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G Λ r Ω N

Been far too long since I've done one of these!

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G Λ r Ω N    5934
Greetings DGz! Haven't done one of these in quite some time, because frankly, I haven't had much reason to, the last premiere event I made the top cut of was the WCQ in 2013, as much as I wanted to, I didn't have the opportunity to attend anything else that year. Starting off the year 2014, that was quite possibly my worst year of YGO ever, I scrubbed every major event I attended from one of 3 things, absolute horrible deck choices ( I played Wind Up Artifacts at YCS Philly, let that sink in.), played an alright deck with just terrible card choices (Spellbooks, Gears, BA) or just severely under-prepared for the event (I went to YCS Anaheim on a total whim, I just wanted a reason to go to Cali, and never seen a Qliphort card irl prior to this) so yeah, 2014 was a slump, and it came at my own hand, I ended up not going to Nationals because I didn't meet the "Invite through a premiere event" threshold. I told myself that this is seriously gonna change, it was awesome seeing so many friends compete and do well, but I wanted to be up there with them, I knew I could do it too, I just had to respark my interest again.  Starting off fresh in 2015, I didn't have much going on with me outside of work/school so I started to get into full swing yugs, I attended YCS Charleston, but I ended up oversleeping and missed registration day 1, I didn't have the confidence nor drive to play with a loss and win 9/10 so I just kicked it with people, and bullshitted in side events. I've recently had a promotion with my civilian job that's had me move across the country last month, and changing units in the Guard between states is quite the pain in the ass, so ygo had to take a backseat for a while, I honestly wasn't even planning to go to ARG Richmond until I got a call earlier in the week from my unit in VA telling me that we were mobilizing for a relief effort in Baltimore next week, I let my job know, then I booked a flight a few days early so I could see my family back home and attend the ARG before I leave out on Tuesday.  I was not expecting to do remotely well at this event, I even joked with Calvin about going to see Avengers again after we both scrubbed, my deck is fairly outdated, and the man who I call my friend Tyree who is suppose to keep me in the loop with shit, doesn't so I'm playing with a dinosaur, but hey, why not not try? I'm already here.  So this is the list I played, if I could go back and change things, I'd change D.D. Warrior Lady for Bull Blader, I think that card is vastly superior to DDWL because g2/3 Lancea wrecks DDWL and Bull Blader staying on the field can actually prove useful in taking down a Djinn Lock, then using it to Djinn your opponent back because he provides the extra body to make a rank 4. My side is atrocious, Shared Ride is shit, I didn't even know wtf Artifact Lancea was until this weekend, I'd def max on those, and I would not use Mirror ever again.  I did not test with Solemn Scolding to give a proper weigh-in on that card, due to the steep cost, it's one of those cards where you have to learn the proper time to use it to keep yourself from dying from it. I would also play Emptiness and have a Cairngorgon in my Extra. Everything else I really liked, but those small card choices I knew would eventually be my end, but here is my list for those of you who have not checked ARG's webpage already
3 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
3 Senju of the Thousand Hands
3 Maxx " C "
2 Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz
D.D. Warrior Lady
Djinn Releaser of Rituals
3 Nekroz of Unicore
2 Nekroz of Valkyrus
2 Nekroz of Trishula
2 Nekroz of Brionac
2 Nekroz of Clausolas
Nekroz of Gungnir

3 Reinforcement of the Army
2 Book of Eclipse
2 Forbidden Lance
2 Nekroz Cycle
2 Nekroz Mirror
2 Nekroz Kaleidoscope
Preparation of Rites

2 Herald of Arc Light
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree
Star Eater
Five-Headed Dragon
Number 80 : Rhapsody in Berserk
Gagaga Cowboy
Abyss Dweller
2 Daigusto Emeral
Lavalval Chain
Evilswarm Exciton Knight
Zubaba General
Diamond Dire Wolf
Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer

3 Denko Sekka
2 Fire Hand
2 Ice Hand
3 Shared Ride
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
2 Mirror of the Ice Barrier
Like I said, I was expecting to go my usual 3/4-2 drop and then do something else lol, so yeah nothing too spectacular happened to the time leading up to the tournament so let's get right on to it. 
Round 1 I get a bye. I go watch my favorite white ape Mike Kellz play Pa(trick) Ho(ban).
Round 2 Me v Alex Gomez Satellar Seraphs
Game 1:  I start off with an early dominating position, despite my first turn Djinn play being brought to a halt, but I exhaust every blue card outta my deck and a timely fiendish chain on my Gungnir brings me to a complete stop, and then he is able to crawl back into the game and slowroll a win, I re assess everything I did throughout the game and tell myself I need to take the foot off the pedal just a bit. I hit my side for my Denkos and MSTs.
Game 2: I don't remember this game at all, I obviously won though because I vividly remember game 3.
Game 3: He opens like 4 in the row and passes, I summon a Ju, and try to set it off, he has Emptiness, I poke with Jew for a few turns until he tops Rigel and takes control of the game, I cannot see a Denko or MST for the life of me, I do sit on my big butt monsters for a few turns and then he gets greedy by summoning a Deneb which makes Denko an out to VE now, he complicates this even more by flipping a Spell Fragrance.  When I finally see Denko, I have an on field Shurit, set Cycle and set Mirror, I summon Denko and attempt to swing over Deneb, he thankfully doesn't have Honest, I activate Cycle first to put Gungnir in play and then I flip Mirror and Trish comes down and levels him, I keep his Spell Fragrance in play because his only out is Raigeki, he can't flip nor can he set it now, and any attempts made on Denko get stopped by Gungnir, he goes to Stick-Chair me, I let it ride then I use Gungnir to blow away one of his guys so that he cannot make an xyz because it requires 3 material, and the game is shortly over.
Round 3 Me v Alex Thorne Heroes
Game 1: He AHLs for a Mist and sets 3 in the row, I activate Kaleidoscope he chains Mask Change, I chain Lance on his Mist then he responds with Mind Crush on Unicore this forces me to summon Gungnir with Shurit and search Brio, he attempts to Mind Crush Brio and I discard it to target his Shadow Mist and completely level him.
Game 2: I was told that I'd be going first, my hand is kinda weak, so I Scope for a Unicore and search a Gungnir set Lance and pass, he uses AHL and I chain Maxx "C" giving me Denko Sekka, I was thinking of the best way to not give off that I had Denko, but given that I set the Lance it wasn't really possible, but using the Lance on his end phase was definitely the worse way to do it, so my turn starts, I Lance his Mist, he chains MC, and I summon Denko and proceed to unleash fury. Post game he showed me his other cards and he had a CCV set, that could have gone really horrible for me had he used CCV instead.
Round 4 Me v Austin Tydings Nekroz
Game 1: I won the roll take second, and he tries to Djinn me with no protection, one Book of Eclipse and Trishula summon later we are already side decking.
Game 2: Details on this game are extremely foggy but he slips and forgets a Shurit search, and I am able to take advantage of his loss of advantage after that.
Round 5 Me v Mike Albanese Nekroz
Game 1: This was supposed to be a feature match, but it isn't up on the site yet, anyhoo, he wins the rolls, takes second, and I open a Djinn lock with Lance, Trish and Gungnir,  he attempts to Bull Blader my Claus and Gungnir prevents it, he can't break the lock and I take game one.
Game 2: I just get outright outplayed in this one, he has the better deck and it showed here, Lancea was a killer.
Game 3: I open a Djinn lock and he wasn't able to Lancea to prevent it because I drew the Djinn, so we got close to time and I just started throwing shit on the board and swinging for the fences.
Round 6 Me v Nishaad Lorengo Shaddolls
Game 1: 1/3 of my matches I've played someone I know now.  I don't recall who wins the roll, one of my Trishulas fail, by him using his Call of the Haunted to pull his Veiler out of the grave (only monster) then he tribs it for a Shaddoll Beast, I then summon a second Trishula and he can't answer my huge field on so little resources
Game 2: It's a solid back and forth, things spiral out of control fast for me when I get baited into a Trish and he El Shaddolls his last card in hand, I fall way behind in cards and life so I scoop it up and go to game 3, I have yet to see Seraphs, so I am not sure on whether I want to keep Cs in, then banter between him and the guy playing to our right the guy says something along the lines of "well you're using my seraph stuff" THANKS KID!
Game 3: I allow him to start, he summons Rai Oh and sets one to the row, I set Ice Hand, Eclipse and MST he summons Squamata and attacks Ice Hand, I destroy his Mistake and he passes, I turn Fire hand to attack crash into Squamata and blow away Rai-Oh, then I summon Ju and Trish+Dweller him and pass. On his turn he Dark Holes me, I chain Dwellz and he passes, I top into nothing DDWL, I banish for my Ritual and summon Warrior Lady to attack, he then summons Stick specials Chair, and Chain C, he puts Delteros in play and blows away my field and after setting one, I summon Unicore, then Gungnir, then Trish in case I need to chain Gungnir to dodge Veiler, he chains El Shaddoll and ends up losing Dark Hole from his hand and an on field Construct.  Next turn he summons BLS and banishes Unicore then my following turn I use Gungnir to blow BLS away and attack for game
Round 7 Me v Austin Jones Qli
Game 1: This guy goes to my lolcals, back home, and every time we have played, same result, he doesn't know how to conserve cards it's almost as if they burn a hole in his hand, almost all my games end up resulting in the same way, he Fiendish Chains Ju, then that leaves him open to the Exciton/Trish I put into play. He's playing terrorism to the max, he mains Towers, trip Veiler, trip Fiendish Chain, trip Mind Crush, then sides Majesty's and Vanity's with Necrovalleys and Iron Walls. We get deck checked, so I end up winning the roll and I inform him he is going first, our decks come back I am A1, and he is issued a game loss. 
Game 2: He opens Helix and a set card. I summon Ju and wait for the inevitable response, he doesnt let me down, he Veilers it, my hand is now Unicore, Cycle, Mirror, Maxx C, and I want to say Gungnir, I activate Cycle to keep the pressure on him while he doesn't have Scout, his compulsion kicks in, and he flips Mind Crush and calls Shurit, so I discard a Shell and I bat over Helix, he tops Art and plays it for Scout grabbing Saq, then plays Monolith, I chain Maxx to Monolith and he summons his Helix back in def and Equips, I draw into Ju out of 1 of those 2 cards and search Brio, I wolf away his Helix and and he opts to not use Saq's effect to keep himself handless, I then summon Gungnir and that's all she wrote.
7-0, first top cut finish of something higher than a regional in nearly 2 years
Round 8 Me v Jake Phinney Nekroz
Jake is my son, I told him if he didn't ID with me, I'd ground him, he complied.
Round 9 Me v Chris Pobee-Mensah Nekroz
This would have made the 7th match I had to play someone I knew, besides my bye round and round 3, I knew everyone I played lol. I was playing down at this point, and he wanted this ID, and he had something I wanted, his older sister, I'm a very reasonable man and we came to an agreement, I expect her number very soon Chris.
So I use the downtime to go eat because I am starving and just relax, I realize that today is just the result of me just having a real run of luck, then top 16 is called, I find out I am first in swiss and that I'd be playing Mike again, not looking forward to it because I know Mike has a superior deck to me, and luck can only bail me out so much. So I relax for the night stream the shitty Mayweather fight, everyone with good sense knew who was gonna win, even though I didn't want him to.  I missed the Spurs v Clippers Game 7 unfortunately, but oh well. I got some sleep and wake up and go to the venue the next morning.
Top 16 Me v Mike Albanese
Game 1 I knew I was in for a fight, but I started thinking over our previous match and realized he did not play any form of spell removal for Djinn, and figured that could be my ticket, Djinn lock with Gungnir on field or board to out Bull, Trish in hand to out Farfa and I got there. Gungnir was especially effective on field as it could pop set Scoldings. So we are told we would be on stream and I lose the roll and I am to open, my opening hand was 2 Uni prep Eclipse and Geki.  He opens Djinn and Chain backed by Scolding C and Veiler and I draw a Ju, I attempt to Eclipse it is answered by Scolding, then I summon Ju, he Veilers, I Raigeki, and I have to use Prep to get myself a Clausolas, and then Scope then Maxx Cs me, I think to myself how much more could you have?! So I threw my balls at the wall and go for Djinn and he can't answer the lock and the Scolding reducing his life didn't help either.
Game 2 He allows me to go first, I Djinn lock without interruption with a set Ride, Trish and Valk in hand, he starts off by attempting to Blader, I Valk it and I think he realizes the end is imminent, I keep the pressure going until I get to top8, it's unfortunate our matches had to end this way Mike, Djinn that is, much respect.

