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Found 2 results

  1. To register for the Battle City or to view rules, click Current Season: May 2nd - June 6th Overall Leader Board (updated 5/14/2016 12:27 AM) [Points - Wins - Losses - Username] -1 points | 1-7 | Gemstone Mine 3 points | 2-4 | Gojira 25 points | 10-3 | captainameowica 16 points | 7-4 | Jazz -5 points | 0-8 | Tom Brady 35 points | 16-13-1 | *Sinister Serpent* 22 points | 13-4 | Logic -1 points | 0-1 | Kyle.Flett 1 points | 2-8 | Francis J Underwood 0 points | 0-0 | Skully 6 points | 3-3 | NB96 6 points | 3-4-1 | nippie 7 points | 3-1 | lightsworn beach Goat Record
  2. Hello Duelistgroundz and welcome to Battle City: Retro Formats! Battle City: Retro Formats will be a free for all tournament played between 5 of the most popular formats in Yu-Gi-Oh! history. Format 1: 2005 Goat Control (Exarion-less) Format 2: 2007 Troop Dupe Scoop (Crush Card Virus honor banned) Format 3: 2010 Edison (Pre-The Shining Darkness) Format 4: 2011 Tengu Plant (Pre-Gates of the Underworld) Format 5: 2012 Wind-Up (Pre-Cosmo Blazer) For the Battle City, the formats will be played for a 6 week season. The first 5 weeks will be the regular season, with the 6th and final week being solely for the top cut. To qualify for the top cut, players need to accumulate points through completing and winning their matches. The top 8 players will play off for the right to be called the champion of the season. To encourage the play of all formats, as a pre-requisite to qualify for the top cut, each player MUST complete 5 matches in EACH format. No exceptions. To further encourage the play of all formats, each week will have a designated spotlight format. Each spotlight match offers more points per completion. Standard games: WIN: 2 points LOSS: -1 point TIE: 0 points Spotlight games: WIN: 3 points LOSS: 0 points TIE: 1 point Each player will have his overall win-loss record recorded, as well as his win-loss recorded for each individual format. RULES: 1) You may play any opponent currently entered in the Battle City at any time. 2) You may play as many opponents as you want per day. However, you can only play an opponent in one particular format once a day. 3) All matches are 2/3. 4) A disconnection, regardless of game state or reasoning, is a game loss. Double disconnections will force a replay of the game, NOT the match. 5) A player can play more games in one specific format over others, however, no player is allowed to play 50% of their matches in one particular format. 6) After each match is completed, the winner should report in the match thread. The winner should also state which format was played. NOTE: If a match is reported WITHOUT the format that was played, the match will not count. 7) Players may join whenever they please. The longer it takes for you to sign up however, the more games must be played in a shorter period of time if you want to make the top cut. To sign up for the Battle City, each player must have a Duelistgroundz account as well as a Duelingnetwork account. Duelistgroundz account - Duelingnetwork account To access Duelingnetwork with images, click http://www.duelingnetwork.com/?card_image_base=http://www.xtevenschannel.com/images/card-pics/