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Imitation Inzektors

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Deception    10

Alright so I'll just cut straight to the list and explain the choices.




Let's start with the side deck, I suppose its one of the more interesting parts of the deck


Kaiser Colosseum - I wrote a nice little discussion on Kaiser and its applications in decks that can control and apply pressure through one monster, you can read it here : http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=155933


Prohibition - I use this as a side for decks that rely heavily on a single card / abuse of it. E.g. Grapha in dark worlds, and yamato in Bujins. Not too sure of how good its been to be perfectly honest, like its ok but there are times where it can be really subpar and shit to draw, but w/e.


Gozen match : For decks that run Multi-attribute : E.g. Wind-up


Rivalry : For decks that run multi-type, E.g. Wind-up


Royal Decree : Ummm, this is actually fair trash but I feel that i need a card to permanently shut down stupid decks like deep-draw exodia and chain burn.


Imperial Iron Wall : Dragons, and any other deck that relies on banishing stuffs.


Please suggest stuff for the sidedeck its incomplete and needs help :).


Also while we are here, the extra deck


1x Dweller

1x Cowboy

1x Gaia Dragon

1x Exa-Stag

1x Chain

1x Leviar

1x Maestroke

1x Mechquipped

1x Leviathin

1x Acid Golem

1x Volca

1x Master Key Beetle

1x Photon Butterfly

1x Tiras

1x Zenmaines.


Now to the mainboard, I'm quite confident of how the deck has been testing and I'm attributing to this success because of the strength of the mainboard.


3x Centipede

3x Ladybug

2x Trooper

2x Maxx C

1x Hornet

1x Dragonfly

1x Hopper


3x Typhoon

3x Duality

3x Lance

3x Imitation

1x Book

1x Inzektor Sword

1x Foolish


3x Threatening

3x Fiendish

2x Call

1x Sixth Sense

1x Warning

1x Bottomless

1x Compulsory


Now Insect Imitation, to a person who has never seen the card before its text is as follows:


Tribute 1 monster. Special Summon 1 Insect-type monster from your Deck whose Level is 1 higher than the Tributed monster's.


Now for a full list of its applications.


Ladybug/ Maxx C becomes : Dragonfly, Hornet, Centipede

Card Trooper/Dragonfly/Hornet/Centipede becomes Hopper.

Hopper becomes : N/a.


So Imitation is usable on every monster except for Inzektor Hopper. Although It's best application in my opinion is by using it on an Inzektor Ladybug T1 to recruit Inzektor Dragonfly. By the way, if they chain maxx c to the imitation don't fret, rather special summon an Inzektor centipede from the deck, equip the ladybug and search out Hornet/fly/sword, no plusses for them.


Imitation also makes call more alive as you will have more monsters joining the battle thanks to imitation.


Why I don't run the Following : Dark Armed, Gorz, Giga-Mantis, Allure.


Dark Armed : This card can be trash if you open it with no monsters or if you draw it late game with far too many darks in the grave. Not to mention evilswarms are a deck.


Gorz : Triple fiendish and double coth. Evilswarms exist aswell. Not to mention that I'm not a fan of Gorz aswell, so yeah.


Allure : You really never want to banish darks from your hand unless you have searched for all of your ladybugs from centipede's effect etc, but if you have done this you are probably already winning. Allure is just a card that is only good when you are in a winning position thus making it bad.


Giga-Mantis: I honestly never like drawing this, unlike sword it is trash unless you have hornet live :/.


So What is the goal of the deck? : To search for hornet whilst having field presence and protecting it as quickly as possible. This is why triple imitation is run along with triple duality, a beautiful confliction that I unfourtunatly find neccesary to keep the consistency of the deck.


Why not run Mirror/D-prison: I prefer cards that respond to the summon as cards like fire fist bear can prove a problem for inzektors to deal with and you want them to leave the board or negate their effects rather then stop them attacking.


Why Run Lance in Dragon format : Lance is actually really cool. So you have the obvious stuff assosicated with lance stopping over s/t from affecting it and the whole damage step shenanigans, but then you have the other stuff, lance lets you get around shadow mirror and skill drain by making the inzektor monster unaffected by it and then you can pop it with hornet. Also note that you can still equip inzektors if your inzektor monster is being affected by forbidden lance, it will just not gain the ATK/DEF and levels from that Inzektor monster being equipped to it.


If there are any other questions/ suggestions please post them the sideboard is incomplete and I am looking for help to properly build it, thanks.

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X88B8    72

Why not run Traptrix Myermelo?

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