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»Logic    2033

Hi all, 

As you may (not) have noticed, my activity has been non-existent for the last couple months. While my activity has been visibly conservative for a long time, I was frequently active on Discord and privately in the mafia moderator FB chat. That being said, my primary responsibility of overseeing the mafia section is to motivate and promote activity, and it's unacceptable for me to maintain my position if I can't motivate my own team to have more than 2 conversations relating to Mafia in the last three months.

I am more than happy to continue advising the chat and participate where necessary, but I believe for the section to flourish, we need new blood not only interjected into the subsection, but the leadership staff as well. I'm happy to assist as applicable and perform moderation duties when requested as long as I have permissions.

While my activity on the page will continue to be minimal, it is to say that it comes with a lot of positives in my life. Not only am I looking forward to my last semester of classes before completing the non-internship work for my graduate program and become a licensed counselor, everything is lined up well for my wedding this upcoming May! My small business is continuing to blossom, and I'm proud to say that I am currently working <10 hours per week, and sustaining my standard of living off of my rental property and business income otherwise.

Additionally, I am finalizing logistics for a gaming sponsorship, and I'm excited to talk more about that soon. This came from performing well at my first major tournament in 3 years, and my first 3 figure event since 2007; I was seeded 6/352 at the Richmond DBS Circuit Series. More to follow on that front. :)

I'm well aware no one ever leaves DGZ; I'm more so making this post in an attempt to justify my inactivity and reaffirming that this level of activity will proceed. Being one of the most senior "active" members of the site, it's surely been a roller coaster. The website was frequently a platform for my personal growth, procrastination, lolz, learning, and developing a passion for competitive gaming that has, over the last 13 years, has cultivated into one of the most defining characteristics of who I am. A lot of you have had varying levels of influence on that and I appreciate you all for it.

Hope everyone is still well. I'm easily accessible on Facebook compared to Discord, but both platforms work well.

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+Urthor    10229

Logic and casually dominating random TCGs name a more iconic duo

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