was the same. Speedroids. A Level three that searched a Level 4 and a Level 4 that blocked attacks so that if I went first I would not get ransacked. The last issue was the Cyber Dragon cards themselves. For Cyber Repair Plant to Resolve, I needed Cyber Dragon in my graveyard, but I only had 6 of them, and all the other Cyber Dragon variants were terrible, which was an issue because the Repair Plant card was central to my strategy especially if it meant I could get Eltanin on-demand. The answer to this as inspired by a card Victor mentioned in some other post was a card called Fusion Conscription, which just searched the card out. It didn't really matter that I couldn't summon it that turn afterwards because I would likely be discarding it anyway, or in the case of the original deck, additionally, could be fusing it (I had been using 3 Power Bonds.) Well, all the pieces fit together at least, then I realized eventually some of the theoretical problems with my original pools of thought.   First, despite the Level 4 Speedroid being a Machine Duplication target, both those cards have some issues. The issue with the Level 3 is it just doesn't do anything past the point of searching the 4 and then just lingers on field which can conflict with a Cyber Dragon that you want to Special Summon. The other issue is the Kozmos still being able to have a battle phase past the aforementioned pseudo-Battle Fader's effect due to them Banishing off their Level 4s-and-unders for higher level monsters from their hand. Other issue that I noted earlier that became apparent to me was Fusion Summoning sucked. The last minor thing to address that I realized was that Cyber Eltanin ought to be a 1 of because it's a 7-of when I need it and a 1-of that I can discard when I don't, and it turns out that even though you need it often, you never want to draw it when you don't need it and therefore want to minimize that possibility. Anyway, being that the Speedroid cards failed to answer the problems posed earlier properly, I was now left with a large amount of space in my deck and not really sure the best way to utilize it. Then, I realized that Artifacts just solved all of my problems, especially those of match-ups outside of favorable ones, and more.   First, the Artifact cards answered the "what to do going first" question. You can set them and also make a Rank 5 without just having a shitty lone Rank 5 out there. Second, they also let you blind second but not have a bad deck going first and the reason why is because Galaxy Soldier can discard Artifacts, and because of Artifact Ignition (which dictated I could drop Galaxy Cyclone.) This meant in general that dead drawing them wouldn't be an issue, especially between that and Durendal, so you effectively have maximized the chances of them being good while minimizing the chances of them being bad. Next, they were Level 5's. Light, Level 5's. So, they naturally work really well with the Cyber Dragon and Galaxy cards even though they can't get out Cyber Dragon Nova (it doesn't really matter though because you rarely summon Cyber Dragon Nova anyway.) The last thing it did was improve your match-up against other decks that you didn't necessarily have as good a match-up against previously. Against Infernoid you had Artifact Lancea, against Burning Abyss you had Artifact Scythe, and against pendulum decks in general, Artifact Moralltach and Artifact Ignition would be a strong method of combatting them. Being that I still haven't found any other better alternative, of the known strategies, this was then, comparatively the best to work with these cards. Thus, Cyber Artifact Galaxy was born.    On logistics, specifically of the extra deck because the Main should just be really obvious from that sort of framing as most deck-building is when you look at it from a macro-scale and create these sorts of paradigms, this falls into place as well. Basically the only thing that isn't there right now, other than Number 106: Giant Hand, that I was considering putting in, was Zenmaioh and it was basically either that or Tiras. Zenmaioh is just going to basically never resolved to the the specific Traps, or lackthereof, people are using, but Tiras could reasonably work when going into backrow. On Giant Hand, Ptolemus just sort of trumps it, especially with Nekroz and the corresponding Manjus and Senjus fading out of the picture. Last note, the only issue theoretically I think I can spot is that the logic for 9 copies of Cyber Dragon supporting Cyber Repair Plant isn't a constant for the 6 targets for Machine Duplication (3 Cyber Repair Plant and 3 Cyber Dragon Core.) I really did try to look for other good Machine Duplication targets for this deck but they all suck for one reason or another, including Cyber Valley. Plus, in general I'd put Cyber Repair Plant resolving over the decent drop-off of Machine Duplication's consistency. It's still going to resolve for the most part though, and worst case, setting it for Durendal is almost always an option.   The only adventure left really, for this then, is the Side Deck, which I'm sure at some point I'll talk about in this thread. Toodaloo. 
