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[Premier - Current] Team DuelistGroundz[.com] vs Titan eSports [DGz W]

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»»Noxjja / Noxjja

»»Tr!stan / Tristan (Kaiju ABC)

»»Ultra Plant / Ultra Plant (True Draco)

»»Milk / Milk (True Draco)

»»Arvin / harverd universite (True Draco)

»»Me. / Chevalier de Fromage (Crystron)




»»Jacob / Titan-Esports Jacob (True Draco)

»»Michael / The Bling Blau Titan (60-card Zombie Dino)

»»Justin / HeavyFeather (Pendulum Magician)

»»Bernardo / bernie-9 (True Draco)

»»Marcus / MarcusHayden


Decklists are locked. Each team picks a player to play first at the beginning of the war. After each match, the losing team must replace the player that lost, until all the players on one team are eliminated.


"No FTK"


This event will be recorded/streamed periodically on our YouTube and Twitch channels. Be sure to check out TES's FB page here as well!





Tristan (Kaiju ABC) 2 > 0 Jacob (True Draco)

Tristan (Kaiju ABC) 2 > 0 Justin (Pendulum Magician)

Michael (60-card Zombie Dino) 2 > 1 Tristan (Kaiju ABC)

Arvin (True Draco) 2 > 1 Michael (60-card Zombie Dino)

Bernardo (True Draco) 2 > 1 Arvin (True Draco)

Bernardo (True Draco) 2 > 1 Chevalier de Fromage (Crystron)

Milk (True Draco) 2 > 1 Marcus (Pendulum Magician)

Bernardo (True Draco) 2 > 1 Ultra Plant (True Draco)

Milk (True Draco) 2 > 1 Bernardo (True Draco)

Milk (True Draco) 2 > 1 Marcus (True Draco)

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+scuzzlebutt    23565
9 hours ago, NB96 said:

Who are Titan eSports?

Large bold text in the OP

Be sure to check out TES's FB page here as well!


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