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Found 3 results

  1. The Performages are: The Performapals are: Other Performapals that see or saw occasional play but are far less relevant include: The Dracos are: The Reptiles/Familiar Possessed theme monsters are: Before coming to the more obscure or niche things in the deck and its history, it is time for the most important Spell in the game right now: Spells, Monsters and engines that are or have been played are: Especially recently, at ARG events (Anaheim at 21./22. Nov.), the Gem-Knight engine is also used. It consists of only 3 cards, which are Brilliant Fusion, Gem-Knight Garnet and Gem-Knight Seraphinite in the extra deck. Generic cards especially worth including here: Sample builds, combos and explanations: Version/Update History: November 2015 - Original post, minor additions and edits December 2015a - Magician section added, Combo section removed, further small edits December 2015b - Performapals and Dracos added with own sections; side-deck will become a section (soon)
  2. Going into the event I was reflecting from a previous regionals in which I used pals but focused more on dai, monk and more combo based spells to net into omega boards early on and control. The issue I realized was it couldn’t compete with maxx c being a strong card in this format, as you either stop or commit into a board and pray they didn’t draw an out to your board or just flat out otk you, that occurred a fair bit at the regionals. So looking towards nats I looked at more defensive options to stop myself from getting otked, the solemns/aria are a strong contender as they allow me to combo into multiple monsters or stop when they have maxx c and still have a defensive wall. Don't end up going to sleep night before my flight since it's a 6am flight and i'd have to leave my place around 3:30am, get to airport meet up with deli end up in Brisbane 7am Find out the place Bodan told us was 24/7 isn't, so we gotta wait around till 10am for it to open, get food meetup with everyone throughout the day, Head to the house later on. House is pretty awesome for what we payed, downstairs is modern, swear they gave up on upstairs as its old school as fuck. Everyone else heads over throughout the day i crash at like 8pm due to not sleeping night before and tired as fuck, wake up midnight to find Willem pulled a tinder chick over with all the other boys laughing and constantly walking in on them, what a sport she was. Everyone wakes up around midday Friday, head to the locals to catch up with everyone else from other states etc, go out for Korean/Japanese BBQ all you can eat, food was fantastic. Wake up Saturday Morning head to the venue around 8am. Probably the worst nats venue we've ever had tbh. *Giant cards, pretty sick selection we got for once.* Found out we have 254, 2 short of 9 rounds swiss so 8 rounds top 64 cut tomorrow. *May get some details wrong as it was a long weekend* Round 1 Vs Qli Demise 2-0 (or 2-1, not 100% on this sorry) Pretty much just poke him down fast he has backrow but i have traps for his very few qlis and beat him with masters when he flips rivarly in g2 or 3. Round 2 vs XYZ monarchs 1-2 (Nathan Topping) g1: He has few resources g1 and i win fast. g2: He loops shit and i cant deal with it g3: Intime i make dweller with norden as he dropped maxx c on my instant play i stop with it and out his red layer he needs stormfourth to out my dweller he topdecks it and i draw mask of restrict last turn of time to lose. Round 3: Majepepe 2-1 g1: Has more resources/traps than me g1 g2: I have more resources. g3: He has 3-4 backrow i know a few are dead due to being majespcter cards he flashed early so i can play around them and win with traps when he attempts on pend summons. Round 4: XYZ monarchs 2-0 g1: I get early start off with looping sorc n resources kill fast. g2: Game goes for abit, but he has few resources as he keeps prime to stay alive 1-2 extra turns i loop ignister back into extra with emeral and kill him after. Round 5: XYZ Monarchs 1-2 (Nick Butcher) g1: I kill him fast as he bricked. g2: He's on low life but i dont have any big beaters, has twin for my mask, he summons vanity fiend and i dont see an out. g3: He drops vanity