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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody. I am gonna try to keep this small and with not too many details. San Antonio has been known as the worst Regionals in Texas (South) for sometime now. Mainly because of the bad accommodation to players. Granted, Heroes and Fantasies is a hugely successful anime/comic book store, the only issue with the place are the extremely uncomfortable seats and play space. Round 1 through 4, your usually interlocking elbows with your neighbors and sharing the same play mats. By round 5-8 your ass is completely numbed by the pain. I heard Magic hosted tourneys in the same area and MANDATED the store rent actually tables and chairs for their players. It is a sad thing to bring up first, but I have to set the setting because that is how strenuous it is to play their for so many rounds. Anyways, I used Shaddoll. My goal was to be the first in Texas to top with it. The tourney only gathered about 240 or so and was 8 rounds. A surprisingly low number considering Houston and Dallas Average 480-520 at there regionals. I will try my best to recollect the rounds as there weren't too many. Round 1 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- I beat him purely with Squamatas and Falco. Once he hit 2000. I made Tempest Magician for exact game. Game 2- It is hard for me to recollect, but I know I took a direct Winda attack. Somewhere down the line I must of beat him with Super Poly or De-Fusion. I honestly do not recall. Round 2 vs Shaddoll (A. Bockenstedt 1-1) My most difficult match of the day. Alex is a friend of mines who watches a lot of Me, Jimmy and Scott's games. I know he is very patient and studious, plus he knows about 90% of my techs and side choices so I knew going in this wasn't gonna be easily. Game 1- We had an EXTREMELY long game 1, as I expected with Shaddoll Mirrors. I made a mistake towards the middle of the game feeling overconfident and he ripped a BLS to continue to pressure me. We went through both Constructs and both Winda. Because we only had 3 minutes left in the round and I had Leo and Vanity's Lock vs top-decking Shaddoll with all the fusions gone. My life was 1200 to his 2100 and I decided to scoop and give him the win, because I felt he deserved to win that round and I did not want either of us to go into time with only 1 round. Game 2- I sided in my Hands/Defusion/NightBeams/Cylinder and took out every lifepoint card (Gorz/Warning/Soul Charge) after it became clear I had to play for the draw and inflict the most damage. I ended up inflicting the most and won Game 2 for the Draw after I surprised him with fire hand. Round 3 vs SylvanPlants (2-0) This was my easiest match. Game 1- I open Math finally for the first time today. He does some play involving Peacekeeper, One for One and Copy Plant. I remember winning easily. Game 2- He elects to go first. Use One for One to pitch Dandy. Spore for Formula with a Token. Sets a Card and passes. I was surprised he didnt make the LIbrarian/Form play. Because I had Hedgehog and I wanna keep formula on the field. I set Hedgehog pass and warning. Next turn he attempts to use Spore and I D.d. crow it.  Then summons Lonefire, tributes it and I warning. On my turn, I search and fuse from the deck. Sometime later, he used 2 Miracle Ferts, which I MST'd only to be followed by a third and he made a Draccosack with sage/copyplant and destroys and Construct. Next turn I just fuse from the deck and win the game. Round 4 vs Evilswarm (2-0) Game 1- He goes first. Opens Ophion and set 5. Search the Trap. I set Squatmata. Next turn he attacks and I destroy it. He summons Kerkyion and I Veiler it. I later Summon Dragon to attack and he responds Infestion to search another Kerykion. I set Warning and Pass. He Summons and get Warning'd and I won the game. Game2- I won fairly easy. He opened Ophion again, grabbed spell, set 4. I set Fire Hand and 2 backrow. Next Turn he searches for The Infestion trap, Summon Keryion grabs Heliotrope and summons it. Then declares attack with Kerkyion and ask "Do you have response to attack declaration"... I smiled and asked... "Do you pass prority to me?" He looked so shocked, it was priceless. He decides to retain priority and activates