  3. Anti meta - 2nd attempt

      2nd attempt of Anti meta     ======================================================================   Monsters: 16 2 Artifact Beagalltach 1 Artifact Caduceus 1 Artifact Lancea 1 Artifact Moralltach 1 Artifact Scythe 2 Barrier Statue of the Heavens 2 Cardcar D 3 Cyber Stein 3 Rai-oh   Spells: 9 3 Artifact ignition 1 Heavy Storm 2 Instant Fusion 3 Duality   Traps: 15 3 Artifact Sanctum 3 Call of the Haunted 3 Dimensional Prison 3 Mirror Force 3 Mistake   Side: 15 2 Artifact Lancea 2 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 2 Kycoo 3 Maxx C 2 MST 1 Warning Extra: 15 1 Cyber Twin 1 Exterio 1 Last Warrior from another Planet 0 Koga - forgot to remove 1 Noden 1 Panzer Dragon 1 Exciton 1 Castel 1 Durendal 2 Pleiades - replaces Koga 1 61 Volca 1 19 Freezadon 1 M7 1 FA Crystal Zero Lancer 1 Gaia       ======================================================================   Plans to win: Sit with any of the following - Exterio - Raioh + traps + CotH - Barrier Statue   Moralltach limited really hurts a lot, and I now need to play something like Scythe to compensate.   I added Cardcar D because I often find myself not having sufficient cards to do anything. I played Barrier instead of Vanity because firstly I wanted to special summon myself, and because Barrier is much more difficult to kill than Vanity. Will you see more MST than Dark Hole? 'Summon attack' is not that easy as it may sound since I decided to play 6 battle traps. Even if you kill it I may still have CotH.   Problem to solve: - Hands are painful to deal with. - The side is too monster heavy
  4. Batteryman Artifact

                                                                                                                                        Monsters: 16                                                                                           1 Artifact Beagalltach                                                                                           3 Artifact Moralltach                                                                                            3 Batteryman 9Volt                                                                                          3 Batteryman Microcell                                                                                           3 Batteryman Charger                                                                                          2 Batteryman Fuel Cell                                                                                  1 Batteryman Industrial Strength                                                                                                                                                                                                           Spells: 13                                                                                           3 Upstart Goblin                                                                                           3 Supply Squad                                                                                   3 The Monarch Stormforth                                                                                          2 Artifact Ignition                                                                                          1 Pot of Duality                                                                                          1 Soul Charge                                                                                                                     Traps: 11                                                                                         3 Artifact Sanctum                                                                                        3 Dimensional Prison                                                                                               3 Wiretap                                                                                        1 Solemn Warning                                                                             1 Compulsory Evacuation Device                                                                                                                            Extra Deck: 15                                                                                          1 Abyss Dweller                                                                                    1 Castel the Musketeer                                                                                      1 Constellar Omega                                                                                      1 Constellar Pleiadis                                                                                    1 Constellar Ptolemy M7                                                                                  1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight                                                                        1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger                                                                                       1 Gauntlet Launcher                                                                           1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK                                                                                           1 Volcasaurus                                                                                     1 Rhapsody in Berserk                                                                                    1 Photon Strike Bounzer                                                                                     1 Starleige Paladynamo                                                                                    1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis                                                                                        1 Wind-Up Zenmaioh                                                                                                                                   Side Deck: 15                                                                                  1 Caius, the Shadow Monarch                                                                                                 3 Maxx "C"                                                                                               1 Dark Hole                                                                                    3 Mystical Space Typhoon                                                                                         3 Pulling the Rug                                                                                  3 Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror                                                                                             1 Soul Drain                                     One of the lesser known/talked about releases from Duelist Alliance is Batteryman 9Volt, which makes the deck a legitimate strategy (along with the other more known release of The Monarch Stormforth.) I've played this deck a lot in several different variations and a common theme repeated itself: This deck beats Shaddolls, loses to Burning Abyss, and has a 50-50/so-so/okay/moderate/whatever adjective of the same meaning match up against Satellaknight. Going onto some rhyme and reason for these results as provided from my testing in the Dueling Network rated pool(s,) I can point to a few things.   MATCH-UP BY MATCH-UP   VS Shaddoll: Not using the extra deck and still being able to produce large amounts of damage/otk is the really favorable thing about this match up. You won't be putting yourself at any sort of disadvantage by not letting them fuse from the deck with Shaddoll Fusion, like some other strategies do. On top of this, using The Monarch Stormforth on a set Shaddoll, specifically Falco can be a blowout if tribute summoning for Charger. The Shaddolls do not get their effects, and you're ahead in cards if tributing for Charger or Caius post-side. Winda isn't the most difficult card to deal with in this deck because of Fuel Cells effect being able to bounce it right back to the extra deck while they get no Shaddoll Fusion, and this can be accomplished under Winda just by tribute summoning a Charger and getting Fuel Cell right from the deck, from there tributing the Charger for Cell's effect. There aren't many outs in Shaddoll to an early set Microcell, and Supply Unit can easily snowball if they can't quickly Dragon it. The only thing that Shaddoll really has on this deck is Super Polymerization, but that is what it is.   