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The War Book

Section 1 - Creating Your Team
1A. <a href="#1A">What Do I Need to War?</a>
1B. <a href="#1B">Rules for Teams</a>
1C. <a href="#1C">Team Hopping</a>
1D. <a href="#1D">Usergroups</a>

Section 2 - Warring
2A. <a href="#2A">How Do I Setup Wars?</a>
2B. <a href="#2B">Rules for Wars</a>
2C. <a href="#2C">Warring Styles</a>
2D. <a href="#2D">Activity</a>
2E. <a href="#2E">Disputes</a>
2F. <a href="#2F">Disconnections/Leaving Mid-Match</a>
2G. <a href="#2G">Substitutions</a>
2H. <a href="#2H">Ratings and Rankings</a>

Section 3 - Policies and Player Management
3A. <a href="#3A">Card Legality</a>
3B. <a href="#3B">Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Harassment</a>
3C. <a href="#3C">Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Cheating</a>
3D. <a href="#3D">Spectating and Outside Assistance</a>
3E. <a href="#3E">Drawing Extra Cards</a>

Section 1 - Creating Your Team

<span id="1A">1A. What Do I Need to War?</span>
You will need the following to War:
- A Dueling Network Account.
- An AOL Instant Messaging account. If you are unable to download the system, use AIM Express. Also Skype is another alternative. You will need this to contact other players. Dueling Network's private chat is not a replacement for AIM/Skype.

<span id="1B">1B. Rules for Teams</span>
- Your team may have either 5, 6, 7 or 8 duelists, but more is recommended.
- Players may only be on one team at a time.
- All teams must have a name that has not be used before. If you are unsure if your Team name has been used search the archives.

<span id="1C">1C. Team Hopping</span>
Players may only join 2 different teams per month. If a player is cut from a Team, he may join another without affecting this count.

<span id="1D">1D. Usergroups</span>
To obtain its own usergroup and private Team Forum, your Team must complete one of the following:
- Win 10 Wars
- Finish 15 Wars

Also, if your team is active for 6 months without closing you may select a color for your usergroup. All users in this usergroup will have their usernames show up in the selected color.

Section 2 - Warring

<span id="2A">2A. How Do I Setup Wars?</span>
- Captains must contact other team captains to setup wars. Unless specifically stated otherwise by a team captain, only captains are allowed to agree to wars.
- No, you cannot war individual players. Do not ask.

<span id="2B">2B. Rules for Wars?</span>
- All Wars must be played in best 2 out of 3 match format.
- All Wars must have a minimum of 5 players at the beginning of the war.

<span id="2C">2C. Warring Styles</span>
The following 3 are the standard formats used:
- Crossfire: Each team begins with the same amount of players. When a player loses, he is removed from the war. The first team to reach 0 players remaining loses the war.
- Heart Points: Each team begins with the same amount of hearts. When a player loses, his team loses a heart. The first team to reach 0 hearts remaining loses the war.
- Heart Points with Double Elimination: This is the exact same as Heart Points except for the fact that after a player losses twice, he is removed from the war.

If both team captains agree on an alternative warring format, that is acceptable as well.

<span id="2D">2D. Activity</span>
If a team makes no attempt to play for an entire 7 day week (depending on their other wars as well), War Council may end the war under the following terms:
- If the war is still close, then becomes inactive the war will be declared a draw.

- If the war is close and a team is consistently dodging they will lose a heart. Make sure to post screenshots of people logging out to dodge or saying no without a legitimate reason.
- If a team is losing by a noticeable margin, then becomes inactive the active team will be awarded the win.

If the team that you are warring against has activity issues, please contact War Council, and we will do our best to resolve it.

<span id="2E">2E. Disputes</span>
If you have a dispute with a player you are Warring, you should always do the following:
- Attempt to resolve it with the other player. If it is a ruling dispute, look up the ruling and show your opponent what you find. If it is a gameplay dispute, remain calm and try to explain the situation to your opponent.

If you find that the situation cannot be resolved between you and your opponent, you may then contact a Member of War Council to rule on your situation. Please be patient when waiting for War Council, and explain the situation carefully.
- If you are caught lying to War Council or misrepresenting the facts, will be punished and possibly banned from warring for a period of time.

- If you feel you received a biased or incorrect ruling from a War Council member, contact a War Council Captain.

<span id="2F">2F. Disconnections/Leaving Mid-match</span>

- Dueling Network policy: If you disconnect in the middle of a game, you will receive a loss for that game. There are no exceptions. If this game loss does not decide the winner of the match, see the "Leaving Mid-Match" policy.
- Leaving Mid-Match: If someone has to leave in the middle of the match, finish up whatever game you're in (or take a game loss) and then both players have 1 minute to hand in a screenshot'd decklist to a war council member. This will ensure cards aren't changed when the game is finished up later.