fiend early and dont see an out and lose. Round 6 Kozmo 2-0 g1: I was low when i pend summon and punt lethal when i summon lizardraw in def assuming he has a combo enabler when he tags into fore i make f0 take it and win turn after. g2: He doesn't see town early on and i kill him fast when his hand is awkward. Round 7 Kozmo 2-0 (Nathan O'Brien) G1: He pitches 2 ships to summon planet he doesnt have much else and i kill him fast. G2: He goes planet/kaiser t1 i set drowning etc get rid of his planet and kill him soon after. Round 8 Kozmo 2-0 G1: He has more kaijus than kozmos and i kill him fast. G2: Tries to get into resources with town but doesnt hit stuf and i end it quick with pends n traps. Standings are up and im in 28th place for topcut tomorrow. Wake up 8 head over with a few of the boys i stayed with topped as well. Top 64 2-0 PK g1: 3 mins in no opponent. g2: 10 mins in, still no show i win. Top 32 BA 2-0 (Wade Stringer) G1: He commits under maxx c into dante/beatrice 1 set board, i drop eccentrik on his set twin, pend out a bunch he is forced to use beatrice on my pended eccentric sending the alich to negate him, i make dweller + ignister n castel clear his board and he cant come back. G2: He makes a board i have mst for his scolding, i make dweller he doesn't respond with beatrice i drop raigeki clearing his board and i have a strong board for next turn he summons guide i drop flying c on that play and win turn after when he cant do anything. Top 16 XYZ monarchs 2-1 (Callum Scott) G1: He bricks hard with 1 set as i recall and kill him fast. g2: He has answers for my pend setup and loops resources and i cant keep up. G3: Similar to g1 i kill him fast bounce his monster with castel and otk him. Top 8: Kozmo Demise 2-0 (David Ni) G1: He doesn't see demise and has to keep setting eventually i kill him through his backrow. G2: At an awkward gamepoint he's on 5200, i have a guitartle as a scale i use sorc as an additional scale, he mojos the tartle away i use odd eyes unicorn as high scale pend summon a lizard and silverclaw pump both by 1k for sorc effect, attack with silver pump both, attack with lizard as i know his set is duality from an early search and win. Top 4: Domain Monarchs 0-2 (Jonathan Solonec-Thomas) he was first after swiss day 1 and hasnt lost yet. G1: I open very subpar and he gets me early on when he drops domain and majority of my pends are in extra and cannot access them. G2: I brick super hard have to use luster on master pend 1 master set resrtict pass, flip mask, he trap eaters my mask and wins 2 turns later. Have to play 3rd/4th playoff for trophy diff prizes are the same par that. 3rd/4th playoff Kozmo FK 2-1 (Nathan Kosc) g1: I end with dweller,maje,38 and a strike as i recall, doesnt matter he activates town i negate with 38 he shows his hand of ships and chicken. G2: He goes t1 double lady, infinity, grampulse n tincan as i recall, i set mst,warning,drowning,strike hoping he hits the warning/mst with pulse so i can drowning all his board when he attacks n attempts to use infinity, his pulse hits strike and i lose turn after. G3: I make dweller + traps and he cant beat it. Frank ends up winning Nats with Atlantean kaijus so congrats to him as his first top and win. We all head back to the house later just order pizza and crash like 2am that night. Prizes are pretty sick from nats. I didn't change my main from nats but changed my side more for monarchs than demise as i was scared of demise coming into nats and respected the deck too much. Rock up 8am, around 180 players, top 16, so x-2 you gotta have insane breakers to get in. R1 Odd eyes pepe 2-1 g1: I believe he makes vortex n other cards and i cant out it. g2: I win via traps n board presence. g3: He is tilting super and shaking the whole match, he plays quite a few of his cards incorrectly and i capitalize on it intime when he cant out my boards. R2: Kozmo 2-0 G1: He has little resources and i end it fast. G2: He goes brilliant t1, flips anti spell on my turn i have mst for it, get rid of his board poke him. i set my raigeki/hole/system as i read he had more in hand flips second anti spell, but has little monsters late game he drops forerunner to be bigger than my sorc,lictor, i flip my system down