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Found 5 results

  1. Hey guys, I've not played Yugioh since upperdeck printed cards, I'm talking like 2005-2008 was likely the last time I had cards in my possession. This is around the time there was only about 7-9 sets out and I think the newest one was Pharonic Guardian. Pegasus and Joey starters were still considered new. Anyway, I'm trying to catch up and realize what my most worthwhile investments would be. I obviously can obtain cards and sealed products due to having a job / income. I learned about Metalink monsters and I learned about Pendalums. I also know about xyz'. I haven't really seen them effectively used except for some deck breakdowns on YouTube and a match or two I watched on there, but it's hard to follow what's really happening for a vintage player at the speed that they were playing at the competition. I'd like to ask, what's my most worthwhile investments if I'm gonna drop some cash on some sealed product? Are any of the structure decks any good for me? I'd really like to have an effective Blue Eyes deck, and I also want a Toon deck, and spellcaster deck.. And maybe one "New-school" deck based off of meta's. If you guys can tell me decks and packs that would help, and maybe give me a list of singles I can use for these builds, that would truly be amazing. Keep in mind I'd prefer them to stand a chance in a modern match. Is there different rulesets that only allow old cards? Or other than the restricted lists for tourny play can all cards of all times of release be played in a deck? Thank you so much for your time. Considering I want a BEWD deck it probably can't hurt to grab a Kaiba structure and a couple extra blue eyes right off the bat.
  2. New Noob: GoldenEyeX

    Hey guys, I'm new to this place, but was invited here by my good friend Matt Cashiola. I've played YGO and MTG in the past, but now I'm here for Cardfight Vanguard. I'm definitely looking forward to learning more about the game and y'all as a community. Thanks!
  3. Hello DGZ

    Hello my name is captain chan! I'm from Texas And play yugioh competitively.
  4. For example, say you have a card "X" and the situation at hand gives you an opportunity for a push if you activate it. What factors do you guys take into consideration when you're deciding on a play? I have a small list of things to consider that I always go through whenever I play, and I'm hoping to add more to that list to help me when I play. My apologies if there are already similar topics about this kind of stuff already.
  5. 14 Pokemen 3 Cobalion NV 3 Kyurem 3-3 Electrode Prime 1 Jirachi 1 Cleffa 30 TSS 4 N 4 Pokemon Collector 3 PONT 3 Twins 3 Eviolite 3 Pokemon Communication 3 Research Record 2 Junk Arm 2 Pokemon Catcher 2 Switch 1 Super Rod 16 Energy 4 Special Metal 3 Metal Energy 4 Rainbow Energy 5 Water Energy