VS Burning Abyss: This match up is atrocious. Between them being able to float into Alucard making Micro Cell terrible, them floating the materials of XYZs to stop your OTKs even around Fuel Cell, and it having one of the strongest trap line-ups in the game, this is not an easy match up for this deck by any stretch of the imagination. This is one of the reasons why I posted this, to ask for help with what I can do to beat Burning Abyss with this deck, if anything. At this point I'm conceding game one and hoping to draw floodgates game 2/3 which I don't have an abundance of (you may notice the lack of Vanity's Emptiness, I'll talk about that more later.) I do not believe there is a way to consistently win this match up while simultaneously letting them play Yu-Gi-Oh.   VS Satellaknight: The idea of "life points hitting zero before their number of traps hits zero" used to describe some combo vs non-combo match ups in the past applies here. If their number of traps hits zero before you die they kill them, and the situation you die is when your life points hits 0 before their number of traps do. There isn't much else to say, but I will note I did include some Dimensional Prisons in the main to help mitigate this a little giving me some extra turns to deal with their backrows. Also I'm aware siding Pulling the Rug actually doesn't make sense if my strategy is to go through their traps and not die then win because it doesn't align to that line of play, I would also like some help here asking the Groundz what I might want to use instead of them in the side to align with the aforementioned line of play.   MAIN DECK RATIO THEORY & OTHER NOTES   First, let's talk about the artifacts.     As far as why this ratio specifically of 1 Beagalltach, 3 Moralltach, 2 Ignition and 3 Sanctums, I'd like to refer to some notes taken way back in ARG DC format about my thoughts on all the artifact ratios not including just Sanctums and 2-3 Moralltach:       I believe the same applies, another thing to note in favor of using Beagalls and Ignitions is this being an OTK deck making Beagall better than usual and Ignition's importance to this format with Supply Squad, Vanity's Emptiness, and Call of the Haunted being popular. The Artifacts also have amazing synergy with the deck by being level 5s to make rank 5s, Light-Attributed specifically for making Pleiadis, Sanctum setting up a tribute summon for Charger, and just Sanctum still being one of the strongest traps in the game, despite how popular Breakthrough Skill and Floaters are right now. Speaking of Breakthrough Skill, that card specifically is the reason I opt to maxx out on Breakthrough Skill. It's a very real problem for this deck.    Speaking comparatively between Wiretap and Trap Stun in this deck, I opt for Wiretap in for the following reasons:   Where Trap Stun is better: Multiple real traps that stop you from otking your opponent. Between Sinister Shadow Games, Shaddoll Core, Call of the Haunted, Alpha (when they do not control a Satellaknight,)  Dimensional Prisons, MSTs, etc it actually isn't that uncommon for your opponent not to have more than one real trap among multiple backrow (Dimensional Prison is arguably a real trap.) Where Wiretap is better: Breakthrough Skill Solemn Warning if you didn't want to play stun preemptively because it wasn't a guaranteed OTK if it resolves. Also other counter-traps like Satellaknight Alpha. Breakthrough Skill When you want to stop a trap in your opponent's turn without turning off the rest of your traps. Breakthrough Skill   Moving onward to the Batteryman line-up itself:     Maxing out on Chargers, 9-Volts, and Microcells should be obvious. As far as the other ones go, if you're not bricking which are the times Industrial Strength is live you can just search it because he's kind of tidius to summon if you aren't already in a winning position. He is really important though if you used one of your Fuel Cells to make OTKs or to just out Midrash with just the summon of a 9-Volt and two Batterymen in grave. I use just enough Fuel Cells to make Bounzer and Ptolemy, and just enough Fuel Cells to OTK with Charger drop + Fuel Cell. it's a brick outside of Charger drop, so I don't see a reason to play a third.   Squaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa     9-Volts last effect is that it destroys itself in the end phase, and it triggers Supply Squad making it instantly replace itself if you have 9-Volt aka didn't brick and makes every card you get after that point from it absolutely free. There was a decently sized period of time I actually didn't know I was supposed to use this, my friend TJ set me straight. Card just snowballs in non-autowin games and turns them into wins.   1 Duality, 1 Soul Charge     This isn't a Soul Charge deck. The Soul Charge plays in this deck are mostly unimpressive and usually the best thing you can do is trigger 9-Volt from it, so I do not max or even play 2. It is a decent comeback card late game to swing the game in your favor though, but I also never wanna draw it vs Shaddoll, so I opt for one. Back when I used one Duality in Infernity the theory was "if you combo you win and the Duality you drew didn't matter if you don't combo Duality is a better upstart." The same theory applies here that if you combo you win via otk and if you don't Duality is a better upstart. Only one because I never wanna see multiples and the theory's exception is when you have to get over a field when comboing because you might not be in a winning position afterwards.   The Monarch Stormforth     It doesn't take much imagination to understand why this is such an important part of the deck. Tributing your opponents monster for a Charger that will get you a 9-Volt that will get you a Fuel Cell that combos with the Fuel Cell/Industrial Strength in your hand to kill them is amazing, and it will very rarely not be live as, counting for Fuel Cells, Microcells, and 9-Volts, you have 11 cards to use it with.   The last two cards not talked about are Warning and Compulsory Evacuation Device, which are pretty self-explanatory.   THE EXTRA   Gauntlet sets up OTKs you wouldn't otherwise have, Bounzer is something that you can combo into defense if you don't kill them, M7 does stuff, all the rank 5s do stuff, Gaia can pierce for game, rank 4s pretty obvious. You don't actually summon much from the extra, mostly rank 5s and 6s.   THE SIDE   I might end up with more Caiuses (or perhaps Raiza) sided but it's powerful vs Shaddoll and BA. Maxx C isn't the best vs any of the popular decks right now but you can still run into some combo decks especially in the specific area of rated I was playing. They're negligible I suppose. 3 MSTs obv outing floods like Vanity, Light Mirror, etc. Soul and Shadow Mirrors and Floods like that are what you need to beat Shaddoll. I might side Vanity (I'll get back to that) to have more floods for BA because it is the very poor match up of this deck. As mentioned before Pulling the rugs are likely the incorrect way to approach siding for the Satellaknight match-up, and that's about all I have right now. My side deck is less than powerful at the moment and most certainly needs some revising.   CARDS I AM NOT PLAYING ATM/WHY   Portable Battery Pack: I would play Call before this because of the Artifacts Call of the Haunted: Pretty strong and can give you a tribute for Charger, but at the same time makes their Breakthrough a bit stronger than it already is. This can definitely end up back in my deck. Battery Charger: Getting back 9-Volt isn't the greatest because you would have used it's effect that turn where you wouldn't have with Call, and you can't do it on Artifacts. Yet again, I'd play Call before this card. Vanity's Emptiness   I talked to a friend a bit about this earlier, basically the point against this card mained boils down to you'll win the turn you go off so it doesn't matter if this + board is game in most circumstances and if you have to play it before the turn you Charger drop you have to actually get rid of the Emptiness so you can win quickly because this isn't really a grind type of deck. The hole in this is against BA Charger drops is almost never game because of their excessive floaters so there is a real argument for siding this for BA so you can have board + Vanity for their next turn and then kill them on your following turn.   That is all I have for right now.