Macro Cosmos. AMAZED, I chain double Shadow Games and sent Dragon and Beast to destroy Macro Cosmos and draw a card. No replay happens and it kills Fire Hand, I pop Helio and summon Ice Hand. He decides to pass. Next turn I Summon Dragon and attack his keryrion. He decides to shuffle it into deck and get Kerkyion. I then Super poly his Ophion and Dragon into Winda. Pop a S/t and attacked some more. Next turn he summon Kerykion and I either veiler or negate it somehow to win the game. Round 5 vs FAT (2-0) Game 1 He goes first Set 2 and passes. I set Hedgehog. He draws and sets one more. I flip Hedgehog to grab Fusion and he breakthrough skilled. I summon Math. Sent Squamata/Falco. and attacked and he used sanctum and popped with Moralltach. Next turn he blind Ingnitions my Vanity's then summons Myrmeleo searches Void Trap Hole. Attacks with everyone, sets and passes. Next turn I confirm the only face-down I dont know. Fuse AD and Hedge for construct. He voids. I grab back fusion and search Dragon. I Set Dragon. Use AD Changer to flip it and won the game shortly after. Game 2 I space his Tenki and get his hands to miss timing. I win shortly after the game starts. Round 6 vs LIGHTSWORN, DRAGONRULER,CHAOS, GORZ, WHITE STONE, EHREN.dek by Christian Solorzano (2-0) Seemed like an okay guy but his deck just seemed so disrespectful. I had so many slow games, where I just outplayed and outplused my opponent and I didn feel like getting sack. Game 1- I ended up getting him to 4300 after I turn 2, He uses Michael to Banish my Fusion but I won the game shortly after. Game 2-Went almost exactly the way. I fuse and got him down to 4300 again. He even asked me what the life is and I said "Same as last game". He draw brick and I wound up beating him in 3 turns.... Just looking at my useless soul charges in my hand. Round 7 vs Shaddoll (2-0) Game 1- Another hard Match considering his Raiden got him so much so early on turn 1 and I decided not to Effect veiler, Next thing I know I am faceing down a Raiden and a felice with company. I later fused and beat his monsters leaving Raiden and set 2 cards. MST and Shadow games. He decided to make a Construct and set 2 more new cards which I blew up. Next turn I fused for Winda, flipped Beast and made No. 61 Volcasaurus for game. Game 2- Game 2 was much more simple. I used Math and Shadow Games. Turn 3 I fused for Winda and popped his f/d, once he revealed Book of Moon, I used De-Fusion to bring back Dragon and Beast and began to beat him down with Beast/Dragon and Math. Later he fused for Contruct and began to attack my monsters, but since they were Special Summoned I was gaining there effects. After I used Ice Hand to help seal the win!!! I began to clap, I was so happy my goal to top was complete!! Round 8 vs Mermail (1-2!!) I got paired down table 2 to a guy who wanted his first top. People asked me to give him the win and I considered it $$. If I beat him and the first guy(evilswarm) lost at Table 1, I could possibly finally win a regional!! Game 1- I let him go firstand he Gold Sarc for Tidal and search Dragon Ice. At that moment I began to feel afraid. 2 turns later I lost to double Sphere, heavy infantry on Math, Dragon Ice, Tidal, Megalo, Beelze, Undine. Game 2- I locked him down early fight through his sphere and used Super Polymerization (1 I sided out) to beat him in 2 turns. Game 3- Almost the exactsame thing happened and I lost to Tidal, Megalo, Teus, Goons, Sphere, Heavy In, Dragon Ice, Salvage. Final Results: 6-1-1 (7th place) I am so happy I accomplished my goal. I worked on the Shaddoll deck the most out of my group chat and people told me they expected me to top, but you know. I don't like to listen to that and stay focused. Pros: Scott Page topped (with mystery deck) Billy almost topped (Burning Abyss) Alex, my round 2 friend, earned his invite Made more money Cons: Couldn't stay in San Antonio and play Melee Apparently I am the Only shaddoll player smart enough to realize Felice and Soul Charge are not that good. Soul Charge, Soul Charge, Soul Charge. It was terrible. Shoutouts: Epik Cards and Games Legacy Jimmy Nguyen Alex Jack DP People who let me borrow cards. Mike Barnes/ Michael Fazi/ Rodrigo Based Loli Steve Klaus who helped me out Bohdan My idol, Jeff Jones