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DG Live Rules

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»Sharpman    4801

In order to try and revitalize the warring and tournament section of DGZ, Live tournaments have been started up. I have had a couple people approach me about running these, and I have no issues with it. Here are just some general guidelines that would be ideal to follow should you wish to host one. 


Hosting a Tournament


Hosting one of these tournaments is a privilege. By hosting one of these and taking on the role of a Tournament Organizer, you agree to the below rules for hosting. 


*minimum of 8 players required


Types of Live Tournaments


A typical style of Live tournament is single elimination. These tournaments are a fantastic way to just play some competitive Yu-Gi-Oh! quickly and easily. They should not drag on forever because people just want to play while they are online. 


For the amount of people, stick somewhere between 8-32 depending on how quickly spots fill up. I don't expect you'll get more than 16 at a time, and do not wait around to get it started or you might lose players. 


You may host a tournament in whatever format you wish, but ensure you give players full disclosure on card legality should you be playing anything other than the current TCG Advanced format. 


Decklists should not be requested for these events, and please specify whether or not you will allow deck changing in between rounds. 



Pairings, Issues, and Rulings


Pairings for single elimination tournaments are easy. If you do not have access to tournament software, just throw 1 to x (where x is the number of participants) into a random.org list and voila your pairings are done for you. 


If there are issues during a game, the issue MUST still be brought forward to a War Council member (interest in joining war council must be directed to the war council thread, and you must be a member in good standing of the community to join. If you are new or do not post much, running [successful] events like this over a period of time is a good way to integrate into the community. Do NOT ask a duelingnetwork admin at first, simply due to workload for the DN Admins). Should a War Council member be unavailable, then the tournament organizer may make a ruling on the situation (and MUST take screenshots as necessary). The stipulation is that in this case the tournament organizer must report the situation to a War Council Captain in order to ensure fair process was followed, and as a learning opportunity if necessary. Failure to do this may result in loss of Live hosting privileges. An alternative to the lack of a War Council member is to use a Dueling Network admin. Any issues involving Dueling Network admins that result in a loss/ match loss must still be reported to a War Council Captain so we can follow up with players as necessary. 


Should there be an issue with a ruling, an appeal may be made to a War Council Captain. Once an appeal has been made, the War Council Captain's ruling is final. You may appeal a War Council Captain ruling if it is the initial ruling ONLY. 


Should there be repeated issues with players causing trouble in tournaments, they will be banned from participating. I will keep a list of these players in this thread, but I would hope I do not have to.


Reporting Results


The only thing I ask is that when posting a DGZ Live thread you A) Keep track of which number it is in the title and B) report the winner in the DGZ Live Results Thread. Also, when the live is finished please edit the title with the winner.



For any issues, please contact myself. 

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+Paraliel+    8035



Super easy way to run tournaments with minimal effort.

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»Sharpman    4801

There needs to be a minimum of 8 people to host these or it is pointless.

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