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Premiership Discussion [R]

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Takeo    1
what an amazing tournament


remember the germany vs italy semi final

prilo's back heel to grosso

fucking fantastic

fucking Argentina imploded :( & that Pekerman.. what a fool... Riquelme off & Cruz on (i don't care if Riquelme was fading and doesn't have great stamina... Cruz.. what a fool!).

Zidane was player of the tournament.. prettymuch single-handedly dragging France to the final with a little help from Henry & Ribery (who was good too!)... and the way he tool'd Brazil all on his own.. @ age 33. Best performance by an old, past his prime player at a WC ever!

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Takeo    1
gerrard's wife >>>> de rossi's fiance/gf/wife

you mean De Rossi's boyfriend/husband!

also, iirc... Schweinstieger's GF @ the EUROs was HAWT.

The German WAGS > The English WAGS (even with the might of Cheryl Cole on our side!).

That wc though.. in 2006... first half was amazing... but 2nd half (like quarters on, wasn't all that).

It got a little lacklustre. Brazil weren't that fluid, France were flat except for Zidane... Argentina fell-short despite being the best team of the tournament up until b4 that game.. & had been IMMENSE as a whole team from 1 to 11.

Seeing Zidane & Figo swap shirts was epic, though. 2 of the best players of their generation... nevermind team-mates.

Madrid... they had it on lock: long-time Portuguese, Spanish, English & French captains all in their side at one point!

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