Or you can just watch the video


Top 8 Me v Maxwell Shrack
Game 1 It was a solid back and forth, I tried to not Djinn lock without Lance because he used trip Book and Geki but I ended up stealing the game when he attempted to Veiler my Trish and I had another Trish in hand.
Game 2 and 3 To put it simple, I was outplayed. My lack of testing and inferior deck choices (not playing Lancea) finally caught up with me as it should and Max was able to put me away, but thanks, I learned a lot, great games.
So I collect my prizes and kick it with some friends before I finally decide to head home, I hope you enjoyed the read and I hope to do one after Columbus, after I'm done with the relief effort in Baltimore I'm hopefully diving into the tank to prep myself.
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Squiddy    9172
good job garon the ribbity strong

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Soxhater819    363

Congrats on the top Garon! I'm 0-3 against you now, lol. Good matches dude and glad I got to see you again.

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SQUIDS~    381
Still kicking myself game 3 for not going for game under maxx c when I had it, but good job on the top man and it was nice seeing you again
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NetRepTodd    202

Round 8 Me v Jake Phinney Nekroz


Jake is my son, I told him if he didn't ID with me, I'd ground him, he complied.


I laughed harder at this than I probably should have.  


Good shit garoon.  

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CalvinTahan    996

Fun event. My deck was a dinosaur as well. Fortunately Tyree has vowed to at least stay in touch with ME before Columbus, so even if he's busy fapping to sword art and won't text you, I got you brother. Give yourself some time after the Guard to read the relevant cards out of CrossSouls (there are literally like three) and Columbus is ours.

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I always enjoy reading your reports, good to see you're back at it again. Sucks that you overslept Charleston, I was wondering why I didn't see you playing. Either way, congrats. 

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