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  2. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    In Time to get scumread as town
  3. FYI Final Fantasy Tactics rivals Trails. Not in world building or character development (can't develop generic units) but its level of storytelling is right up there with Trails and maybe surpasses it in some departments. Also speedhacks wise, is there one for Trails in the Sky TC? I want to play through it but I can't afford to devote 50-60 hours to a spin off game.
  4. Last week
  5. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Yeah wait it out for my hero to beat the bar
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    finished fft 10/10 didn't even have the shitty final fantasy 9389383 bosses at the end. literally an amazing phenomenal game which has aged so well. fire emblem is coming out in a few days and has been getting riduclous reviews so i think i'll just continue with kcd and try to get back into planescape.
  7. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    it's fine with me
  8. What games are you currently playing?

    it's absolutely outstanding,
  9. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    Yea that's fine. Good luck Francis!
  10. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    eveyrone else cool with waiting a week and a half?
  11. Laid Back Chill Mafia

  12. What games are you currently playing?

    I am playing Undertale and I am liking it so far. Has anybody else tried this game?
  13. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    No. Bar is the 30 and 31
  14. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    any chance you can go earlier?
  15. Daytrading free money thread

    I discovered a new technique on Friday. Normally, when an unusually high volume to movement ratio occurs on a candle on a line, a reversal is expected. However, it is also possible for one thing to hit a line on normal volume but another index has high volume at the same time even if there is no line hit. I suppose the technical reason for this is that we cannot find all the reversal points in the market as it is impossible to do so, and therefore price behavior in isolation reflects a potential reversal. But a price level is still required to determine where price is to reverse; this method simply tells when price should reverse. For example, VXX is generally the inverse to /ES. So when it hit the line at 8:45 (the first time it hit the resistance line), /ES was on a LoD. But there was no high volume on VXX around that time. However, there was high volume on /ES and QQQ 5 minutes before that time, thus implying a reversal (as traders are taking the opposite position there- buying into sells at an unusually high amount). And on that note, if you look at 7:50, QQQ hit the line, but it was DIA that showed a high amount of volume. That was where price reversed. Also note the exit point- 8:10 was when /ES hit resistance from the low of the 7:50 bounce up. Price never got back that high on that day. Of course, it isn't enough information to have opened a short trade when price got there, but it was simply an exit point from the previous long trade. VXX actually kept going lower for a few mins after /ES hit its high- the inverse correlation is not 1:1. The risk:reward at that point was not worth staying in the trade in hopes of price breaking through. Just trade by what the market gives. Also see the 12:20 candle- that was when /ES hit the line and had high volume at the same time. I just love those kinds of trades. See how QQQ hit its line first but there was no high volume anywhere when it did so. Still could have been a small trade but it wasn't such a great one. This helps identify the 'real' reversal point instead of the potential ones.
  16. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    surprisingly good turn out
  17. Laid Back Chill Mafia

  18. What games are you currently playing?

    I'm starting KCD after FFT. I've also heard VERY good things about Fell Seal. Is it as good as FFT or near the quality? As good as FFT is, its clearly outdated. The menu navigation is a bit iffy, nothing is explained, the cut scenes aren't skippable, etc. I think my favorite experience in regards to tactical RPGs is still Fire Emblem. FFT's 1000x better plot makes it the better game, but Fire Emblem is so polished on the 3DS. However Fates is the only one with a decent difficulty. I haven't played Blood stained. Do you think its worth playing that or KCD first? FFT came out of no where as I was really just planning a planscape playthrough + kcd. Ideally if time was infinite, I'd love to play through: 1. KCD 2. DS3 3. Planescape 4. Tactics Ogre and VR Wise: 1. SkyrimVR 2. Astrobot 3. Defector 4. Lone Echo 5. Man up and finish RE7VR (probably will never happen)
  19. Laid Back Chill Mafia

  20. Laid Back Chill Mafia

    im in because faint decided to stop being a bitch lets kill scummers
  21. What games are you currently playing?

    idk I feel like there's so many good games around atm classic Final Fantasy has been really outshone. There's just like, a modern era of things like Kingdom Come, Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, Metal Gear Solid 5, that are actually brilliant games. I can't get really excited for another FF playthrough. I played a game called Fell Seal lately which is very much Kickstarter Final Fantasy tactics and it was great, also Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is arguably goty so far for me IMO, that game was brilliantly put together
  22. Hey everyone

    welcome! we help and support each other
  23. Arsonist attacks KyoAni, 25 fatalities

    It was the Hibike Euphonium team, like half passed away super sad news.
  24. But seriously thank you for your contributions
  25. So we tend to be fairly strict on not advertising without also mirroring the article here
  26. What games are you currently playing?

    i still need to start 12 was putting it of due to shitty seating situation. ill play it after p3
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