on it and win the turn after via pokedown. R3 Water 0-2 G1: I make dweller + solemn, yet he is still able to kill me shows how nutty his hand was. G2: I have warning for his neph but that's it i bricked hard, summons megalo, drops mouling, pumps his megalo and flat out otked me, he just had the nuts and i accept that. R4: XYZ Monarchs 1-2 G1: He doesn't have much going and i kill him fast. G2: He loops panth x3 t1 drops insane amount of monster plays his return incorrectly, but doesnt matter as he has infin resources to me and outs my mask via twin. G3: I dont have much, make dweller have mask at one point to slow him down, but he gets twin for my mask again and kills me. R5: Pepe 2-1 G1: He has traps early on, but i play smart and was able to bait/out them and kill him via my traps and board presence. G2: He has vortex and a shitload of pends in his extra and i cant out it. G3: We both iris loop shit, i have solemns for his plays, he uses iris adds fusion i play around it make a castel bounce his iris, have a solemn for any play and win the turn after. R6: BA 0-2 g1: I make dweller + 1 strike, he galaxy cyclones my set and has an insane hand to make board and i cant deal with it. G2: Similar to g1, cyclones my set and i don't have much going on. I drop at this point as x-3 cant top. Standings are up; Newsung, Bodan, Yaowei & Jono are all in the same bracket for top 16 so it was super stacked, it came down to Stotty vs Bodan in top for ticket to worlds. Stotty bricks in the final game and Bodan finally gets his ticket to worlds *About fucking time :D* Other bracket is Callum Scott vs unknown from another state, Unknown wins and beats Bodan in finals so XYZ monarchs wins Oceanic 2016. Not much happens the final night some want to go out/others cbf as most of us are mentally drained after 3 straight days of yugis. Willem Brings back the tinder chick for a second round as he is super drunk and yells "Alright lets fuck" as he heads in to smash her a second time. Place is super trashed after 6 days so clean up in the morning, head to the locals area get real food for the first time in days. Head to locals after chill till our 8pm flight and nearly miss it via mate had to shit lol. Get home Late, wake up next day feeling like shit caught a cold off someone which i still have... fin. This is what i used: *difference for nats i sided 1 denko 1 veiler 1 system / 1 deflector, 3rd mst, 1 hole. Pros: Nearly Winning Nationals. All the boys i stayed with. Everyone that came from every state, love hanging with you all at every premier event we have. Frank Winning Nationals. Bodan finally going worlds. Multiple mates topping both events. Food outings n stuff. Shoutout - Roundtable n Limitless <3. Cons: The format being the worst ive played in last 6 years. Bricking in crucial matches. 6am Flights/8pm flights. Having to wake up early like every day. Lack of sleep. Post Holiday sickness. Now for 5 months of not playing Ygo since Australia has nothing relevant till Nov/Jan, -Peace.
  3.     Monsters:   2x Shaddoll Beast 1x Dragon 2x Squamata 3x Magical Abductor - Free Scales 2x Damage Juggler 1x Hat Tricker 3x Plushfire 2x Hedgehog 1x Falco 3x Magician   Spells:   1x Spellbook of Power 1x Wisdom 1x Life 1x Eternity 2x Tower 2x Master 2x Fate 2x Crescent 3x Shaddoll Fusion 3x Secrets 1x El Fusion 1x BoM   Side:   1x Effect Veiler - Searchable 1x Droll & Lock Bird - Searchable 2x Maxx "c" 1x Damage Juggler 1x Dragon 3x MST 3x Wavering Eyes 3x Decree   Extra: Rank 2s Rank 4s Synrhos   So I heard that Magical Abductor SBs was a fun thing to try, at first I tried builds with Majespecters and Magicans and such but they didn't feel that great. I also tried the Luster Dracoslayer thing but I didn't really care for that either. In the end I decided I didn't like most of the Spellcaster based pendulum engines so I went with Performages since they fit fairly well with Spellbooks in previous builds I had tried and they had thier own scale as well. The deck still felt like it was missing something though, so I tried one of my favorites and threw in a sorta small Shaddoll engine. For now this is what I'm messing around with but it does still need work. If you have any questions or suggestions please let me know~.