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Felt Cute, Might Delete Later

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+rei+    34890

Rate and fix! 



1x Mimikyu GX

4x Gardevoir and Sylveon GX Tag Team



1x Lusamine

2x Bill's Analysis

2x Lillie

2x Judge

4x Green's Exploration


4x Power Plant


4x Super Scoop Up

4x Pokegear 3.0

2x Reset Stamp

4x Great Potion

4x Custom Catcher

2x Energy Spinner

4x Cherish Ball

2x Tag Switch

4x Switch

1x Choice Helmet


9x Fairy Energy

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+rei+    34890

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»JC.    5223

- 1 mimikyu gx

+ 1 dunsparce (EX Sandstorm)


- 2 judge

+2 judge man (starter deck: kaiba)


have you found the energy spinners to be helpful? from a quick lookover, i dont see a way to move energy from your hand onto your pokemon quickly the way that e.g. Fire decks can. since you need energy in the deck for Gardevoir's attack, you're not really incentivized to use the bonus effect and i'm not sure how helpful they are compared to just being additional energy cards.


i'll be honest that i am not super up to date on meta, but make sure that Choice Helmet is actually helping prevent KOs. if you're getting knocked for like 180/turn, reducing the 30 damage doesn't really do anything. even if gardevoir's 150 or so is closer than you expect, it requires having the helmet proactively to prevent a 2hko, as 150+120 is still >260.

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+rei+    34890

I think if i'm gonna drop the Mimikyu it's going to be for a Xerneas GX 


Remember GardSylv has a one colorless energy move to put two fairy energy to your bench from and their main attack also can redistribute energy pretty much however 


Haven't playtested enough to get a real firm grasp on the spinner's value. basically a 'netdek.pick' 


I feel like I may drop a super scoop up or two for fairy charms once i feel out the meta more - they mostly have the same role as great potion and flippiness sux 

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