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i top 4'd our stupid nationals after not playing for 3 years lul

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nz sux, borrowed sgd on the day and cancer'd my way to top 4 before losing a 20-80 matchup to angel feathers. gave the other guy 3rd place cuz no way i was gonna go to bali for this shit


round 1: vs my friend (eventual winner who lent me the deck in the first place, gears)


i get shit on cuz i dont know what the fuk his cards do, he keeps attacking me and getting plusses and then i die


round 2: vs gold paladins


he goes first, rides on turn 3 and then i kill him on turn 3, his deck didnt do shit lmao every one of his units never got to activate an effect


round 3: vs shadow paladins


i get grade stuck at 2 even after g assisting and get sea breezed. i finally hit a 3 off a g assist turn 4 at 4 damage, and take around 10 minutes for my turn doing calculations on the most basic of plays since i dont know the effective combos with my deck. he gets tilted off my long turn and fuck up his turn enough that i have enough to guard exactly and return kill with sanc guard


round 4 bye


sometimes lucky


round 5 vs kagero


knew he was kagero due to watching him the round before. i ask for the oracle text of all the kagero g guardians since i knew they were broken as fuk. play around them sufficiently (more like him burning them all on my first stride instead of saving them to prevent an all out attack)  and he dies to sgd on turn 4 or 5


top cut


takes around an hour to do deck checks. i realize i wrote my decklist wrong since i asked my friend for all the numbers, told the judge before he checked my deck to save himself (and me) some time so i can go home, judge is a nice guy, says its okay, and doesn't give me a game loss in top 8 LUL


top 8 vs brawlers


g1 im forced to go 1st, get grade stuck on 0 for 2 turns before finally hitting a 1, try to mount a come back after him taking a third damage thinking he could seabreeze when he couldn't, but i took too much dmg at grade 0 and can't come back


g2 he goes first, he strides first and then i stride 1st for massive advantage, he strides back but its not enough since my deck shits out units for free and i restride back for game.


g3 he goes first again, can't mount an aggro due to an unoptimal hand again. i do the same thing and on my 2nd stride he doesn't have a pg for my vg and i kill him with a crit


top 4 vs angel feathers


g1 i have no idea whats going on, he just keeps plussing and had both the g1 and g2 unicorn to stem my early aggression. i concede with 20 minutes left in the round knowing i can't actually break thru this bull shit


g2 he goes first again, i double crit him on my 1st stride to win


g3 he keeps his whole hand, i try to aggro him out but his hand was good and clears my board and i slowly get strangled out of the game


3rd/4th place


didn't give a shit about invite passdowns or getting my name on the website so i concede.


finals (my friend gears vs AF)


my friends a better player and has the better deck and wins game 1 after being behind a lot, g2 goes faster and he wins and we go to dinner.




free tournament, got a top 8 pin, got a top 4 piece of paper certificate




tournament took too long, game still shitty, AFs being bull shit



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Top 8 pin? Piece of paper certificate? Stop it, stop making yu-gi-oh look good.


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Best of 1 swiss, best of 3 topcut...



Well done on surviving that lol


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26 minutes ago, Me. said:

Top 8 pin? Piece of paper certificate? Stop it, stop making yu-gi-oh look good.


in their defense it was a really nice pin : D


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