<span id="2G">2G. Substitutions</span>
Substitutions should always be agreed upon by captains at the start of every war. Unlimited substitutions is the common method.

<span id="2H">2H. Ratings and Rankings</span>
Please read this thread for details: http://duelistground...howtopic=140744

Section 3 - Policies and Player Management

<span id="3A">3A. Card Legality</span>
- All wars are TCG only. Some cards are only legal in certain parts of the TCG world (such as JUMP promos, video game promos, etc.). These cards are legal for warring regardless of where you may live.
- All cards and sets all legal on their official Konami legality date. This can usually be found at yugioh-card.com or yugioh.wikia.com. The same applies to new banlists and rules issued by Konami.

<span id="3B">3B. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Harassment</span>
- Here at DuelistGroundz, we really don't give a fuck what you guys say to each other. However, Dueling Network has rules against harassment, so try to tone the language down. We will not be sympathetic if you are banned in the middle of a war duel for harassment and lose because of it. If you want to avoid this password restrict the watchers on Dueling Network.

<span id="3C">3C. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Cheating</span>
While warring, cheating will be punished just has harshly as it would in real life. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:
- Intentionally misrepresenting game rules or tournament policy in an attempt to trick the opponent into gaining an advantage.
- Intentionally failing to remind the opponent of mandatory effects.

<span id="3D">3D. Spectating and Outside Assistance</span>
- Dueling Network allows players to spectate matches. Understand that this is a privilege and not a right. To those warring on Dueling Network, we recommend that you password restrict the ability to watch your match so you won't have "randoms" causing any trouble.
- Outside assistance is defined as giving one or more players play advice. If you are watching a match and are caught giving a player assistance, you will be banning from spectating for a period of time determined by the War Council. If you are caught spectating while serving your ban, you will be banned from warring altogether.

<span id="3E">3E. Drawing Extra Cards</span>
- If you draw extra cards and can prove which card you drew (via the "Show Last Drawn Card" function on YVD or the fact that Dueling Network does not automatically shuffle the hand), simply put the card back and continue the game.
- If you draw extra cards and you cannot prove which card you drew, you will receive a game loss for an irreparable gamestate.

If you have any questions regarding the War Book, contact a War Council member. Understand that the War Council has the right to chance the rules in this document at any time.

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»ACP    33421
I'd like to draw attention to a particular part of the War Book: Section 3A, which states "3A. Card Legality ... All cards and sets all legal on their official Konami legality date ... The same applies to new banlists and [b]rules[/b] issued by Konami".

In other words, if Konami were to say something like "Hey guys, ignition priority is being removed, effective immediately" the same applies to wars.

(They just did say that.)

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+rei+    34664
[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]- Dueling Network policy: It is impossible to take screenshots of a disconnect if you choose to play on Dueling Network, as you will be automatically kicked from the game. Therefore, if you disconnect in the middle of a game, you will receive a loss for that game. There are no exceptions. If this game loss does not decide the winner of the match, see the "Leaving Mid-Match" policy.[/size][/font]

[font=tahoma, helvetica, arial, sans-serif][size=3]the FUCK!? [/size][/font]

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»ACP    33421
An overwhelming majority of the warring community voted to have the DN disconnect policy be that way. Rather than restate myself, you can read my argument in the original thread: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=140509&view=findpost&p=3056989

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+rei+    34664
work in an exception if the match is being recorded. DN is broken

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»Barron    7988

Just adding stuff here that isn't on here:


Team Multi-Management: The war council has decided that team multi-management is a phenomenon that is good in the short term but bad in the long term. Short-term benefits include greater activity among current teams and members and bringing those into warring who otherwise might not have done so. The downsides of long-term team multi-management include oppressive recruitment ability, greater potential for harmful power struggles among the warring community, and the possibility of collusion. It has been decided that running a team is not a difficult skill to learn, so there is no reason why a good team leader should not be able to teach another member how to be a good leader. In order to balance the benefits and downsides of multi-management we have created the Six Month Rule: Suppose the leader of Team A wants to create a Team B. He will be allowed to do so under the understanding that he will teach a member of Team B how to be a good leader and eventually relinquish control of the team. His limit for doing so is six months. War council may choose to give him a 2-month extension under extenuating circumstances (such as the new leader-to-be dropping off the face of the earth shortly before the 6 months is up).


Deck Garages: No major changes are being made here. Team leaders may give anyone access to the deck garage. Make sure to inform a Necro Moderoid or Administrator if you wish to make any chances as far as who has access.

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