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Lightsworn deck recipe

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Use all Lightsworn spells and monsters for support and try to get those level 6+'s out as fast as possible.

Duelingbook Screenshot


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Added Screenshot of deck
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Welcome to Duelistgroundz! We help and ne... I mean support each other! Right yeah, I meant support I swear to god!


In all seriousness posting a ydk file ain't gonna cut it(Post a screenshot) and even if it was we still expect you to explain your deck 

Edit: After looking at the deck why 44 cards and why do you feel the need to stall with Swords of Revealing Light?

Also is this for irl or online? Is it casual or do you want to be competitive? If you're trying to be competitive I personally would slim the Lightsworn down to a small engine and blend them with zombies if I were you. Also, Fairy Tail Snow is a must. Looking at this I feel like this is a build that hasn't been updated in a long time. You don't even have Minerva in the extra deck nor any link monsters, in particular, no Curious. 

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