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Dreams about mulligans notwithstanding, I think this deck has potential. So far, I've only fooled about on devpro with it, and it seems explosive. However, I haven't played in a year, so I'm unsure as to what hand traps are real and what aren't. It's fairly run of the mill (if you can say that about a deck that's been hit this hard), but with the advent of cards such as Tenmataitei and Foolish burial goods, I believe that this direction solidifies the domain-centriic theme.


Monsters (18):

3x Erebus


2x Tenmataitei

1x Ehther

3x Edea

3x Eidos

3x Mithra


Spells (19):

3x Foolish Burial Goods

3x Tenacity

3x Domain

3x Return

1x March

1x Stormforth

1x Pantheism

1x Frost Blast

1x RotA

1x Foolish Burial

1x One For One


Traps (3):

3x Prime


Side Deck:

3x Jinzo

3x Flying "C"

2x Maxx "C"

3x System Down

2x Twin Twisters

2x Soul Exchange


The goal here is the same as all of the Domain decks out there: Place Monarch on board with field spell and win game. That's oversimplifying it, but the deck's been around long enough that it should ingrained into each of your minds what it's supposed to do. The addition of FBG allows you to navigate more easily to it, doing half the work of either Ehther or Erebus. Yes, you can send Pantheism, which I do most of the time while going first. The great part about it is that it's banished, making any edea play that much more stable. If I'm going second and my opponent didn't ejaculate the contents of their main and extra into a gooey mess, and instead opened with real traps, sending frost blast clears out some problems. Of course, there's the problem of having a second monarch spell or trap to go along with it, but if the situation is dire enough, and you don't have tenacity, you can always pitch two with goods play domain twice. If I have a grave full of monarch spells, but lacking a suitable tribute, I can make like Megatron and send Prime to the grave. 

Now, Tenmataitei: this card is the stealthiest monarch around. I almost played a single of it and Angmarl, but Angmarl isn't always the best turn one play. Tenma sets things up for you and (if I read him correctly) tributed edea is protected by it's effect. Eidos, if normal summoned, then tributed, then activated in the graveyard (I believe) is protected. It's part of the reason I play March; a protected Tenma is a worthwhile investment, allowing you to play without the threat of hand traps being used as a response to your normal summons- it protects Return. With Tenma on the board, along with Return, I normal ehther or edea, I tribute for Ehther/Erebus/Kuraz, since SEGOC, I set up the chain to have Return as the chain link below a normal summoned monster, and voila, no Ghost Ash or Ogre can respond to it.

The side is just a modified side from an italian regional, but it seems quite simple: Jinzo for Paleo, Maxx "C" for getting to either system down or Flying "C" for ABC and Zoo, respectively. Soul exchanges could probably become Gameciels, because Naturia Beast is being played (or so I gather?) in Zoo.


Anyways, I want to get back in and this deck is a hell of a lot more cheap than anything else I see out there- and I'm not playing chain burn.

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idk about tenma, seems Return does the trick more often than not. may as well just play Majesty's Fiend which can be a wincon in itself. 


i'm fiddling with 60card monarch, a good part in the side at least


2 Radion Kaiju

1 Mega Caius

2 Gameciel

1 Mega Mobius

1 other kaiju

3 Slumber


trick being you blow their board with slumber, then use Domain to reduce Mobius or caius, then you tribute your kaiju to get the 2nd effect off.


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Ehren    2

How many duels have you gotten 3 Kuraz off without drawing into a copy? Tribute summoning Kuraz directly is only really worth it if you are running Gofu, which can replace some Mithras if you are willing to make that change. 


Tenma is not a good card. You need to summon him first instead of a monarch that could have used its effect that turn. Protecting Edea is not even significant since your opponent can respond to the monster Edea tutors from the deck. You're ultimately better off with Vanity's Fiend or Majesty's Fiend. 

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