  5. Much thanks to harig07 for writing this! Everyone give him tons of pos rep! Artifacts   Introduction:   "Artifact" (because spelling the word correctly is too mainstream for the translation team) is an archetype of Level/Rank 5 LIGHT Fairy-Type Monsters first released in Primal Origins that are based on historical and mythological weapons. Mechanically the Main Deck monsters revolve around the theme of being able to be set in the Spell/Trap zone and can be Special Summoned if they are destroyed there during the opponent's turn. They all also have effects that activate if they are Special Summoned during the opponent's turn (not necessarily via their own effects). So far there is one Xyz, Durendal, which enables you to negate effects at the expense of your backrow or act as a Reload for both players. Artifacts very quickly made an impact in the OCG meta in a format where Dragons were reigning supreme, as they would considering how relatively untouched they were by our banlist standards. Many different variants of the deck saw play, as is expected in Japan, the weirdest of which was probably Six Samurai Artifacts, however despite the characteristic whackiness of the Japanese meta it became apparent that the Artifact engine was both flexible and deadly. The most notable partnership came to be with Chronomaly, who have their own Stratos on crack in the Japanese meta, with another notable partnership being Traptrix. Granted, Artifacts weren't necessarily the best deck, but being able to stifle the monopolistic Dragon format became a foreshadowing testament to the potential that the deck held. As of the time of writing there has been one major event with Primal Origins as a legal set, that being YCS Philadelphia. Artifacts had 6 out of the 32 top spots via the newly emerged hybrid with the Traptrix engine, who received a new boon in Dionaea, and the Hand engine, consisting of Dragons of Legends' Fire Hand and Ice Hand. Only Geargia ousted them in numbers of tops and tied with essentially the same deck in Handtrix for numbers of tops (Handtrix just doesn't have Artifacts in it, obviously). It has become immediately clear, therefore, that this deck is a very real threat in the TCG meta. This deck is composed of many parts, so it is difficult to discuss a &quot;core&quot; as such. I shall therefore have the centre point of the discussion be Artifacts and the Artifact core, expanding on everything else and how they relate to Artifacts. A boon of the Artifact engine is that it is incredibly flexible and could be put into pretty much any deck, however if I were to discuss, say, Constellar Artifacts it would be clear that Artifacts aren't the focus, so it wouldn't qualify for this discussion. In my opinion, Traptrix, Hands and even Chronomaly are embellishments on the Artifacts rather than vice versa, so they qualify as &quot;cores&quot; that warrant being discussed in this thread   ----- Artifacts: [spoiler] Artifact Sanctum (the card you want to draw)   Normal Trap Card "Special Summon 1 &quot;Artifact&quot; monster from your Deck. You can only activate 1 &quot;Artifact Sanctum&quot; per turn. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card. If this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by an opponent's card: You can target 1 card on the field; destroy that target"   Would you look at that, a card that can Special Summon Artifacts from the deck thereby triggering their Special Summon effects without having to draw them and destroy them. How convenient!   Sanctum is incredibly important for obvious reasons. The archetype is based around an inherently reactive mechanic (having to be destroyed in the S/T zone). This card is incredibly&nbsp;proactive, vastly increasing the extent that you are able to do things on your own. Moral may be the key monster but Sanctum is easily the most important card in the deck.   ----- Artifact Moralltach (the good one)   LIGHT Fairy-Type 5* 2100 ATK/1400 DEF "You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. During your opponent's turn, when this Set card in the Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone is destroyed and sent to your Graveyard: Special Summon it. If this card is Special Summoned during your opponent's turn: You can destroy 1 face-up card your opponent controls"   2100 beatstick that destroys a face-up card upon being Special Summoned (that also doesn't target for some reason). In a deck with their own Reinforce Truth. This is pretty much it, the whole deck revolves around using Sanctum to pump out this guy. Maybe not the most glamorous strategy but having an incredibly strong disruption card in the form of a 2100 beater is effective at what it does. The simple plus is what propels this archetype forward.   ----- Artifact Durendal (the Xyz) Rank 5 LIGHT Fairy 2400 ATK/2100 DEF 2 Level 5 monsters "Once per turn, during either player's turn, you can activate 1 of these effects. ● When a monster effect is activated on the field, OR when a Normal Spell/Trap Card is activated: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; the activated effect becomes "Destroy 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls" ● You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; each player with a hand shuffles their entire hand into the Deck, then each player draws the same number of cards they shuffled into the Deck." So far the only Xyz, this card can certainly do a lot in the right situation. Its first effect counters a number of notable effects, examples including most of the relevant Xyz's, Moral, Myrmeleo/Dion, Hootcake, Armor, Geargiagear, Sanctum, Bottomless, Dark Hole, Soul Charge, Dragon Shrine, etc. Like there are way too many to list. Its second effect is also pretty cool, serving as a nice disruption effect should they activate an effect from the hand that you don't like (a Dragon Ruler, Priestess, etc).   And that's the deck! Jk jk, there are a couple more things to keep an eye out for.   -----   Artifact Beagalltach (the controversial one) LIGHT Fairy-Type 5* 1400 ATK/2100 DEF You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. During your opponent's turn, when this Set card in the Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone is destroyed and sent to your Graveyard: Special Summon it. If this card is Special Summoned during your opponent's turn: Destroy up to 2 set cards you control (min. 1). You can only use the effect of "Artifact Beagalltach"; once per turn. Beagalltach is clearly designed to complement Moralltach. Drawing Moral sucks but is great when Special Summoned, so let's make a card that mitigates how horrible it is to draw Moral and lets you do more cool shit when Special Summoned! Yay! In theory, that's all good. However in practice the extent that Beagall is worth running is highly debatable. It may make drawing Moral less bad but it creates a dead draw in itself. Therefore there is no clear answer and whether or not Beagall is worth running, let alone at what number, is a hot topic for discussion given its prevalence in the lists from YCS Philly.   -----   Artifact Ignition (the MST)     Quick-Play Spell Card "Target 1 Spell/Trap Card on the field: destroy that target, and if you do, Set 1 "Artifact"; monster directly from your Deck to your Spell & Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. If this card in its owner's possession is destroyed by an opponent's card: Your opponent skips their next Battle Phase. (You must have an "Artifact"; monster in your Main Deck to activate this card)." They get their own MST too?! Damn. You know what sets Beagalltach up nicely (pun hehe)? Being able to set Moral directly from the deck. If Moral and Sanctum are seen as their own engine I'd argue that Beagall and Ignition are similar in that they are best in tandem with one another, except obviously Beagal and Ignition are embellishments of the Moral + Sanctum engine rather than good cards independently. However, it isn't black and white in this case either. Setting Moral from the deck is essentially a faux +1, as it only becomes real if it is materialised via its destruction. Less Morals in deck means less Sanctum resolutions. With that in mind, while Beagall may potentially work without Ignition it is unlikely that the reverse is true, as without Beagall setting Artifacts becomes incredibly undesirable.   -----   Artifact Scythe (the hipster one)     LIGHT Fairy-Type 5* 2200 ATK/900 DEF "You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. During your opponent's turn, when this Set card in the Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone is destroyed and sent to your Graveyard: Special Summon it. If this card is Special Summoned during your opponent's turn: Your opponent cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn."   So many speculations as to what the TCG exclusive Artifact would be. Moralltach for sets? A new Xyz? One that lets you draw? As it turns out we got this, which is neither here nor there. To be honest it was what the exclusive should have been. Its effect has a lot of utility against Xyz/Synchro heavy decks (obviously). Whether or not you feel it is worth running rests on a meta call. Scythe gets worse if you are to play mirror matches but better if you are to play things like Madolche and Infernity. It is worth keeping in mind, in any case. Other stuff: Artifact Caduceus Artifact Failnaught Artifact Achilleshield Artifact Aegis Artifact Labrys Artifacts Unleashed [/spoiler]   -----   Loli Sluts Traptrix:   [spoiler]   Whore Traptrix Myrmeleo (le Stratos)     EARTH Insect-Type 4* 1600 ATK/1200 DEF "This card is unaffected by the effects of "Hole" Normal Trap Cards. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 "Hole" Normal Trap Card from your Deck to your hand. When this card is Special Summoned: Target 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; destroy that target."   You know what archetype needed more support? Trap Hole, clearly. So of course, as with all the bread and butter archetypes that exist nowadays, there has to a be Stratos-esque searcher. There are a plethora of Trap Hole cards that are now at your fingertips because of this little minx. Myrmeleo essentially is the Traptrix engine on its own, and is clearly the most important component of it. It balances the reactive nature of having to draw into Sanctum and bricking when you draw Artifacts really well. You just summon it and search.   -----   Slut Traptrix Dionaea (le Wolfbark)     EARTH Insect-Type 4* 1600 ATK/1200 DEF "This card is unaffected by the effects of "Hole" Normal Trap Cards. When this card is Normal Summoned: You can target 1 "Traptrix" monster in your Graveyard: Special Summon that target in face-up Defence Position. When this card is Special Summoned: You can target 1 "Hole"; Normal Trap Card in your Graveyard: Set that target, but banish it during the End Phase of your next turn if it is still on the field. You can only use this effect of "Traptrix Dionaea"; once per turn."   So we've got the searcher, now what do we need Konami r&d? How about a clone of a card that propelled Fire Fists to being actually good by turning a cute advantage engine into something that can produce actual meaningful cards to back the advantage? Great idea! <Diana, as I affectionately call her, is a Wolfbark. You bring back a Myrmeleo in grave (triggering its MST effect) and overlay into a Rank 4. However, there is a pertinent difference between this card and Wolfbark, namely that Wolfbark was searchable. With Fire Fist you had Tenki to glue the consistency gap created by having to draw both Bear and Wolfbark at particular times. Not being able to search Diana highlights how much of a vanilla it is in the early game when you don't have an appropriate target in grave. Despite this, it is a small gripe, and Diana is a huge boon for the Traptrix engine.   -----   Bottomless Trap Hole (le retro one)     Normal Trap Card "When your opponent Summons a monster(s) with 1500 or more ATK: Destroy that monster(s) with 1500 or more ATK, and if you do, banish it instead of sending it to the Graveyard."   Good card. Cool. Glad that's over.   -----   Warm Embracing Hole Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare (le pricey one)     Normal Trap Card "When a monster your opponent controls that was Special Summoned this turn activates its effect: Negate that effect, and if you do, destroy that card"   If you had the wit to buy these before the price inflation then you are a happy camper. If not, unlucky.   Clearly a very good card. Stops a number of notable threats, the most notable examples being Exciton (who dodges its counterpart Void Trap Hole) and Moralltach. This card is a key component of the Traptrix engine, establishing itself on a level with Bottomless in terms of what you'll be wanting to search. Good card. Cool.   -----   Void Trap Hole (le neglected one)     Normal Trap Hole When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) with 2000 or more ATK: Negate the effects of one of those monsters with 2000 or more ATK, and if you do, destroy it.   Void Trap Hole was the first Trap Hole to see its price shoot up, yet ultimately became overshadowed by Nightmare. Void has some exclusive boons that Nightmare doesn't, namely that the opponent's card does not have to activate its effect for it to be killed. It also clears 2000+ ATK monsters with the &quot;cannot be destroyed by card effects&quot; clause, as their effects become negated. As the format evolves no doubt people will start playing around Nightmare, so this may be worth running in such an environment (or indeed worth running anyway, as it is a nice piece of removal).   -----   Acid Trap Hole (le indie one)     Normal Trap Card "Target 1 face-down Defence position monster on the field; flip it face-up, then destroy it if its DEF is 2000 or less, or return it face-down if its DEF is more than 2000."   It kills Geargiarmor (and makes Armor miss timing because the last thing to happen is the destruction, not the Flip). That's about it.   You can do cool stuff with it in the mirror as setting Hands is popular. As it is chainable if you put it at Chain Link 2 or higher if the target is a Hand it shall miss timing. This also applies in the Geargia match-up if they set Accelerator at some point.   -----   Deep Dark Trap Hole (le cheeky one)     Normal Trap Card When a Level 5 or higher Effect Monster(s) is Special Summoned: Banish that Level 5 or higher Effect Monster(s).   But Bottomless exists! Why is this relevant at all? Well, having more Bottomless is nice, and they fulfil different roles. Deep Dark notably does not destroy, so it fucks things like Stardust in the chin. It is pretty much for decks that pump out Level 5+ out as a key component of that strategy (derp), so Dragons. More Dragon hate yay.   ----- Trap Hole (le first one)     Normal Trap Card "When your opponent Normal or Flip Summons 1 monster with 1000 or more ATK: Target that monster; destroy that target."   The OG. The main man. Yes, the card that you frantically threw into your deck at the age of 8 thinking that it was the total titties may actually be the total titties. For all the new mangled shit that keeps coming out there is always a point for that one card released 10000 years ago that is, somehow, still relevant.   Trap Hole is cool against decks that Normal Summon things with 1k+ attack, unsurprisingly. So things like Fire Fist. Remember that opposing Traptrix are unaffected by Trap Hole cards though.   Other stuff: Traptrix Atrax Traptrix Nepenthes Dark Trap Hole (Darkfall) Adhesion Trap Hole D.D. Trap Hole Treacherous Trap Hole Giant Trap Hole   [/spoiler]   ----- Hands:   [spoiler] Fire Hand & Ice Hand     FIRE Pyro-Type 4* 1600 ATK/1000 DEF "When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle, or by card effect) and sent to your Graveyard: You can target 1 monster they control; destroy that target, then you can Special Summon 1 "Ice Hand"; from your Deck." WATER Aqua-Type 4* 1400 ATK/1600 DEF "When this card in your possession is destroyed by your opponent's card (either by battle, or by card effect) and sent to your Graveyard: You can target 1 Spell/Trap Card they control; destroy that target, then you can Special Summon 1 "Fire Hand" from your Deck." There really isn't any point discussing the two in isolation of each other as they clearly only work in tandem with one another. They act as Tengus that also act as removal. They will gain their effects upon being Warning'd but can miss timing. The rest is pretty clear.   I don't know about you but as soon as these cards were released I immediately thought of Artifacts. Gives the deck more dependable Normal Summons and are not only floaters but serve as removal as well. The impact that the Hands are coming to have on the meta is clear, in part due to the overwhelming synergy with the Artifact engine.   Other cards: Prominence Hand   [/spoiler]   -----   Other Good Stuff:   [spoiler]   This deck is capable of running basically any good standalone card, as it is essentially goodstuff.dek. Some stuff is obvious. However, some things are worth pointing out   Pot of Avarice Dichotomy     Normal Spell Card "At the start of your Main Phase 1: Target 3 monsters with different Types in your Graveyard; Shuffle all 3 into the Deck, then draw 2 cards. You cannot conduct your Battle Phase the turn you activate this card."   Most of us have been sitting in wait hoping that this shitty Avarice clone would somehow make its way into the game as a viable option in a competitive deck. For years people tried to make it not shit and failed miserably. Not any more.   All Artifacts are Fairy. Myrmeleo is Insect. Diana is a Plant. Fire Hand is Pyro. Ice Hand is Aqua. That's five different types between the deck's key components, meaning that Dichotomy's requirements can be met quite easily. That's not even getting into other potential choices that would further increase your type count like Cardcar. Being able to recycle your Hands and Moralltachs into the deck before drawing two really allows you to replenish your stock once you approach mid-late game. Just like old times then huh?   -----   Cardcar D     EARTH Machine-Type 2* 800 ATK/400 DEF "Cannot be Special Summoned. During your Main Phase 1, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; draw 2 cards, then it becomes the End Phase of this turn. You cannot Special Summon during the turn you activate this effect."   The little car that could has tremendous synergy with the Artifact engine. You don't use your Normal Summon due to Sanctum and you'll only Special Summon on their turn. Why not go for a Pot of Greed then?   Indeed, why not. Cardcar is a very good card. However, its biggest weakness is that it is prime Moralltach fodder in the mirror, which is something that you really do not want to make yourself prone to considering how prevalent a threat this deck should be in the meta. Cardcar, despite its awesomeness, may therefore not be the best choice. As crazy as it sounds you could side Cardcar, but that's getting a little too kinky.   -----   Kuribandit     DARK Fiend-Type 3* 1000 ATK/700 DEF "During the End Phase, if this card was Normal Summoned this turn: You can Tribute this card; excavate the top 5 cards of your Deck, you can add 1 excavated Spell/Trap to your hand, also send the remaining cards to the Graveyard."   Kuribandit is worth mentioning because it creates its own build. You use Kuribandit to mill Moral and Beagall thereby reducing potential dead draws later on whilst fuelling the grave for Call and Dichotomy. If that's your thing then go for it, it is certainly worth testing in any case.   -----   Double Cyclone     Quick-Play Spell Card "Select 1 Spell/Trap Card you control and 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls. Destroy the selected card(s)."   Double Cyclone allows you to pop your set Artifacts without having to firm a minus by MSTing yourself, as you take an opponent's backrow with you in this case. Double Cyclone can essentially function as an MST due to the nature of chains and arguably fulfils Beagall's role more effectively than both it and Ignition. Again, something worth testing.   -----   Majesty's Fiend   " /></p>   LIGHT Fiend-Type 6* 2400 ATK/1000 DEF "Cannot be Special Summoned. Monster effects cannot be activated."   Okay this one is personal. Like, have you read this card? Do you read its effect? Do you know how good it is? Would you like fries with that? Majesty's Fiend with protection shuts down everything in the meta. Sanctum, Myrmeleo and the Hands all serve as feasible Tribute fodder. Just drop this bitch down and win. Simple   Well, not so simple. Multiples create cloggy hands and the singleton may not have enough of an impact to warrant its space. But hey, have you read what this fucking card does? Yeah, me too.   -----   Other Cool Stuff: Maxx "C" Effect Veiler Tour Guide From the Underworld (if playing Kuribandit) Forbidden Lance Mystical Space Typhoon Soul Charge Soul Taker Nobleman of Crossout Mind Control Dark Hole Dimensional Prison Memory of an Adversary Breakthrough Skill Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (hehe) Mistake And the Band Played On The Seal of Orichalcos (no I am not shitting you) [/spoiler]   -----   Extra Deku:   [spoiler]   Unsurprisingly, the Extra consists mostly of Rank 4's and 5's depending on your build (well you could be running Tour Guide and therefore be running 3's but that's long). I won't go through every Rank 4 or 5 because I assume you know your way around them by now. I'll put a couple of nice little boons that fall on our laps though.   