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A Loli

[Goat] The Seraphim

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A Loli    1924

The Seraphim

"Each of the four living creatures had six wings and was covered with eyes all around, even under his wings." Revelation 4:8




Goat Format:

- Ynusgridorh / Ynusgridorh#4702(Team Leader)


- MattKolenda / MattK#7372

- TRUMPOLOGIST / Wow Wink#4876



Current Format:



Former Members:

- !CCK / Kev#9880

- Jazz / Jazz#2704

- A Loli / LxBluntEdge#8647

- Oh_The_Irony / Naveen#5980

- Satchmo / Satchmo#5836

- Squiddy / noobMan93#5478

- themadgician / theMadgician#8686

- Traptrix Rafflesia / Melisandre[flower emoji]#4629

- wrinklywinkie / arvin#4366

- TheAntiAntimetaAzn / G-sop#9202

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Flacko    2143

whats it like on kris's team

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