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After the homeland’s national liberation and the subsequent development of the socialist mode of production, the external enemy fully realized they could no longer rely on wars of aggression to defeat worker’s power. Thus, since they could not defeat it from the outside, the imperialists decided to infiltrate the ruling Party of Labor from the inside. They sent their agent Anthony Alvarado to rise through the ranks of the Sigurimi until he could complete his revisionist seizing of power and undermine the Worker’s State. Following the slander and expulsion of the previous Great Leader, the revisionist infiltrators worked to overturn the socialist mode of production, continuously privatizing all aspects of the team until all of its former members were forced into wage slavery by re-joining the commodified pool of Free Agent players. Finally, in a catastrophic crescendo of capitalist counter-revolution, the entire team disintegrated and disbanded. A faction of the Sigurimi old guard who remains true to the cause of their fallen comrade and leader now has formed their own Communist Party, called Neo-Sigurimi. With a new and charismatic leader, along with the help of fresh faces joining the worker’s struggle, the Neo-Sigurimi seeks to reclaim power in the name of the workers, and in the name of Marxism-Leninism.

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