Constellar Pleiades     Rank 5 LIGHT Warrior 2500 ATK/1500 DEF 2 Level 5 LIGHT monsters "Once per turn, during either player's turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 card on the field; return that target to the hand."   Yup, we get Pleiades. Compulse on legs has a lot of uses and is a nice exclusive option that this deck has, I mean as if Rank 5's needed any more exclusivity in general that is. Pleiades also gives access to M7 which is cool.   Swear to God though if you pronounce this card as "peh-lay-dees (Peh-Ladies)" I will fist you.   -----   Daigusto Avarice Emeral     Rank 4 WIND Rock 1800 ATK/800 DEF 2 Level 4 monsters "Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then activate 1 of these effects. ● Target 3 monsters in your Graveyard; shuffle all 3 into the Deck, then draw 1 card. ● Target 1 non-Effect Monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target."   This deck benefits from having a walking Avarice more than most. I mean, that's all your going to be using it for really, unless you are super good and manage to revive a Pearl or something. Arguably reduces the need for Dichotomy in a more Rank 4 heavy build.   -----   Other Good Stuff: Number 61: Volcasaurus Tiras, Keeper of Genesis Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger Constellar Ptolemy M7 Adreus, Keeper of Boundaries Wind-Up Zenmaioh ZW - Leo Arms Abyss Dweller Cairngorgon the Antiluminescent Knight Diamond Dire Wolf Evilswarm Exciton Knight Fairy King Albverdich Gagaga Cowboy Gem-Knight Pearl Maestroke the Symphony Djinn Number 101: Silent Honor Ark Number 103: Ragnazero Number 50: Blackship of Corn [/spoiler]   ----   Sample Lists:   [spoiler]   Brian Clark's YCS Philly Top 8:   [spoiler]     3 Artifact Moralltach 3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Maxx "C" 3 Traptrix Myrmeleo 2 Cardcar D 1 Traptrix Dionaea 18 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Pot of Duality 2 Pot of Dichotomy 8 3 Artifact Sanctum 2 Wiretap 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Call of the Haunted 1 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 14 2 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Wind-Up Zenmaioh 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 15 2 D.D. Crow 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Nobleman of Crossout 3 Debunk 1 Deep Dark Trap Hole 2 Malevolent Catastrophe 2 Needle Ceiling 15 [/spoiler]   Mike Albanese's (Soxhater819) YCS Philly Top 16:   [spoiler]     3 Artifact Durendal 3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Maxx "C" 2 Artifact Beagalltach 2 Traptrix Myrmeleo 2 Traptrix Dionaea 18 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Pot of Duality 3 Artifact Movement 1 Pot of Dichotomy 10 3 Artifact Sanctum 2 Wiretap 1 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Breakthrough Skill 1 Call of the Haunted 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Torrential Tribute 12 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Wind-Up Zenmaioh 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 15 1 Dark Hole 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Nobleman of Crossout 2 Black Horn of Heaven 3 Debunk 1 Deep Dark Trap Hole 2 Dimensional Prison 2 Needle Ceiling 15 [/spoiler] Denny Yu's 2nd Place Regional List:   [spoiler]     3 Artifact Moralltach 3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Traptrix Myrmeleo 1 Traptrix Dionaea 1 Artifact Beagalltach 1 Artifact Scythe 15 3 Artifact Ignition 3 Upstart Goblin 3 Pot of Duality 2 Pot of Dichotomy 1 Double Cyclone 12   3 Artifact Sanctum 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 2 Call of the Haunted 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 13 3 Maxx "C" 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Black Horn of Heaven 2 Debunk 1 Deep Dark Trap Hole 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Full House 2 Needle Ceiling 15 [/spoiler] Bazaar's Kuribandit Variant:   [spoiler] Monsters: 3 Artifact Begalltach 3 Artifact Moralltach 3 Traptrix Myrmeleo 3 Kuribandit 2 Star Drawing 2 Traptrix Dionaea Spells: 3 Soul Charge 3 Artifact Ignition 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Book of Moon 1 Double Cyclone 1 Pot of Duality Traps: 3 Artifact Sanctum 3 Call of the Haunted 2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 1 Void Trap Hole 1 Trap Hole 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Solemn Warning 1 Torrential Tribute Side: 2 Breakthrough Skill 2 Deep Dark Trap Hole 2 Ice Hand 3 Fire Hand 1 Acid Trap Hole 1 Trap Hole 2 Maxx "C" 2 Effect Veiler Extra: 2 Number 61: Volcasaurus 2 Constellar Pleaides 2 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Wind-up Zenmaioh 1 Shark Fortress 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 103: Ragnazero [/spoiler] My build   [spoiler]      3 Artifact Moralltach 3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Traptrix Myrmeleo 1 Majesty's Fiend 13 3 Pot of Duality 3 Forbidden Lance 2 Soul Charge 1 Book of Moon 1 Dark Hole 1 Mind Control 11 3 Call of the Haunted 3 Artifact Sanctum 3 Wiretap 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 1 Void Trap Hole 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning 17 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Gem-Knight Pearl 1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 15 2 Cardcar D 3 Maxx "C" 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 2 Zombie World 1 Acid Trap Hole 2 And the Band Played On 1 Deep Dark Trap Hole 1 Trap Hole 15   [/spoiler]   [/spoiler]   -----   OCG Stuff:   [spoiler]   Really, by now you should be looking at what's going on in Japan as that is a huge indicator for what will occur in the West. There are a few things to look forward to in the next few months that are worth focusing on.   Artifact Longinus (the interesting one)     LIGHT Fairy-Type 5* 2100 ATK/1400 DEF "You can Set this card from your hand to your Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone as a Spell Card. During your opponent's turn, when this Set card in the Spell &amp; Trap Card Zone is destroyed and sent to your Graveyard: Special Summon it. During your opponent's turn: You can Tribute this card from your hand or field; this turn, cards cannot be banished (this is a Quick effect)."   Longingus is the first Artifact that is actually good on its own, which is pretty mad when you think about what they may decide to release in the future. Longingus has the usual Artifact destruction set clause and whatnot, however it does not have an effect when it is Special Summoned, rather it just has a regular old effect. You can Tribute it from the hand or field to stop cards getting banished, acting as a hand Trap (/field Trap?) version of Imperial Iron Wall, similar to how Different Dimension Grounds acts as a mini-Macro except a lot better. While this card can have an impact in side decks across many decks, not just Artifacts, it is clear that if Longinus is good it'll be the Artifact player who will most easily incorporate it.   -----   Spacetime Trap Hole (le one that IS NOTHING LIKE WARNING. Seriously. Come on.)   Normal Trap Card When your opponent Special Summons a monster(s) from their hand or Extra Deck: Shuffle that monster(s) into the Deck, then you lose 1000 Life Points for each monster shuffled by this effect. Now that the Warning comparison has been duly subdued we can actually look at this card. Duelist Advent gives the Traptrix engine a searchable way of removing monsters that come from either the Extra Deck or the hand (the latter becomes particularly relevant when Pendulum Summons come to the TCG). It is an interesting card, potentially a good one. Potentially? Well, it doesn't do anything in the mirror, really. It is good against decks that Xyz/Synchro but being a Normal Trap makes it vulnerable to a lot more responsive cards than, say, Black Horn, which is superior as the Xyz killer. The LP payment is also undesirable. The biggest boon for Spacetime is that it is searchable, and that searchability will no doubt make it at the very least something worth considering in the minds of players after Duelist Advent is released.   ----- Chronomaly Nebra Disk (le bastard)   LIGHT Machine-Type 4* 1800 ATK/1500 DEF "When this card is Normal Summoned: You can add 1 "Chronomaly" card from your Deck to your hand, except "Chronomaly Nebra Disk". If this card is in your Graveyard, and all monsters you control are "Chronomaly" monsters (min. 1): You can Special Summon this card from your Graveyard in face-up Defence position. You cannot activate cards or effects the turn you activate this effect, except "Chronomaly" cards. You can only use 1 "Chronomaly Nebra Disk" effect per turn, and only once that turn."   So TCG said we want Stratos gone. OCG said nah we love Stratos. TCG banned Stratos. OCG printed this. This bastard hate-child of the OCG has propelled an otherwise completely anonymous archetype in Chronomaly to be a really solid deck. Nebra and Skull work as a nice little advantage engine, while Golden gives access to Rank 5s, and Crystal Bones opens up some juicy Rank 3 plays, notably Gorgonic Guardian (that common you threw away). The advantage you can accrue with Nebra is amazing, so pick some up as soon as they hit the TCG.   ----- Example List: 3 Artifact Moralltach 3 Chronomaly Nebra Disk 2 Chronomaly Golden Jet 2 Fire Hand 2 Ice Hand 1 Traptrix Myrmeleo 1 Chronomaly Crystal Skull 14 3 Pot of Duality 3 Forbidden Lance 1 Book of Moon 1 Soul Charge 1 Dark Hole 1 Mind Control 10 3 Call of the Haunted 3 Artifact Sanctum 3 Wiretap 2 Dimensional Prison 1 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Compulsory Evacuation Device 1 Solemn Warning 16 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Constellar Pleiades 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus 1 Tiras, Keeper of Genesis 1 Gaia Dragon the Thunder Charger 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Maestroke the Symphony Djinn 1 Number 26: Chronomaly Fork Hyuk 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Number 82: Heartlandraco 1 Number 101: Silent Honor Ark 1 Number 103: Ragnazero 15 [/spoiler]
  6. Hey all,   I recently just came out of a game against Artifact Shaddolls while I was piloting Spellbooks. I activate Tower's effect during my Standby Phase and he chains Sanctum, tossing Moralltach (Referred to as Sword in this article) out there. He destroyed Tower and said that it misses timing, but without thinking I agreed.   However, looking back on it, do I still get my Tower effect? I'm not an expert here but I just want to make sure I'm thinking about this correctly:         This sounds right in my head. However, I don't know if it is. How does this series play out?     Thanks, Cantus   EDIT: Clarified card in question
  7. Artifact Abyss

      - Astral Force was a recent cut, it's really not that great when you realise you can't SS on the turn you play it. - Soul Charge seems good for the Artifact engine - Side Deck needs real fixing. - Deck seems to have issues getting over big monsters and runs out of extra deck pretty quick
  8. +1 Annoying

      40   18   3 Fire Hand 3 Ice Hand 3 Traptrix Myrmeleo 2 Traptrix Dionaea 2 Cardcar D 3 Artifact Moralltach 1 Artifact Beagalltach 1 Artifact Scythe   8   3 Artifact Ignition 3 Pot of Duality 2 Pot of Dichotemy   14   3 Theosophy of the Artifacts 3 Breakthrough Skill 3 Call of the Haunted 2 Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare  1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Torrential Tribute 1 Solemn Warning   2 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK 2 Constellar Pleiades  1 Exciton Knight 1 Number 106: Giant Hand 1 Abyss Dweller 1 Diamond Dire Wolf 1 Daigusto Emeral 1 Gagaga Cowboy 1 Number 50: Blackship of Corn 1 Artifact Durendal 1 Number 61: Volcasaurus  1 Constellar Ptolemy M7 1 Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger   Gain ALL THE PLUSSES!    There's probably some tweaking with ratios to be done here. And there's an obvious normal summon problem. But I think it's a neat starting point.    EDIT: Apologies to Olympian. Apparently he posted something incredibly similar 2 weeks ago.
  9. Another Galaxy deck

    Monsters: 17 3x Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon 3x Galaxy Knight 3x Galaxy Soldier 3x Galaxy Wizard 2x Galaxy-Eyes Cloud Dragon 3x Artifact Moralltach   Spells: 10 2x Accellight 1x Dark Hole 3x Galaxy Expedition 1x Foolish Burial 3x Mystical Space Typhoon   Traps: 14 3x Theosophy of the Artifacts 2x Mirror Force 1x Torrential Tribute 2x Fiendish Chain 3x Call of the Haunted 2x Tachyon Transmigration 1x Solemn Warning   Extra: 2x Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon 2x Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon 1x Coach King Giantrainer 2x Felgrand, the Divine Dragon Knight 1x Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector 1x Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger 2x Constellar Pleiades 1x Volcasaurus 2x Artifact Durandal   Something I've been toying around with. Accellight fetches Wizard to set up for the following turn, or grabs Cloud Dragon for GEPD. Galaxy Expedition does the same by grabbing Soldier. Moralltach works with Call of the Haunted, as does Soldier, and make R5's with Soldier. A R5 and a No.62 GEPPD can OTK through a clear field. Foolish Burial dumps Moralltach, Soldier, GEPD for CotH/Cloud Dragon/Knight.   Moralltach is a great card. It's another LIGHT to fuel Soldier, +2 if it gets hit by destruction. However, Theosophy can be dead at times and there's no good way to make use of it then. 2 Tachyon Transmigration are in, seeing as you can place a Galaxy-Eyes on the field virtually at will.   Suggestions and fixes are always welcome, up to and including the removal of the Moralltach mini-engine I have in here.