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Found 2 results

  1. Hi!, I developed a new Android & iOS app for tracking life points and counters for Yugioh, and I thought of sharing it here: Website Android iOS It has the following main features: • Change LP using gestures (panning or tapping) • Multiple counters support. • Dark mode. • Match history and sharing. • Roll virtual dice. • Coin toss. • Up to 6 players. Video The main difference with other apps is that you change LP in a more intuitive and fast way by using panning instead of typing into a keypad. I'm open to any suggestions to improve the app, thank you so much and I hope you like it
  2. Doble Passe

    Doble Passe:   Normal Trap Card   "When an opponent's monster declares an attack on a face-up Attack Position monster you control: Make your opponent's attack a direct attack instead and inflict damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the attack target you control. Also, that monster you control can attack your opponent directly during your next turn."   So I was looking around a load of the newer cards and I found this and thought it had some potential although I doubt it will see any play.   The most obvious use I see is in antimeta decks where they can sit on kycoos/dynas and other floodgates with cards like this, lance etc to basically prevent the opponent playing and dealing with your monster. It really helps with the fact they struggle to deal out any amount of lethal damage and helps protect their cards. In a soul charge meta where life points become even more of a resource this seems even more useful.   In certain decks you are really vulnerable to effect negation just shitting on your plays, madolches come to mind and having this to protect a hootcake/angelly seems like a nice follow up play to an opponents bts/veiler. Madolches can easily break fields up with trap stun + mew/hoot -> tiara plats but to deal lethal so many things have to go right for you and often you just end up poking for 4000 or so. This card + opponents soul charges make this 4000 poke much more relevant. Although I am certain madolches are not the best example for this card, as floating with chateu/ticket seems like the better play. Although with artifacts just around the corner that chateu/ticket is much more vunerable.   It has niches like stopping effects which trigger when they destroy something by battle, such as gorilla, or in a more relevant example it allows players to dodge blader, whilst dealing a hefty 2800 damage + whatever monster they have.    The card can be a bit of a double edged sword though, as most decks are/should be playing soul charge and warning. Those and this card can cause them to become dead later on and put yourself in a position where a heartland draco/ attack -> mp2 cowboy can end you. So I feel its more suited in decks that aren't going to be using as many soul charges.