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Found 2 results

  1. Replacing Level Eater

    Level Eater is and was a fantastic card. A Level 1 DARK Insect monster that had the greatest utility once it was in the GY, it could be resurrected by feeding it a star from one of your Level 5 or above monsters on the field. (Target that face-up monster, reduce its Level by 1, Special Summon Eater from GY.) It got banned due to players' ability to abuse it for mass Link Summoning (Linkuribohs for DAYS), and frankly, I was upset about that because my primary deck is Synchrons and I didn't even have any Linkuribohs at the time. Since the current format is ass (I hate it when Konami decides we need more control-by-prevention and less back-and-forth interaction), I thought I'd start looking to the future. In April, the rules will change so that Fusion, Synchro, and Xyz Monsters can be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to Main Monster Zones without the aid of Link Monsters (I believe that Pendulum Monsters that are face-up in the Extra Deck will not get this bonus, even if they are Fusion, Synchro, or Xyz), so I'm looking to rebuild my old Synchro strategies. However, Quickdraw Synchron + Level Eater was a favorite combo of mine because of the ease with which I could get out Level 5 Synchros which could then help me summon my bosses (Quasar, Blazar, or Sifr). So now I'm looking for ways to replace Level Eater, not just for its ability to get a body on the field but also for its Level manipulation abilities. As far as getting monsters on the field to use as Synchro Material goes, there are dozens of candidates, but when it comes to manipulating Levels, I've only found one monster that even comes close to the kind of synergy that Quickdraw and Level Eater had: Catche Eve L2. She's a Level 2 Cyberse monster with this effect. Are there any other cards I could use to replace Level Eater both for getting a body on the field AND for manipulating Levels?
  2. Dark Link

    The idea of this deck stemmed from the interaction of darkwurm and destrudo. They are both dragons so they can be sent with ravine and dragon shrine. This allows you to make level 7 synchros without using your normal summon and this combo is accessible in most starting hands. The main level 7 synchros you make are ancient fairy dragon and meteorburst. ancient fairy allows you to trade your dragon's ravine for waterfront if you have additional combos while meteorburst allows you to make galaxy tomahawk for a mostly complete combo by itself. Going first the gameplan is to start link summoning with either galaxy tomahawk or level eater combos with destrudo/malicious. Then waterfront searches you gameciel which you special summon from your hand with the firewall. Then you continue the combo as much as you can with level eater and bouncing gameciel for more level eaters to end with 3 firewalls + borreload + gameciel. 3 malicious, level eater, darkwurm, and destrudo - all cards you want to draw and discard with ravine and grepher (besides darkwurm with grepher) 2 armageddon and grepher + rota - These all get you more combo pieces into the grave to start your combos 2 wyverburster 1 collapserpent - combo extenders but they only give you 2 summons and can't be level ate so might get cut for something else 1 gameciel 1 supreme king gate - engine requirements 3 allure - more consistency 3 ravine - starts dragon combos and discards the 4 dark starters 2 dragon shrine - sends the dragons (obv) foolish - nuts 2 waterfront - not sure on the ratio for this because its not a starter and is very searchable but your deck just summons firewall and isn't as fair without it one for one - discard fodder / finds level eater set rotation / terraforming - more ravine and waterfront maybes : >pot of desires - don't want to banish malicious but not 100% sure >hand traps - they make it so you can't combo cause you need all of your cards when going first >more kaijus + slumber - same as hand traps but slumber can be a starter if you go first weaknesses: obviously this deck wants to go first and the side deck is for when you go second (and you have blackrose dragon) but losing the roll can suck sometimes. everyone is playing excessive amounts of hand traps atm so that sucks as well. this might not be the best meta call right now but if could be a thing in the future and just wanted to get the concept out there. tomahawk combo: -send both darkwurm and destrudo to grave -ss darkwurm add gate -ss destrudo -activate gate in scale -ss meteorburst and ss gate -ss galaxy tomahawk and use eff to summon 5 tokens -activate waterfront >>from this point you can either go directly into firewall if you have other combos otherwise..... -proxy with token and galaxy tomahawk -gaia with proxy + token -firewall with gaia + token -waterfront 3 counters search gameciel -link spider below firewall -proxy with token and link spider -ss gameciel with firewall if you have almost anything else with this combo you can end with way more. just a level eater extends the combo so much and you can just normal summon it IDK WHY I'M NOT PLAYING SOUL CHARGE DEFINITELY ADD THAT